High-Speed DDR4: Ryzen’s Silver Bullet?

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0:06 – Welcome
0:32 – Ryzen & Games!
1:55 – DDR4 Memory
3:01 – Mass Effect Andromeda
4:06 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
5:03 – Grand Theft Auto V
5:49 – Battlefield 1
6:53 – Hitman
7:38 – Mafia III
8:14 – Watch Dogs 2
8:43 – Overwatch
9:14 – Ashes of the Singularity Escalation
9:58 – Memory Timings
10:29 – What did we find?
10:53 – Some stand out results
12:17 – Where will the real gains come from?
12:43 – Closing notes
13:13 – Outro

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X & 1700X Review: Live Up to The Hype?

An In-Depth Look at Ryzen’s Gaming Performance: 16 Games Played at 1080p & 1440p

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Ryzen Memory Performance: Should you buy faster RAM?


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Martijn van Zanen says:

guess ill check the RAM prices but i guess 2666 mhz is fine

AKSBSU says:

I heavily prioritized performance, but dear god are the CL14 Flare X RAM and Noctua cooler are making my new Ryzen 1800x build look like it was beaten with an ugly stick. I may have to tint the glass on my case so I can’t see this stuff as well.

plz7788 says:

The McLaren Honda burns are real

Guo Feng says:

hi, would it be worth paying more $$ for the G.Skill FlareX memory compared to other memory modules of same speed?

O.G. Cain says:

new dividers coming allow 4000mhz memory on ryzen 7 cpus.

Star of Eden says:

people remember here ..Intel has 5 years ahead in optimizations..ryzen is on par without optimizations,,,although a few BIOSes and fixes have come out so far memory fixes are coming in May month….so it should be even better yet

James Smith says:

Going up to 2666 isn’t an OC for the RyZen, correct? Isn’t that the rated mem speed for a single bank? So the first OC is going to 2933. What that really means is that many initial testers were testing below the rated specs of the RyZen.

As some of these titles get more complex, do you think it would make a diff. going from 8GBx2 up to 16GBx2 memory? Would it be worth testing this? With the RyZen it seems that’s would be the ideal for an all around powerful system. 1 bank of high quality memory running at the slight OC of 2933 on the high quality ASUS Crosshair MB. And then, I’m thinking the decision would be either the 1800X or 1600X depending on how many apps you use that can deal with more than 12 threads, and I’m guessing if you’re editing a lot of video then the 1800X makes a bit of sense. But with the 1600X being half the cost of the 1800X, that sure seems like the sweet spot to me, being that both are running the same clock speeds.

Hardware Unboxed says:

0:06 – Welcome
0:32 – Ryzen & Games!
1:55 – DDR4 Memory
3:01 – Mass Effect Andromeda
4:06 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
5:03 – Grand Theft Auto V
5:49 – Battlefield 1
6:53 – Hitman
7:38 – Mafia III
8:14 – Watch Dogs 2
8:43 – Overwatch
9:14 – Ashes of the Singularity Escalation
9:58 – Memory Timings
10:29 – What did we find?
10:53 – Some stand out results
12:17 – Where will the real gains come from?
12:43 – Closing notes
13:13 – Outro

Adarsh Singh says:

Can someone list all frequencies that are safe to use with Ryzen?

XtremeConditions says:

Really useful info. As far as what I can tell, we should STILL all make sure to get good RAM for a Ryzen build… I hope BIOS updates help us reach higher speeds reliably. Strange that many can’t get over the 3000mhz hurdle with their Ryzen systems…

SalandFindles says:

This proves 2 things. Ryzen does benefit with faster RAM speeds, typically 3200 MHz seems to be the sweet spot that it likes AND developers need to optimize their games for Ryzen ASAP. For real, they need to get on it. People are starting to buy the new AMD chips like hotcakes ever since March when they came out. Let’s get the best out of Ryzen! The real, true thing holding it back is the lack of specific game optimization like Ashes of the Singularity.

Lupul Alb says:

Damnit. In my country there is no Gskill memory… 🙁

bobsagget823 says:

tested with nvidia GPU. Invalid.

Albert Calinescu says:

i would like to see crossfire RX 480 in some tests instead of an 1080.
It would be nice to see how it fairs, specially since AMD claimed it would be a match. At least in AoS.

Excaliber Blade says:

Look, Most of these games you are testing with are not coded or optimized for AMD, Most Game MFGs are still recording for the NEW AMD hardware, People need to start using software that is optimized for the NEW AMD stuff for reviews. MAKES a Big difference! Oh and Bio’s updates. Good day..

barry van dijk says:

2800 to 3000 Mhz is the sweet spot for any Ryzen Cpu !

M sidik says:


Witter PC says:

Nice video , so as long as I’m not trying to get 5 + FPS give or take a few , then there is no need to break the bank for faster memory ???

LorD Brumo says:

well i am interested what results will look like if the GPU is lower and it cant create that amount of frames, i mean if the gpu could create only 30+- (not like 100+-) i think the ram speed wouldn’t matter like that, there would be difference between 2133 and 3200 like max 1-3 fps?

Bullets Forteeth says:

AMD still wins in the price vs. performance bracket as far as I and thousands of other gamers are concerned.

Zulu flor says:

Thank you for the detailed infos
Remain so professional

Isaac Kikkert says:

I know mind blank tech has frame time variance graphs and ram timings too in his results. maybe you could include a test like that as well ? also 3600 MHz ram is possible using Samsung b die high quality G skill trident z, as this memory is better binned and helps Ryzen’s compatibility at higher speeds especially VLL ram timings. Also having a well functioning latest and familiar bios would help with the ram timings and “the excel spreadsheet” for finding compatible timings. I’ve never built a Ryzen system but I’m pretty sure I understood what Mind Blank Tech was talking about. I just want an Aussie to try and correlate the results he got. Once again I would really love to see the effect the properly adjusted timings have on maximum working memory speed.

