Intel Core i5-8400 Review. DDR4-2400 vs DDR4-2666 vs DD4-2933 vs DDR4-3200 Test

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00:01 – Battlefield 1 (DirectX 11)
00:50 – Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Memory scaling test. 720p

Intel Core i5 8400
16GB Corsair LPX 3200
MSI Z370 Gaming Plus
Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 / Crimson 17.10.1


Олег Морозов says:

Не мешало бы указывать ранковость памяти… либо указывайте “Part Number”.


i5 8400 can run with ram 2133?

justin vistin says:

Not a whole lot of difference at least in those games. I think the cpu is robust enought that most people will be happy with the frames this cpu can generate i most games anyways.

Canal do bYET says:

Can i push my 2400mhz ram to 3000mhz without problems? (Using XMP profile)

TPG4mer GamingWatch says:

Hi @TechEpiphany, it would really help the viewers if you also mention the motherboard type and GPU being used as the constant variables for this test.

Bisayan_Tek says:

only shows why intel outed the z300 series boards first. To put the locked chips in their best possible position. Meanwhile those who’d prefer the cheaper B-series or H-series board with ram support most likely up to 2400mhz only will buy the i5-8400 expecting they’ll get the same performance as what they’ve seen on the reviews.

Zafirul Rahi says:

can i5 8400 run 2400 Bus ram or should I change

Mundo do Hard says:

2666 is enough

Marcelo Tezza says:

Some say that the memory scalability is directly related to the processor frequency. What frequency it was running at?
Try overclocking it and retesting, if possible. thanks.

Ajira Revani says:

Thank you. I’ve been waiting for this.

treex says:

its fake test, in bf1 170+ fps, but not 144.

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