Kingston HyperX Predator 4133 CL19 DDR4 Memory Kit Unboxing & Review

An unboxing and short review of the new Kingston HyperX Predator 4133MHz CL19 DDR4 memory kit. The kit is based on the Samsung B-die DDR4 memory ICs and it features the newer A2 or so called “RGB” PCB desing, which seems to help in some overclocking situations and also in achieving the best possible daily overclock.

I purchased the kit for 225 euros + shipping when it was for sale and with that price it offers nice value among the high-end DDR4 Samsung B-die based memory kit options.

Hardware used:

EVGA Z390 Dark
Intel Core i9 9900K
Kingston HyperX Predator 2x8Gb 4133MHz CL19 DDR4
Seasonic Prime 1300W Platinum
Kingpincooling KPx thermal paste and custom watercooling loop

Hyperpi download link:

HCI memtest download:

Thanks for watching the video!


rsm says:

What happen witch TWRRD_SG TWRRD_DG ? -_-
only teamgroup & g.skill other suks

FlanK3rCZ says:

not bad choice….propably I will try this RAM 🙂

Vandoeun Long says:

Hey luumi. I plan on getting maximus xi gene and 9900k. what is best bdie kit that will work with my mobo in xmp?

Selva kumar Kuppusamy says:

Good review luumi do review TEAM GROUP T-FORCE XTREEM kit too

Gekko12482 says:

They seem pretty tall, are they over 40mm tall?

Robert Schad says:

Thank you! Ordered

지나가는사람 says:

I could use that ram 3600cl14 1.42v in ryzen 1st gen

Aditya Ranjan says:

*Windows XP on EVGA dark board Video Please*

Tarso Sousa says:

I can`t make my 2x 8GB Predators 4000Mhz goes at 4000 19-21-21 using XMP Profile 1 on a “GA Z390 M Gaming” board with the 9600k

The board advertises to support such XMP profiles up to 4133

The memory do great on Profile 2 which is 3600 17-18-18

Any tips on how to “fix” that?

03Kursad says:

Buildzoid sent me here. Very good video

Malfunctioning Universe says:

Haha my ram is faster 4600mhz Corsair :))

Timmy T says:

Luumi you are a rock star. thank you for sharing , it always makes my day.

rusTORK at Work says:

@Luumi, can i use this kit on X299 Dark? I read this board don’t really like A2.

David says:

This is one of the best memory videos on YouTube, subbed, excellent content, learned a lot

Syklis says:

Have you tried Karhu RAM Test? It’s easier to use and probably a little faster than the HCI Memtest, but I’m wondering if it’s as rigorous.

David says:

I have a couple questions for you.
What do you think is a safe daily voltage for VCCIO and VCCSA?
Does putting high voltage to DDR4 affect the CPU internally for daily use? Above 1.5v? I understand XMP rated voltage goes up to 1.5v, but can it hurt your CPU?

Bryant Fetherolf says:

Great Video like always… If you ever get or got a Gigabyte z370 Aorus Gaming 7 with the i9 9900K. I’d like to see cpu and VRM temps and stability, being that the Gaming 7 has some of the same VRM components with current balancing as the z390 and x299 DARK boards. Although it’s only an 8 phase with full monitoring capabilities and 60A inductors. I have an 8700K with a 10 year old but new Zalman cnps 9900Max cooler. Running at 5.3GHz and the temps don’t pass 70°c (it’s surprising how these all copper coolers from long ago work really well.) Liquid metal of course. But what really caught my eye was the VRM was only hitting 60°c. When on others I’ve seen 90°c. Maybe i hit the VRM lottery. That’s what made me think of a 9900K on a Z370 board. Specifically the Z370 Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7. No one has done a in depth video on this configuration. I think it’s worth a look. Plus i was thinking of getting a 9900K. just didn’t want to upgrade to the the z390 Master type boards when the gaming 7 would be fine. With a cooler called the 9900MAX you think it would be able to cool the Beast (9900K) i think it’s one of the only few that actually can.

Georgy Tsitovich says:

If you wanna cheapest way to repeat this, go for msi itx board, Kingston’s 3600c17 kit and bunch of cpus to bin imcs that capable of something like that. Sometimes there’s no board, kit, timings and voltage that even gives you 4000

Nory Rivera says:

Thank you. @Buildzoid sent me here

Martin Böckmann says:

As always, very informative video. I would wish that you go over the timings in a little more detail and say what values are common for certain frequencies on b-die, so that us “normal” users can get a bit of a reference to what is very good when pushing and what is realistic in daily situations.

Legacy Political says:

How fast memory degrade if using on 1.9V?

Richiec77 says:

OK. On the dark your seeing the Strap at 4600 being tricky as well. I’ll give 4800 a shot to see if it POST’s easier for me as well. On the production BIOS of 1.03

Aditrex TV says:

luumi i have gskill flarex 3200 cl14 but i run oc on that 3466 with extreme timings is it safe to run 1.47volts for 24/7

Elysion says:

Would be great to see this in a ryzen system to see the IF scaling.

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