Linus Tech Quickie: Corsair Dominator Platinum extreme performance DDR4 memory

Dominator Platinum is the world’s most advanced performance memory, and now it’s available in DDR4 format. Linus covers the basics.

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Troy Smith says:

no bar graphs, everyone knows they are pretty 

Electromag[e] says:


DatGameCollector says:

dont throw it off the roof linus !!!!!

Dastan Abrasax says:

Hola, una pregunta, se pueden colocar las DDR4 en una placa base de DDR3?, no se mucho, pero hasta ahora vi todas las placas base con soporte de DDR3.

Garth Clark says:

DDR4 is grossly overpriced


can anyone tell me what model motherboard can support 3200MHz ram DDR4?

Darren Liu says:

kinda overpriced to hell. kinda like apple lol.

Leo teh Tiger says:

Linus! Why the fuck are you selling out?!

Explicit Tech says:

u w0t m8

alex karimi says:

Where the hell on the planet earth, I can find that memory cooler which showed here?

Slash Le Pew says:

Linus get down from that roof….. NOW!

Daniel Chong says:

he’s filming on his roof again, isn’t he? oh linus!

Colby Ho says:

Ahahah, I remember that room xD

VelocityRaptor says:

Does the DDR4 Dominator Platinum have the led light bars pre-installed if i buy the 2×8 kit? (3200mhz)

TeflonPimp says:

I have a MSI Xpower Z170 motherboard ti. Ed. I went MSI’s website to look at the QVL of memory sticks. I went to Amazon it’s telling me it’s 32gb but on MSI’s webpage says less MB. If I install 32gb of memory would the memory be reduced to the less MB size?

Michael Wicke says:

Overpriced and overrated.

Mark Wiebe says:

Just wish they didn’t cost so much more than their competitors. Also the default timings are worse than cheaper ram from their competitors.

Alexander Poplawski says:

i bought one but i don’t know what cpu works with it, people say i5 6600k does not so what does?

Christian Schmidt says:

im more then happz with my Vengance 1600 OC to 2133 MHZ. 

Sparta says:

And i’m still using DDR2…

Riley Schoppa says:

why are you on the roof?

Lrdvltr says:

That background makes me wanna jump on a trampoline

Firebolt4848 says:

Uhhh, Linus, are you on a roof?

Dane Prescott says:

Will my amd 9590 and crosshair formula z hang with the ddr4 or should i wait till 2016 when the new Zen Amd stuff comes out ?

Just Alive says:

can the dominator platinum work with MSI Z170A gaming m7 ??????

naota3k says:


Monsoon Dystopia says:

Yeah, too expensive. I will stick to Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600

Aditya Narayan says:

50000th view

19880215 says:

i was going to order a quad channel kit for these but the freaking profile istoo big it won’t fit in my mid tower atx desktop case with a decent liquid cooling grill and fan. had to go with some low profile kingston hyperx.

The Real Sherlod says:


motonack says:

You know, just standing on my roof, talking about some computer hardware. Nothing to see here, move along.

theandroids says:

are these better than Vengeance lpx for gaming?

Ziakel says:

it is time to upgrade from ddr2 800mhz yet?

ScrattleGG says:

but a fan module for your RAM is a joke. Even heat spreaders on RAM is a joke.

Peter Haex says:

Where can I find those Dominator Airflow Platinum Fan module??

They don’t seem to be available as a separate kit…


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