Does RAM speed REALLY matter?

Now that we have RAM modules capable of up to 4266MHz, we need to find out… does high speed RAM ACTUALLY make a difference?

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Dr. Leonard Hofstadter says:

I love your intro music Linus

Joshua Fan says:

never seen someone smashing a keyboard before, so this is something new

cliff bird says:

u have to make sure the RAM speed fits with the motherboard speed and CPU speed. No point putting faster ram if the motherboard and CPU cant handle it others wise the pc will just reboot over and over till u put the right RAM speed in. had that prob when i put in a faster ram module for the new CPU but the motherboard didnt like it and just rebooted over and over. So had to change the motherboard to cope with the faster RAM. Motherboard could only cope with 1333 RAM while the CPU could go upto 2333. there is several websites u can go to that tells u what RAM is best for ur system. But they only say what is best for the CPU not if the motherboard can handle it. for that u need to ask the motherboard maker what max RAM speed ur motherboard can handle.
But to get the best out of the CPU u need to see what RAM speed it works best at then get a motherboard to match the speed.

TTrevolverheldTT says:

MHz of RAM dont matter at all. RGB RAM = + 10% performance!

Jakub Mann says:

2400 Mhz master race

Zak-Attack says:

It’s verry sketchy to buy ram like that

Алексей Пирогов says:

Any overclocking to higher frequency = higher voltage –> overheat + less stability + irreversible hardware degradation in about a year or less even if cooled.
So keep in mind.

传播正史的中国人 says:

😀 oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın

Brad B. says:

It is always better to have high and better performance though your system will only run as fast as the slowest part.

mohamed tarek says:

feel sorry for that keyboard

skipgap says:

Are you talking about the bloods and the crips?

taguardian says:

04:55 Closely-er ? new word! 😉

Links Loki says:

The soundtrack on these videos (and scrapyard wars) is really great 🙂

Phreek Wint says:

“Closely-er”? lmao Linus

ReD - Minecraft says:

i got 2400mhz

listojay says:

most useless upgrade getting ram with a higher frequency

SNG Supergirl says:

Is there anyway I could email you all the parts I bought for a gaming build , so you can tell me if it’s decent for the price ? I spent $4,231 building two gaming PC’s. Hoping I did decent. Thank you so much <3

Skyclad says:

The best part of this video was telling me about TunnelBear, which should help when the FCC lets internet service providers control everything. Thanks Linus!

Lucian Andries says:

I wonder what the neighbors were thinking…

LuckyGamer:З says:

4:36 Флаг Украины !

Brain Matrix says:

Can you swap a ram card in a tablet or smart phone?

Alex Shi says:

still using 1056mhz ram lmfaooo

PrincepsComitatus says:

Great info.

OneTrue Halo says:

Here I am December of 2017, starting to think that a back alley deal is the only way to actually get a decent price on DDR4 lol.

qqqqq qqqqq says:

If you are too poor to max out your ram, please don’t bother with a computer. Use game-boy!

Jeff Gillis says:

Ok, an uber geek question for you…. whats the difference between, F4-2800 C18D-32GRS vs. F4-3000 C16D-32GRS? Do I need a bios update to run CL18 sodimms? if so whey would the fast CL16 stick cost twice as much?

a a says:

Love your Channels!

Tim Lynch says:

Good topic well presented.

Dr Dashery says:

I have no fucking idea what he is talking about lol

sparkplugs au says:

4:55 Closelier

Giulio Danelon says:

i have i7 3770k, 8gb ram corsair vengeance 1×8 1600mhz and i recently buy a gtx 1070 ti. Ram will bottleneck?

potpolima says:

it matters if you have something like gtx 1080 ti and above…if not, don’t bother

EpicBunty says:

Linus when did you become such a tool

krishnam kothari says:

Linus tech tips i was wondering if we could do a dual monitor setup on pc then why not on a ps4 or xbox 1 or ps3 or xbox 360

The Devils Play says:

The answer is not anymore unless you’re trying to play minecraft.

M Rankin says:

nope all about latency

Daniel Carville says:

spends 6.5b CAD on video hardware
makes linus yellow

Jared Drogose says:

My question is,what programs are you running that requires over clocking? I’m not super techy, but it reminds me of a guy who blew up his engine by putting on a much larger, far more powerful turbo on his truck instead of buying the next model of pick up providing more power and capacity. This just seems like a numbers game to me.

ReadZead says:

Well I have 3gbs of ddr2 at only 800MHz and Because of it uses 50% of the memory just having windows open

Acaman says:

I dont understand .. so does it matter?

DarkyCat WASD says:

Can Someone Tell Me What Is This Ram? : DDR4 2133 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SO-DIMM

AOR Dobby says:

What about true latency? Does that affect anything?

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