G.Skill DDR4 Skylake RAM – Trident Z

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Philip Glickman says:

I am scared that the price of X99 will be artificially inflated because SkyLake would cost around the same and the price of DDR4 would not suddenly come down just because SkyLake uses it

CheapSushi says:

WAAAAY better than their previous designs.

gimunema- says:

1:21 Hyper D92 ?

Eric Schmidt says:

I love the design but just despise the colors. Companies may not realized how much of a selling point color is, especially on higher end components.

bojlas says:

So when will be shipping date of TridenZ? Im waiting for 2x8gb 3000mhz cl16 for build my pc on skylake…

EVENN'X says:

4266Mhz ftw

STR1K3D says:

love it, just wish there is currently green as well and an option for borh sides black

Michael says:

That is what i bought looks awesome.

Magic *** says:

does this support b350m boards?

David Hampton says:

Gunmetal DDR4 Ram with Asus TUF Sabertooth Z170 motherboard sounds like an epic start to my next build……. HMMMMM so many ideas

DEAD in SPACE Gaming says:

love it!

Seth T says:

My keyboard, case, and monitor are really the only things I care about the aesthetics of but if there isn’t too much of a price premium they certainly look nice.

Marco Urbani says:

That colour scheme is amazing!!!

Nuclear Harry says:

looks awesome but its a no go for me because the silver 🙁 wish both sides were black

sadomasothebest says:


Darren Liu says:

these are frigging sexy

Trey Plays says:

I for one absolutely adore this new design scheme for the Trident Z RAM modules, i can’t wait until they are released and I hope they aren’t too much money because I’m building a new computer around Christmas time this year and I might want to grab a few 8 Gb modules!! I love’em who’s with me

Zackary McCoy says:

I’d buy it, but too bad my next build will be a LGA2011-v3 build. Quad channel only…

Logan Hamilton says:

How much heat does this thing generate to have a better heatsink than my CPU

BoredThatsWhy says:

Hey there, will the G.Skill Ripjaws Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory be a good fit for the ROG Maximis VIII Hero 1151 motherboard running with Skylake 6700K CPU?

Test _01 says:

Is it fully compatible with x99 ?

DarkSoulz says:

Would this ram work for Ryzen ?

GamingSoup says:

this is the ram im actually getting for my skylake build 😀

John G says:

Why is HardwareCanucks calling it “Zee”? Shouldn’t a Canadian channel use our pronunciation, or would Americans get too confused?

SaigaTenshi says:

perfect RAM for MSI Z170A Gaming M7

Radus says:

I am actually between hating and loving. Can’t decide. I think maybe the red gloss is ruining it a bit for me. Definitely love the design of the heatsink and dual color aluminium.

semua sempurna says:

this G.Skill Triden Z and Klevv ddr4 really have fantastic design.
I’m still waiting for this ram for its the last piece of hardware for me to build my new skylake pc

Pachunka says:

Gonna pick some up for my white, black and red pc build!!! Sexy looks 😉

ccricers says:

This is the RAM that will make me upgrade to DDR4.

speedevil22 says:

This on the new Gigabyte G1 Gaming Z170 motherboard… *drops mic* 
I’ll link picture below.

JO3BOBA says:

straight up think they look awesome

sabishiihito says:

I wonder if all the Hynix DDR4 ICs are going towards these kits, G.Skill seems to be using Samsung for just about everything nowadays, even 3200C16.

Panquake says:

Amazing looking RAM really love the colours. However I think I would prefer being able to choose between silver or black, rather than having different coloured sides. I’d also like to see the option of having a white separator in the middle.

jake nikolia says:

They look great

Steve N. Mavronis says:

Perfect for the ASUS ROG Skylake LGA 1151 motherboards with the matching aluminum look!

MAIN RIG says:

best looking ram

JbstormburstADV says:

Oh god, that memory is SEXY.  Almost perfect to go with and RoG board.  Now, I only want to know how it’ll perform compared to Ripjaws 4 and Corsair Vengeance…

Randall Donadio says:

I don’t know who said they hate it out of those who “loved it or hated” it but they’re crazy. That’s the dopest looking RAM since corsair dominator platinum.

Jack Doe says:

love the double combo, takeoff the red thingie and let the combo to be between the side and the separator

Lucid Strike says:

Definitely would rather it just be black on both sides, but I’ll get it anyway.

Unintentional Mos Def reference there. Ha.

Phil Maus says:

Love it! Love it love it love it!

Jonathan Smith Caballero says:

triden Z ddr4ram 16gb are betters that corsair platinum led ?

Matty f says:

Wonder how hard it would be to remove the red accent to paint hmmmmmm thinking i might get this for my white black grey and blue build and hope i can friggen paint it…

Versatil Free-Style-Records says:

its possible to use i3 6320 it this rams in 3200mhz?

Khalid Salim says:

can anyone help me..which cooler master air cooler is he using?

BowGunner says:

Don’t know about you but damn that’s some beautiful RAM!

Kevin Ristie says:

why is it specifically for skylake ? Can you use it for x99 2011-3 ?? i would really like to know….

Lazarus The adventurer says:

Love the colour match pwrfect with z170 maximus!!

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