Mushkin Blackline Ridgeback DDR4 RAM Review

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Rossco says:

Ah interesting to know what fast RAM is actually useful for, because in almost all regular circumstances, it’s utterly pointless.

Marshall Ness says:

100k Subs! HYPE!

Ben Willock says:

Heh, I still have a set of old DDR3 1866Mhz Ridgeback, nice to see them bring back the branding.

Pariz Arreola says:

do you recommend me the DDR4 Mushkin Redline 3000Mhz (2x16gb) for my ryzen 7 1700?

kain hall says:

ive been using muskin redline sence i built my first PC in 2006/7…..and then used it in every other build

running a 16 gig 1866 kit at 1600 mhz with 7-7-7-22 at 1.55 volts on a MSI 990fxa-gd80 and a phenom 2 1090t at 4ghz

stock timings IIRC were 9-9-9 whatever…..just getting 16 gigs of 1600 mhz to work on an OCed phenom….kinda of a feat it self….and ill take tighter timings over speed any day.

but that system and my 6970 are still kicking ass.

Amasev says:

So hard to find Mushkin RAM :/

Lawrence Timme says:

And on the z170m ocf I can do 4000+ mhz c12 at 1.95v

Street Guru says:

Only a 4 minute wendell review? I guess you had just RAM out of time.

Curiosity Core says:

3:55 Please link me to/talk about that topic, i’m generally interested in manual memory overclocking.

paul taylor says:

OH MY GOD, they went black with their PCB’s!!!

Angry Merchant says:

Gosh he is so intelligent. Seriously A class skill and knowledge.

Shadow Walker says:

I have been Mushkin memory exclusive for the last 5 years with all of my personal and customer pc builds. I have yet after ordering at least 100 pairs of memory sticks to even have a defective one, or one that would not clock to the timings that were advertised. I switched to them after ordering some expensive dominator series corsair RAM that had issues and even after them replacing them, which I will say that corsair had excellent customer service, was still never able to reach my clock speed goals but for some reason as soon as I put two sticks of Mushkin in they defaulted to what I was expecting. Never looked back.

Lawrence Timme says:

G skill has 3600mhz c16-16-16

Jerry Li says:

Would love to see a video about how to manually overclock ram 🙂

Bob Long says:

Anything on the Lan Syndicate?

MoDRun says:

looks meh, thats all i need to know. ram is ram. unless ecc but then again i dont have any sorts of servers atm. I dont want this ram.

A Jettison hem Tit says:

this video should have just been “We’re here to review this RAM,” *bump* “It works great” *cut to black*

alfa8fake2 says:

Ryzen compatible??

BattledogeGames says:

I love Mushkin RAM. I’ve had 8 different sets over the last 6+ years and never had a single stick dead or die.

QuickNET Tech says:

100,000 subs!!!1!!11

Steven Wang says:

These new “ridgeback” heat spreaders are so generic compare to the DDR3 solid metal one.

veran says:

It would be nice to hear Wendell talk about “Rowhammer” with all the fast RAM going about

warmaxxx says:

should i get this or the Kingston HyperX FURY ddr 4 @2133mhz 14-14-14 ?

Isaias Villalobos says:

The corsair ddr4 has 2 xmp profiles, just as an FYI

EposVox says:

Grats on 100k on this channel

Programster says:

Can someone link the material where someone tested ram clock speed and timings against dB or redis performance?

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