Geil Super Luce 16GB DDR4 3000MHZ White Unboxing Review Overclock & Benchmark Test

So i decided to Unbox, Install, Review, Overclock, run stability test and bench mark This set of quad DDR4 Ram.

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My Rig Specs :
here is the parts list:

Case: Corsair 760T
Motherboard: Asus x99-a
CPU: intel i7 5820k OC to 4.5 ghz
CPU Cooling System: Corsair H100i Pull And Push Config
Ram: Corsair Dominator 16GB DDR4
GPUs: Asus Gtx 980
PSU: Evga Super Nova 850 Gold Certified
SSD: 240GB For Windows 8.1
SSD: 500GB For All My Games Origin Steam
OS: Windows 8.1
All The Fans On This Build Are Custom Painted White

Product Specs

DDR4 SUPER LUCE – Hardcore Gaming Memory That Breathes

GeILs’ latest benchmarking DDR4 hardcore gaming series – SUPER LUCE, is equipped with the patented iLUCE Thermal-beaming Technology.

User will be able to observe real-time temperature condition of memory modules through different LED breathing-light tempos, directly from the SUPER LUCE heat-spreader.

As the working temperature of memory rises, the tempo of the breathing-light goes up in five different levels, Level 1 is with the mildest tempo and the lowest temperature range of below 40 ℃, while Level 5 being the most rapid with the highest temperature range of above 55 ℃. The following are the different temperature ranges with the corresponding breathing-light beats per minute of the five levels:

Level 1 à 40 ℃: 13 beats/min,

Level 2 à 40-45 ℃: 60 beats/min,

Level 3 à 45-50 ℃: 80 beats/min,

Level 4 à 50-55 ℃: 120 beats/min,

Level 5 à 55 ℃: 200 beats/min.

SUPER LUCE is available in three different LED color scheme designs – SUPER LUCE WHITE, SUPER LUCE RED and SUPER LUCE BLUE.

These color schemes are to provide users with the flexibility of visually matching with the different high-end motherboard color schemes. Covering speeds from 2666MHz to upwards of 3400MHz, SUPER LUCE is not only the ultimate DDR4 memory that delivers eye-catching esthetics and hardcore performance. Together with the iLUCE Thermal-beaming Technology, SUPER LUCE will bring your gaming station to live.


Nikola Rakic says:

That ram looks amazing bruh! 🙂

Simone L says:

How many volts did it take to oc ur ram? I got the 2400 edition.

15Lanzo15 says:

Man, I just discovered you. Keep doing this amazing work, buddy. Subscribed!!! Your reviews are really well thought out, keep it up and you’ll have 1 more fan for LIFE <3

Todd Vernon says:

Thank God, I thought I was the only one with Super Luce DDR4 3000MHZ memory… mine is PC2400 4gb x 4.

Areeb Gaming says:

Just looking at the box I’m impressed lol

captainthrall says:

do the LEDs change color?

Bring me Peter pan says:

Cool review dude, was looking at these sticks and considering them. I’m stuck between these and the t force delta and delta 2. They’re rgb for a decent price and up to 3000mghz. I’m using a ryzen 1600x though so I want to make sure they can be used at the full mem speed without issues on the ryzen platform. Those would look great in my gigabyte ax370 k5 and s340 elite. So excited this is my first build ever 🙂

Pellejo PR says:

where u buy psu cables all white like super nice

declde says:

Is there a way to have the LED static and stop the breathing?

KingCorpGaming says:

Ok so where did you find the ram that was both white and had the white led. Because when i look on newegg the only type that i find have red led.

Amiel Edge De Guzman says:

are you still using these set of ram mister?

Ikonik Modz says:

do you know where I can still get this kit? Been looking for the white heat spreader with white led for a while.

awsomeboy2097 says:

how much did you pay for your whole computer?

ramin rostami says:

in quality and hard work , Giel ram memory are very very exclent , in 8 year i see blue screen just 1 time !!! Giel is world no 1 in quality

Bismo Funyuns says:

Why are you wearing gloves? Haha nice video man!

eugkra33 says:

I’m guessing these are not Samsung b-die and therefore won’t perform well in Ryzen as of yet?

Zero says:

Hey man!
I have the same ram but i can’t overclock it on my MSI Z170A Krait Gaming 3X, now the ram is only at 2133Mhz..

Chaitanya Shukla says:

what is the height of these ram modules?

Nágel Péter says:

hi! could you tell me how tall that ram is? i cant find it anywhere.
btw nice video.

Maximilian H. says:

Nice video, I got the same last week, 2×4, and probably I will order another pair but 2×8 and have 24 in total, so I can create a nice ram disk for some tweaking :P, one question is it possible to overclock this above 3000mhz or get the CL down to 15?? Thanks.

SeaJay Oceans says:

Beutiful all white build! It is nice to see new colors other than red/black or Blue…I am glad PC makers are producing Orange, neon Purple,White, Green & even Pink hardware ! 🙂 Thank you for the video.

Corvus says:

How did you get the backplate on the video card in white??
Also, is that white plumber’s tape on the cooler pipes?

xSenju says:

Where did you order the Quad kit ?  Niceeee.  It will work on a Z170 mobo right ?

Tuukka Raskanator says:

Very informative. You got a thumbs up!

로즈문 says:

Put some Korean subtitles. (translation device in a circular canon.)

Grim Bonkers says:

Is this the LowSpec Gamer?

Nasty Boy says:

WUSS UPPPPPPP   Kreeper    🙂    a other awesome video  ,  dude that ram  looks cool , and your right 1st time I  seen them also .  when are  you  going to take off  the SUPERMAN sticker    lol     I know you want tooo  🙂   how they look in the DARK ?maybe next time you can show us .  and by the way your new intro is cool also .

dubboxster smith says:

Could you please tell me where did you order yours? Thanks

Cnokyxa InsideTheGame says:

does this ddr4 work non x99? like 1151 ?

beastusa says:

GeIL has been around a long time great memory since the DDR2 Ultra 800 that would run @ 1200!

But like so many things the great Obama has done GeIL USA shut down and left the US after he was elected. 🙁

But GeIL still makes great memory!

Todd Vernon says:

Ive had No Luck, getting it to OC on my Gigabyte ga-z170xp-sli mobo…

jincuteguy says:

Nice video man, where did u get that white backplate for your video card? thx

Zulham S says:

bad ram brand!!!

Inhumane Reactions says:

hey is it possible to make it stop breathing or something?

luigiisgreeny says:

Where did you get the white with the white led? All I can find is with blue

RCH CD says:

Nice video. How are the memory doing up to this date? What’s the brand and model of the white fans that you used? Thanks.

Yung Fergastein says:

What motherboard do you have?

Samir Duran says:

Thankyou for the review man, been looking at AVEXIR Raiden series but can’t find them In Australia BUT I can find these GeIL which I’m very interested in 😀

Tre Law says:

@kreeper24 Tech hey mate do you know if these still sell in White Heatsink + White LED?


Does the white come in 2×8 ddr 3000 ???

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