Joshua Schecter says:

Asus prime x370 updated qvl today. Tried docp on corsair 3000 lpx and it works. Super happy was just about to give up and buy some gskill b Die. I know qvl doesn’t change anything it was my own idiocy. I updated bios but didn’t try new speed because people were saying it didn’t work and the qvl said it would only work 2133. When they updated it today I tried it and bam just like that.

MetalMeLike says:

Had a problem with my corsair veng 3200 memory on my b5350. Using lower memory I was able to update the bios and get my 3200 up to only 2800 🙁 . Despite it saying its compatible I guess i’ll have to wait for more updates.

Still a fantastic cpu imo though

Black Helmets says:

flare x ram sticks are so fucking overpriced right now

Cid Sapient says:

i found CL14 vs CL18 only matters below 2933
it seems to help in synthetic scores to catch up when ur unable to get into 2933 or 3200
otherwise i noticed no difference at 3200 between CL16 and CL20
maybe CL14 might matter here but i doubt it
some dude was saying CL16 cant actually run at 3200
cuz the x370 mobos arent capable of 1T timings below CL20 when overclocking the ram
i dont know enough about ram for all that but i know above 2677 theres lil to 0 diff

either way its all just a tiny diff from stock core settings and 2133 to 3.9Ghz 3200 overall
in synthetic scores tho, gaming seems to like faster ram as in this vid
its still crushing anything else at its price point in compute
i can game, listen to youtube videos, encode videos, and sometimes mine all at the same time
i wouldnt be able to do that with 4 cores.

Jamie Nichols says:

Anyone try the Corsair CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16 in a Asrock 370?

Dub V says:

As always…fantastic review

Hadgerz says:

Lol 1:15 ‘and nvidia’s GPUs’
AMD releases a new range of processors, with a brand new architecture that is being updated almost weekly….but fanboys still cry that it’s still Nvidia’s fault when they don’t perform well? Trash. Nvidia’s 10xx series cards are garbage running DX12 in bf1 regardless of your CPU. My 1070 paired with a 3930k would drop 20 fps switching from dx11 to dx12.

Patrick S says:

@Hardware Unboxed I think your missing the direct cause of better scaling with faster memory in Ryzen.If the game is coded for Ryzen’s infinity fabric like ashes of singularity the bump in memory speed shows a significant improvement in fps,I think this is visible in Mafia 3 aswell.As far as we know Amd is working with many game developers.

madmax3078 says:

Being that you used a 1080TI for these test its not surprising that Ryzen fell behind in most of the titles, Nvidia relies on the CPU and software to overcome a lack of hardware, and that seems to be poorly optimized for AMD. DX12 just makes this issue more visible, Most of the tech press blame Ryzen because they are too lazy to do any real reviewing. Now do the same test with Crossfire RX580’s and get back to us.

Wistbacka says:

i am so confused now… Should I go for 7700K or an 1600X for my next rig? Seems in this video, 7700K kicks Ryzen’s butt with ease.

William Poetra Yoga says:

Nice format for the 3-layer bar chart. Is it possible to measure the 0.01% or even 0.001% frame rates instead of 0.1%? I think this might be more useful, and determines from a simple metric whether the game will occasionally stutter or not.

Bimbo Baggins says:

i7 7700+ 2400mhz or ryzen 1700+3200mhz for gaming?

Bastarci says:

Some say they have issues with the kit and that it starts at 2133 and not higher. So does Corsair’s Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4-3000 work well at its nominal frequency?

Son Lyme says:

What is interesting is all these benches are at 1080p – yesterday’s standard. More informative would be actual gameplay at 1440p and 2k and 4k. That’s where the folk who are spending $1000’s on cpu’s and gpu’s at this level are at.

Abu Saleh Mohammad Shariful Hoque says:

I have four sticks of 8 GB ram. total of 32 GB. two of them are dual rank and other two are single rank. Can I install all the four sticks with ryzen. or ryzen refuses to run when you mix single and dual rank memories?

Star of Eden says:

even if games are optimized for intel at the moment ryzen keeps damn well good up front after intel has been going at it for 5 years ahead..ryzen will give you a smoother performance in games as intel has reached 100% in cpu usage in games .means the end of life for intel.

Michele Pistilli says:

HI…i’ve a 16gb of G.Skill TridentZ 3200mhz CL16 Hynix which work up to 2667mhz on MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon but today hwinfo64 show a strange thing…memory clock at 2132.7mhz(4265.4mhz), Tcas at 40 and memory clock ratio at 21.33x…I do not know if it was a random peak…I was just playing DB Xenoverse 2…

WazamRiteUpDaGiggity says:

Where can I get that super useful blue diagnostic counter in the upper left hand corner of his game screen? I have only an FPS counter with steam, I like how that one tells you GPU and CPU usage percentages too

Just AJoX says:

so 2933 mhz ram stick hits the sweet spot ?

Pariz Rdz says:

do you recommend me the DDR4 Mushkin Redline 3000Mhz (2x16gb) for a ryzen 7 1700?

Haxor inator says:

Great video!

I’ve been saying for a long time that RAM speeds matter. I’ve noticed especially so in CPU bound scenarios but even in GPU bound scenarios as evident in this video!

This is why I love you and Digital Foundry.

Gamers Nexus and Linus Tech Tips seem to disagree 🙁

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