Great Fast DDR4 for Ryzen – Ballistix Sport Review

Ballistix Sport DDR4 worked right out of the box with Ryzen B350 chipsets and it’s low configuration worked great with my Custom Ryzen Small form factor case and Noctua Cooler. It just works!

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Bud Fox says:

Need at least 3200 to be note worthy.

Sentlee says:

$173.99 USD wow expensive much. *For 16gb*

8gb is $122.5t USD

Da Bishop says:

i have that ram in my rig 2400 mhz with my r5 1400 its running buttery smooth upgraded from a fx 6300 HUGE DIFFERENCE

juggernautxtr says:

built to many systems with this shit to ever endorse it ever again, when you consistently have to replace the crap it gets really tiring.
Crucial is crap don’t buy it.

First Last says:

Great ram for Kabylake: Any

Miamari says:

Some pretty looking ram !

Pc ColdWar says:

actually level1 tech as achevied 3200 ram speed of the crucial ballixtic sport which are 2400mhz rated whit lose timing and as see improvement also between communication between ccx

M Coop says:

Wow, Team group T-force Samsung bdie 3600mhz only 140 ish. stuck in the Taichi x370 went right straight to 3200 mhz with no issues. cant wait to start messing with it.

Paul Cruickshank says:

TJ you should post your stuff on to make extra bucks

KuhreenAHHH says:

Hahaha! Karina from Ballistix here. Absolutely loved the description the beginning ( and the whole video) “Cru- Ballistix”


dude, that beginning … stfu

jackelofnar says:

I’ve had 2400 overclocked to 3200. You just need to increase the voltage.

Jeff Rojas says:

Thanks for the recommend! 🙂

Paxmanjp says:

Its pronounced Bi Owhs

nappydrew says:

Just stick with single side/single rank DIMM’s with C14, or C16, and Samsung B-die, or Micron chips, and you’ll do fine with Ryzen. The kit he’s showing uses Micron chips, which work better than Hynix, but not as well as Samsung B-die.

Max McKee says:

your case looks like a nuclear power plant or it possibly belongs in a chinese kitchen with woks on it.

zurran00 says:

DDR4 is expensive because the 2 major chip manufacturers are not making the parts to make them as they are focusing on producing HBM2

EverythingGeek2002 says:

Whats the Music?

Ralph Bromley says:

Actually I run fine at 2400


im still having issues with lpx 3000 i can get it to 2933 on bios 2.4 asrock fatality gaming pro x370 it boots on the second try but i dont like it having boot twice timings default xmp 15 17 17 35 i was able to get it to 2667 on bios 1,5 but now i cant any suggustions ? ps at 1,35 v

Christian Zachary says:

Hello to everyone, i need some help, I have a ryzen 1700 system with 8 gb of ram (corsair vengeance LPX DDR4 2X4 | 8GB 3000MHZ CMK8GX4M2B3000C15) on Asus Prime B350 Plus, i did not update my bios but i tried to put it on 2933 on the stock BIOS and it did not work. Now i have not oppurtunity to try smth new cause i sold My rx580 for 380$ and i will buy vega in july, but in future I want to put my ram working on high frequency, maybe someone can give some advices ?

Hugo Takayama says:

las corsair  ballistix sport son malas para ryzen no recomiendo para nada esas memorias,

Comanso Rowlett says:

For Ryzen – B-die, single ranked memory is always best, and gives the best OC capabilities or even stock capabilities. Some kits are actually not much more expensive than this with a speed of 3000Mhz (16GB kit) so in my eyes I’d say B-Die all the way unless you need absolutely every dollar, nickel, dime etc for your budget.

Shawn Jackson says:

are you sure I did not win you last give away ??? I think you should look again just to make sure. I think you may be wrong I’m pretty sure I won … 😉

alupihan says:

Its cheap for a damn reason, though. Cannot OC my single stick 8gb 2400mhz beyond 2666mhz, it just crashes. I could have opted for Corsair Vengeance LPX but its not in stock from where I bought my components. And finding affordable components is not easy in our country.

I just wish these damn celphone manufacturers would just fuck off and get a different material for RAM so that the RAM shortages will be alleviated and I could upgrade to a better RAM kit soon.

Rebel Joan says:

Is this memory compatible with the motherboard ASUS PRIME B350 PLUS ???

SL InWorld says:

My g.skil flare X 3200mhz runs at 3333mhz .. in my Ryzen, just sayn.

stolenlaptop says:

DDR4 ram is at a premium because it goes in smart phones… and consoles… and computers… Great video.

Docta Def says:

Samsung B-die all the way.

MarcasswellbMD says:

Anything less than 3200 is a waste of time.. It fact if you have an X370 Board get the 3600 speed memory.. With the new Agesa Its plug and play on most boards now, and if it doesn’t now it will in the next month or so.. Don’t worry AMD has been on it.. My all around performance has gone up by around 15% even running 2400 Memory speeds… And there will only be another update for all boards by the end of the summer making things even more compatible..

Stephen Miller says:

I’m confused….every time i see that the memory is clocked at 2666 or 3200 in the product description it always shows “DDR-2400” Is that just the speed the memory is set at out of the box and how can you tell from the product description what that particular ram is capable of being overclocked to? Hope this isn’t a dumb question….but I want to get the fastest ram that will work with the 1950X cpu. Also is G.Skill flare x memory guaranteed to work with ryzen cpus? Ive seen several youtube posts that tout it as being optimized specifically for ryzen. Please help.

Georgy Tsitovich says:

If u want people to sub on your channel, stop screaming like a fkin moron at first seconds of your video.

SI MO says:

do not buy this rams with 2400mhz this is bad for ryzen i have them and oc is impossible 🙁 3200 ballistix are good rams but 2400mhz no!

jointy33 says:

you got 2 fans on your CPU? 2 noctuas, where did you get the brackets from to hold them there?

Brett Wallace says:

did you mess around with timings etc and overclocking on the other ram?

Sentlee says:


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