RAM Upgrade Guide – What You Need to Know

So you want some more memory in your system. What do you need to know so you don’t blow up your system? First off, don’t buy explosives, buy RAM. That first tip is free. For the rest, watch the video.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Kalvin Shum


Nick Der Bozz says:

but how much wahm for a dedotetid serva?

Ryan Thomas says:

No idea if anyone will see this but, I’m buying 16 GB of Ram and idk if I should buy 4-4gb 2400 ddr3 sticks for my board or if I should just buy two 8gb? does this matter?

Panda says:

my laptop is shit and X551MA can i upgrade it with 6gb ram?

darnell reyes says:


gaming love says:

so if i take out my 800 MHrs 2 gb ram and put in a 1600 MHrs 4 gb . i will not brake my laptop???

AngelZ says:

I have just upgraded my ram.. it’s the same frequency and everything it’s ddr3.. but somehow my system is crashing. Please help

Ahmad Rabiah says:

this guy is everywhere

Masterrulaxx says:

2:24 Pitch increased.

Ali Awan says:

GSKILL my Fav.

French Fries 28 says:

I already have 2GB in an old Dell Optiplex so could I add a 6GB stick to get 8GB?

HUN Shonkaa says:

I wanna get 8gb RAM (i have 4gb) and how many should i buy of them ? 1 8gb ddr 4 ram is enough or i need 2 of them?

MrEqp123 says:

if my motherboard max 8gb can i go beyond that?

Gametical says:

how much ram do i need for internet explorer?

Sample TeXt says:

whaat ? then y is the gpu in my ass

Brendan Reid says:

Instructions not clear, bought a ram and he won’t fit into my case

Ashfly says:

Fak me i hev Apple ram

UltimaKnight says:

so, i have a gigabyte ga-945gcm-s2l mobo and 2 ddr2 1 gb of RAM. the maximum RAM is supposedly 2gb, but i read in some forums that a lot of people use 4gb. i’m really confused.

Ryan Quintal says:

is 64gb of ram enough to watch 8k vr porn?

Joxma says:

Thx m8 i go Do it now 😉

armO!Gamer says:

if I have the exact same brand, speed and stick but from two different packs, is it fine?

Ozymandias Riper says:

why so expensive

Tomhas678 says:

I’m selling 2 ram sticks 8 gbs each for 120 all together hmu

Connor The Cool Banana says:

i need advice, i recently got an extra 4gb of ram for my pc, and my pc is only using 2.96gb of the ram that is currently present (8gb total) before i installed the new ram it would use 3.96gb of the 4gb i had installed, is there a way i can fix this problem?

Aizat Zailani says:

i want to know why is my laptop , the disk in the task manager always 100% .but if the disk is decrese,,i just like unstable

Saif Islam says:

Great Explanation…

Léo Bitencourt says:

Just today I got a 2gb ram out of an old laptop and put it into my current laptop which already had 4gb ram
I still gotta test how much better it will do

Bob Oshinski says:

don’t download ram it kills your computer basically

Reeze Chepniz says:

the ryzen cpu’s are not apu system, right?

Tydiblemind says:

hey linus, can I mix my 4gb ddr4 ram with 4gb ddr3 ram?

A Bisexual Onion says:

i had 8 gigs of DDR3 2400 mhz so i stole my brothers ram and now have 16 but the speed of what i took was 1600mhz and when i open talk manager it says im now running at 667mhz

KnatchKarl94 says:

you talk so fucking fast…


free brand

Jeremiricci Masong says:

is it okay if your ram is not pair? like the other one is 4gb and the other is 8gb? or another type of model??? pls reply anyone

Satadip Laha says:

hyperx or corsair???

Vinuth Reddy says:

can I add a DDR3 ram for a laptop which contains DDR4 ?
it has 2GB Nvidia graphic card 920MX ,i5 7200u, windows 10 64 bit

ERRORZZz Gaming says:

ok i get it you just put the ram in the usb port

Raphael says:

I only have 4gb of ram 😐

jasen abaz says:


Michael Gruar says:

can I use ddr3 memory in a ddr3l

Priya Darshan Singh Baghel says:

Can I add a 2 gb Ram……. With a 4 gb Ram already installed

Jacobx7 says:

Instructions unclear, ram became thermal paste

Nyahhable says:

Hella informative! Exactly what I wanted to know without bulllshit! Guy seems competent. Thanks!

Nile Dok says:

What is Ram?

d wall says:

wow how many pages does this guy run, i’ve seen him on 3 different (similar style) channels now, each with a verified

Dizziee says:

I have a GTX 950 and a 8GB so if I got another 8GB would that work?

Pokecraft Gamer says:

hyperx is my favorite

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