G.Skill Ripjaws 4 2400mhz DDR4 Benchmarked

Disclaimer – My DDR3 modules are not 2400 modules so there is a slight unfair advantage to the DDR4 however this does not discount the speed that DDR4 actually is. The comparison is not expected to be a definitive speed comparison but more or less an overall performance boost concept. Many people are still using 1600mhz RAM and base speed of DDR3 is 1333mhz where base speed of DDR4 is 2133 so I could not have slowed down the DDR4 to match the 2000mhz speed even if I wanted to. Take this video for what it is, DDR4 benchmarks with some DDR3 compared.


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Dane Cook2 says:

this test is bullshit. Don’t compare dual with quad channel. My quad channel kingston ddr3 2400mhz runs at 58gb/s read and 63gb/s write in quad channel. And latency is 54.5ns.

Bellevue MathClub says:

I just bought 3000mhz CL15 one, Wish the stuff works well…

Tarik Sonmez says:

can i use this on a z170 motherboard

Rodney Terry says:

I really want to see what this kind of RAM does in a APU build. 

Dane Cook2 says:

fucking unsubscribing for this false test.

Laurent Charette says:

Best Mobo under $200CAN for DDR4 and a 4690k?

James Orbinson says:

DDR4 is just greater memory bandwidth right?

Erik Rolwes says:

What keyboard are you using

TryHardGamers says:

Love the G.Skill Ripjaws line. What activities stress out memory bandwidth these days? It would be great if you could show productivity or otherwise real world benchmarks if you drop the frequency.

Dr.Dave says:

Question, dont 2400 mhz = 2.4 ghz? and if so, why not say 2.4 ghz as the old convention Was 2400 mhz in the 70’s ????

TEST S says:

Jay if u have any computer parts you don’t need you can send it my way lol…thank u for the DDR4 information

Quietbut_Deadly says:

DDR4 prices have dropped a lot since this video, it’s just as expensive as DDR3 was

GamingPcChannel says:

Guess what beats all this shit?



Edward Dhakal says:

I reckon, it will not make your computer a whole lot faster. It depends upon how and for what purpose you use your computer most of the time but at the end of the day basically speaking the bottle neck is your starage device like Hard Disk, SSD, eMMC etc. Unless you have an unlimited bank balance, you better put your money on RAID0 or PCIe SSD instead and wait until DDR4 gets cheaper.

Zangdoodle says:

Now we need petabyte hardrives.

rambow70 says:

I work at a Fry’s and we got the new 1151 boards but no cpu’s for them yet! haha have 8 different models fully stocked but sadly no chips :/

Hristijan Tintar says:

Holly balls you mentioned another tech legend 😀 you and linus you guys rock! 😀

Hatlábú Farkas says:

R U serious ?
2400 Mhz DDR 4 ?
my DDR 3 mems runs on 2133 Mhz, what a HUGE difference !!!

theodore kiriakidis says:

just wait guys in few monhs the prices they are going to be down …always tha same thing the new tech parts always are high…i dont care for now… my system can handle my needs foe gaming video  and other staffsss..

TheGamingTorrent says:

my computer build is almost complete just need the ram sticks, needs to be ddr4 cuz my motherboard is x99s chip set. any suggestions for ddr4 ram

Jonathan Roy says:

i wonder what motherboard this guy is using and is bios settings….because i have this exact same kit and im definitively not getting the same result….my cpu is i5 6600k 4.7ghz.

Nikanor SeaDragon. V. ST. P. says:

actually for my purpose… I need lower Latencies….. waiting for the purchase until gskill releases even tighter DDR4. I need < 38ns Datarate is fun... But it wont do any good on Flightsimulators unless it's the <38ns. The real purpose is the DUAL SLI on the full x16 speeds + waiting for samsung to realease an m.2 x4 SSD.

Eargasm Records says:

RAM DISK that shit!

Andre Gamer says:

when the video staryed

ps3player132 says:

can a ddr3 motherboard support ddr4 ?

Patrick Proctor says:

Jay, I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but would it have killed you to compare 2400 to 2400 MHz in both memory types? Team Xtreme sells pretty cheap 2400MHz CL10 DDR3 memory. Compare against that so we can see what the architecture of DDR4 actually does.

Richard Webster says:

Will this ram work with an amd rig?

Akhil Balla says:


George David says:

Question. If I disable XMP profile and set it to manual can I achieve a higher frequency and a slower latency? Or the XMP is the best it can do? I own DDR4 2x8Gb Corsair LPX 2400Mhz CL14 and I have XMP enabled and call it a day. However did somebody tried to make it run better? thanks..

Chris Crawford says:

I am going to purchase the intel i7-5960x processor which calls for Memory Types DDR4 1333/1600/2133 . My question is can I use a higher memory type than 2133 for this processor and if I do , then will it be worth it? I really need help with this issue.I will be using the X99A GAMING 9 ACK motherboard also.

Shovel Man says:

well,ddr2’s highest speed was 800 mhz,while ddr3’s is 2400,and thats 3 times more….
im still waiting for my 7200 mhz ram…

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