G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 – Dat Heatspreader Tho

The new Trident Z DDR4 memory kits from G.Skill are among the prettiest I’ve seen. Not to mention they’re capable of hitting up to 4200MHz. Ya know, just because.

Trident Z: http://amzn.to/1PoiDaX

Watching Paint Dry FULL HD 1080!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATJ-7bGBul0

The Store: http://www.awesomesaucenetwork.com/store/

Benchmarking music by Nick DePirro:

Night Verses (Nick’s band): https://www.facebook.com/NightVerses/

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James Smith says:

has anyone found a site that sells this ram with other colors. G. Skill website shows SKUs for other colors, but you cannot buy direct

Jonathan Lewis says:

I Like the look of the ram, but is that worth it if I go with ryzen?

iDillusionist says:

10/10 would ram again

aedan929 says:

Would the heat sink be good for overclocking? I want to pair it with my RYZEN system which you know… it needs faster RAM that 2133 cause of how the L Cache is configured!

TechRik says:

whats with Ryzen? compatible?

Jerikman says:

Remember the old days, when Corsair RAMs were the best?

trubin06 says:

Got that DDR4 kit for 89.99$ (16GB-3000Mhz ) @ Newegg + free G.Skill mousepad !

mrzazzaable says:

Im going balls to the walls, i7 7700k, 16gb trident z 4266mhz, RX Vega

Martin says:

This ram works in ryzen prossesor at 4266mhz? or is not compatible? or just work a 3200 mhz? ty


Damn stop moving ur damn hands all over like a little biotch!…. That shit is a sign of weakness man…. lol..

Gandhabba says:

i bought the gskill trident z 3200mhz cl16 ddr4.. would i see any big diference if i went with the cl14?

Ali Shahroz says:

Should I buy this or Corsair Vengeance LPM?

GP Patrol says:

still here rocking a 1600mhz ddr3

Sero Tense says:

I’m currently looking for new ram kits, will this work with an x99 system ?

MSmart19 says:

Execute order 4266

FeaR FuZiioN says:

Just order this, hype

Tallen Smith says:

The content of this video is “This is G.Skill Trident Z 2 x 8 3000mhz. Rams pretty fast nowadays. The ram looks sweet. I can’t tell you anything about its performance.”

Phil Brinkle says:

So, why did you not remove the heatspreaders?

Cris K says:

*leaves love*

Monferaigne says:

I choose that ram because of its cool style as well as its performance. Hahaha!

YellowPeaches says:

Kyle!!! Tell them to make that to ECC 🙁 I Wanna Use It Whit Xeons

Hello says:

does anyone know if i can pop off the red thing to re-paint it?

DudeGuyMan99 says:

I hear that Tobu in the background lel. Good shit.

Philipe Brito says:

Works on x99 sabertooth?

Steve N. Mavronis says:

These would be perfect for ASUS ROG Skylake LGA 1151 motherboards with the matching aluminum look!

Anthony Silva says:


MixMusic says:

2:34 case name?

3lectronic0 says:

G.skill Trident Z 3000MHz Cas15 or 3200MHz Cas16?

Rem's Husband says:

I love this RAM…but what disturbs me is that it’s named after a stick of gum…not very tasty :c

Space Dandy says:

Going to buy those for my new system, they look sick 😀

Martin W. says:

they fast cheap and look nice 😛


best looking 16GB kit on the market (under 150 usd ofcourse) 🙂

Peter D. says:

awesome RAM Module got the 16GB kit! on 3200Mhz

Jacob Sloan says:


Sebastian Baechler says:

looking for good DDR4 ram that comes in blue any ideas?

Billy bob Fredereckson says:

Paint the red pink so it matches hotline

James Fulkerson says:

$200??? Really I could by a decent motherboard with that

Vega Punk says:

Yes BUT: i too love the design, but it looks like the video is a commercial for them… are they good?

HedgeGamer 3 says:


TalismenF22 says:

am I the only one who looked up the paint drying video

Link Thehero says:

the skylake cpus are not able to use ddr3 memory just ddr3l. ok tair are some mainboards that can use ddr3 memory,but if you use them , the higher voltage off the ddr3 memory would damage the cpu .sorry for my English

pvtrick empire says:

dude great vid!!! but you move toooooooooo much!!!. tone it a little.

Abhishek Yadav says:

gskill has 3 year warrenty and corsair have lifetime 10 years offering 3000-3200 mhz speed. so shouldnt i choose corsair and relax that my ram is gonna be replaced if damaged somehow ?
pls answer

George says:

Got mine the other day… instantly removed the red plastic thing!

Gordon Tan says:

have fun during your honeymoon

DarkSoulz says:

will this ram work and be good for Ryzen ?

Eggrollstone says:

RIP paint drying video. Violated youtube terms of service?

ruben g says:

Why is this not the RGB version? -.-

kenniikalonji says:

this will work in an x99 build right…

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