GeIL Super Luce RGB Fast Gaming Memory Review!!

Ryzen Branded Geil Super Luce RGB memory is pretty nice stuff, it is fast, works great with Asus Aura and lights up your world with out of the box non wired RGB lighting effects. Honestly just worked and overclocked to 3066 Mhz on my Ryzen 7 1700

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Parts in this episode:

Geil Super Luce 3000 Mhz:

Some Other Parts I Use:

Enermax 240mm AIO:
Vivo V08 Case On My Set:
Thermaltake View 31:
My Threadripper Mobo:
Ballistix Elite Ram Is AWESOME:

My Ryzen 7 CPU and Mobo
ASRock AB 350 Pro4:
Ryzen 1700
Ryzen 1700x

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teeblack06 says:

i heard Arura is horrible

otaku yonku says:

Guys anyone can help I’m just confused about this ram is it compatible with intel or just with amd

FiftyTwo says:

would this work with 8th gen intel cpu? (i5 8400)

Don & Zaina says:

nice something to compete against gskill rgb ram with ryzen support

Alex Seesing says:

I gave a thumb up because I favor Geil RAM. My first DDR-400 kit that worked with my AthlonXP 3200+ was from Geil and it was beautiful, all nice with dragon kinda tribal see through stickers in a golden woven package. It looked like this

Too bad they don’t do that anymore.

Jimmy Wang says:

Wow. That actually kinda looks better than the g skill ego lineup

NovaDoll says:

You need more subs. I think you are really funny!

Paul Risk says:

Looking at buying this RAM and using it on a Gigabyte motherboard. If I just want to control the RGB on the RAM (there is no RGB on the motherboard), I should be able to download Asus Aura and use it, right? Regardless of the motherboard I own?

Leandro César Gonçalves Costa says:

who chip ? samsung b-die ? hynix ?

Alejandro Jacobo says:

Can you peel that ugly ass sticker off?

ryo king says:

Does geil super luce works with msi mystic light sync?

ABOODM7 says:

05:33 RGB’n Chill

Call of depression Intimate warfare says:

I was wondering about geil memory

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

Can’t see shit, captain.
– Lt. Cmd. Geordi LaForge – Reading Rainbow

Vladimir Pejić says:

It`s Super Luche (that`s how you`re suppose to read it). Geil uses Italian names on their DRAM always. Potenza, Forza …

tigerbalm says:

ddr4 2400…YUK! sLOWASS


What keyboard is that?

Jabberwockxeno says:

How tall s the RAM? Trying to figure out it’ll fit or my CPU cooler will block one of the RAM slots off from it fitting in.

Daryl B says:

Lol when Linus saw the evo x and took it apart to show it was like ram + lighting strip just tacked on top. glad to see Geil finally got a proper looking kit. No software at all. i’m glad i’m ram agnostic. G.skill is better rgb wise.

Dwain Leach says:

For those of you who have asked, Geil claims the ASUS Aura software can be installed on any motherboard that supports native RGB. While I have not tested it with Geil ram, I did install the software with my ASRock x370 Killer SLI/ac motherboard and control my Adata Spectrix D40 using the ASUS Aura software. Just to be clear, the only option is RAM and no other features of my board are available and require the ASRock software to modify the board controlled options. Interestingly enough, the RGB pattern options for the ASUS and XPG software are identical with the layout for ASUS being much more refined.

Ivan Kuzmanovic says:

questin for the evo x,you can still use the ram without plugging in the leds right?

Mr Mimeitor says:

does the lightning in this ram works with msi mystic light?

bigsportsman says:

Your timings and voltage need to be changed to overclock the memory more. Same applies to your original memory in that system. Some MB don’t have the best memory vrm’s so they don’t like faster memory without a voltage offset.

Luca Ciraolo says:

It function with all mobo?

James Taraki says:

hi there again good to be back here

Ryan Sherman says:

ddr4 2667 is the sweet spot only content creators benifit from anything over that

hamouda hamouda says:

hi … … today i bought MEMOIRE GEIL EVO X WHITE DDR4 16GO (KIT OF 2) 3000 MHZ CL15 GEXG416GB3000C15ADC for use it with ryzen build msi B350m mortar and ryzen 5 1600 …… and i wondering if it will work fine with this build and have no ram compatible issues ?

Manuel Gomez Jr says:

Would the non amd work on ryzen? Someones offering me for a cheap prize

Thorad Gaming says:

You can hit 3200mhz with this ram if you set the voltage to 1.39-1.4

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

Poor me. My 64GB 2400 LRDIMM have no RGB fluid to fill. I had to slap some RGB stickers on them and watch my FPS rocket to 1FPS more.

Nizamuddin Iqbal says:

Is this ram compatible with asrock z370-m?

Rizky Hadi Felani says:

does it support msi mystic light sync?

Misshapen Ape says:

Will this ram work with any motherboard or will it only work with Asus boards? Sorry for the stupid question.

FanBeltz says:

“does it work with ~insert random software/motherboard/CPU here~?”……..Quick question for all of you asking questions on Youtube….how are you gaining access to youtube when you obviously don’t have access to Google or any other website containing the information that you want?

Funny, this video only has 109 views (at the time I’m posting this link)

Of course, all of that information could have been found with a simple google search or by going to the GeIL website and reading. I guess posting a question on youtube and waiting for someone to do the research for you is much easier though.

DragonDuelist says:

whoops xD

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

I was near the end when I realized it’s not g.skill. Two companies with G.

JohnnyNismo says:

Nice video man. The price is really good on these DDR4 3000 kits here in Feb 2018. If you’re building a Ryzen APU system, this is a great choice to pair with it. In fact, I’d love to see a review with a 2200G or 2400G with these. I hope you can make it happen!



Austin Bo55 says:

will it work with a320 mobo

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