G Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3200Mhz Memory Review

Demand the best in your system? The G.Skill 3200MHz DDR4 kit might be just what you are looking for to go in your X99 system – http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/memory/g_skill_ripjaws_4_3200mhz_ddr4_memory_review/1

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Jack Daniels says:

I can get 2×8 GB of this RAM for 110€… Should I go for it? The 16 GB 2400 RAM is about 95€ right now.

kyle chapman says:

G-Skill lol they dont make memory your paying for the name not the memory guys ! 

žiga česen says:

HOLY SHIT!!! You are so ugly

FLU Film Productions says:

hi, whats the pc case on the desk. Its very compact.

hokiturmix says:

Most “showcase” motherboards have 6-8 fan connectors. Are they crazy to use molex?

ICYWhiteRabbit says:

what about Dominator Airflow Platinum LED Fan memory cooler. that would look good

Teriyaki Sauce says:

OMFG People are peasents All you need is a solid heatsink on your ram liguid cooling is All a ((((((GIMMICK)))))).

Davethreshold says:

Thank you! Huge help! As of 11-4-15, the 3400MHZ version of this is $449.99 U.S.D. on Newegg
So, if I buy that for 32GB then months later add another 32GB kit of the same, will that be o.k. – meaning the kits are the same but not bought together. – not EXACTLY matched? Thank you once again.

Vitamin Multi says:

i have 3466 mhz ddr4 and i dont have airflow 😀

Easy Skater says:

Is this a safe bet if its in the qualifed memory vendor manual for motherboard? because it support it only on (oc)
I had bad experience with that where pc wouldent start at all. But again the memory were not in qualifed vendor list.
Also they are not the very best anymore. But they are the best for the mobo i want to buy.

Twisted Heart says:

I’m somewhere between liking the video and not really like it.

It showed what I wanted to know, if a 3200 MHz RAM is worth the money compared to 2400 MHz RAM.
And if a 2800 MHz actually can’t compare, so probably the 2400 MHz will get destroyed. 😉

The video has a lot of unecessary informations in it. Because I think the most will only look out for the results, not the reviews about the look and what is liked and disliked.

But are you willed to make a video of a comparison between 2400 DDR4-RAM and 3200 MHZ DDR4-RAM?
Because I think of buying a 2400 MHz or 3200 MHz ram, thank you in advance. 🙂 (s/)

Zsavage1 says:

Really enjoyed this video.. thank you for sharing and your time..  I have been sub’d to your channel for some time and I have to say .. you are getting much better at this  🙂         Peace and thanks again…

Brendan Raymond says:

What is a muva board?

TheAlienwaredude says:

are these ram good for a z270 Mobo?? everyone is keep talking about X99 and z170, but no reviews on a z270 Mobo. help!

Jim Bryant says:

I’m kind of at a loss to explain what is happening here on my own stuff, and this is adding to that.  My own Ripjaws X DDR3-2400 also follows this same pattern in AIDA64.

Why is copy faster than a write?

Does the modern memory include some kind of internal copy instruction to speed it up?  Does modern memory have some kind of copy detection that speeds it up?  Is there just something I am missing about modern memory?

Ideally, I was always under the impression that a copy was a read then a write.  There is obviously something else going on here.


Oh my goodness they are still spitting out these fans for their memory like this….?! I had to drastically mutilate mine in order to have my loop and quad setup.


G Skill really fucked up there with that fan designed setup!

Eric Witte says:

why put fans on 1.35v ddr4?

Dennis McKenzie says:

can the 5960 handle 3000mhz outta the box?

keepthinkingPC says:

Tiny Tom Logan

Craig Watson says:

just because his get some crappy mini board that has no room, he wines like a big girl ???

mrlithium69 says:

This channel should be called OCD TV not OC3D because of the incessant whining about the cable routing…

Brendan Raymond says:

what is a gwafix card?

Craig Watson says:

they fit im my z170 perfect

zwizzy89 says:

ur mic made me think my headset had broke

Ted Harvey says:

I love your metaphors as well as your reviews.  Keep up the good work sir. 

Ben Carr says:

do you need to use the included fan?

Zinteus says:

I can get 2133 for $146 and 3200 for $173. Should I just spent the little extra for 3200 since it doesn’t look like there’s that much of a price difference? This is the G skill Ripjaws V 2x8GB memory kit

alexsch73 says:

kann damit auch 1080 spielen ?

Kepler Born says:

got these for $45 usd

Dean Gamble says:

i have never seen you bash a product this much before Tom. takes alot of balls! Good job TTL.

Hardware Guy says:

Oh my god, My configuration is
Intel Celeron 1007u 1.5Ghz
2Gb of ram ddr3 1600mhz(single)
intel hd graphics 2500
I was surprised because my computer is already fast as hell for me, and imagine with this? and I am Brazilian, I love your channel!

ryan ionew says:

will this run well in such cheap motherboards like asus z170p?

4GB MEANS 4GB says:

All these 12 year old morons posting below me blabbing on like they know something.  Its runny reading how stupid some comments are.  At some point these moron kids need to stfu.

Space Jam23 says:

I got this 3333mhz is faking awesome:)

Gareki no Kami says:

Pointless, stupid, cheap fans are so pointless and stupid and cheap.  

JING says:

£400 and they still stick that ugly tacky looking sticker on it?

Bill Gates M8s says:

419 POUNDS!!? how do you lift that?

Aldion Sylkaj says:

How do you think this will fit with a Phanteks dual tower heatsink 14cm fan? (140mm)

Your Highness says:

Gskill ramfans are unnecessary because of Gskill awesome heatsinks. Give them to a friend because they are not needed.

jaysenuk says:

smash em there pointless ;D

relik says:

damn, those things are ugly

Dulux Doggy says:

an observation, you had the straight brackets on one side only in the video. is ther not ebough straight brackets to have them on both ends? would that matter at all?

menacegtr says:

absolutely shocking for the money, looks like a cheap memory mod to me, awful

thybigballs says:

So far it’s been 11 minutes of you repeatedly telling us the ram fans are crap…

Brent Arnold says:

I bought these and they didn’t come with a fan. Do I need one?

Pcrusen says:

They should make it where the fan clips onto the top of the RAM instead of the sides. They should have known better….

Anthony Head says:

Fan holders look shit

sabishiihito says:

I bought a retail kit of these but honestly I was disappointed in the overclocking capabilities compared to review samples that could do 3000 with timings 11-12-15-14-1T with 1.65v.

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