DDR4 XMP Overview with GSKILL RipJaws V for Z170

Today we’re going to take a quick look at some GSKILL RipJaws V — DDR4 3000 at 15-15-15-35 1.35v timings!

DDR4 is exciting because it is a move toward higher clocks and more ram performance.

In this video Wendell rambles (lovingly) about DDR4 tech and we put the GSKILL RipJaws V memory to the test. We also take a look at what it takes to enable XMP on Asus Z170-A and Z170 Deluxe motherboads (hint: not much). Nearly all motherboards also have the option in the UEFI.

Specs and to purchase this item through our affiliate link: https://www.amazon.com/G-SKILL-Ripjaws-288-Pin-Desktop-F4-2400C15D-16GVR/dp/B013J7T5K6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480965203&sr=8-1&keywords=DDR4+XMP+GSKILL+RipJaws+V&tag=level1techs-20

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Jay Cairo says:

can these ram work with Asus z87-pro?

Stefano Fognoli Castro says:

It would be a good idea to use a MSI Z170- PC MATE ?

martin sears says:

my motherboard is DDR4-2133 and my ram which are these are DDR4-2400 will they work together

Nikita Ahmedov says:

Will my msi b150m mortar support this ram?

undeny says:

Damn dude, you killed it with this video. Thanks!!

King Bodie says:

so my ez XMP switch is to the right and my xmp profile is loaded in bios for what should be 3200, but its still running at 2100

Zosimo Pascua says:

thank you for this video very informative these days of confusing ram compatibility to board and cpu.. and the real world impact

John Adamson says:

I’ve just watched this video. Absolutely fantastic! Really, really well explained.

TheDigihax says:

Is there any plastic that’s protecting the logo that has to be removed? I noticed I had to remove plastic protecting the name on my PSU is it like that for RAM sticks?…

Joel Santos says:

does this mean that this RAM doesn’t support 7th gen intel?

BuccaneerFlint says:

Will G.Skill Ripjaws V work on the ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Motherboard?

hashu05 says:

when i heard you say “harmonics”- instant subscribed

Mr. Gold says:

I built my PC like 8 months ago and I installed G.Skill Ripjaws V @ 3200MHz via XMP.
Few days ago I bought another dual kit (Ripjaws V @ 3200 MHz) but they have just one different timing. It’s the last number (1st kit has a value of 36 and 2nd kit has a value of 38 when on XMP)… The problem I have is that I can’t have both running at XMP profile and my PC won’t boot. I can boot when all kits are on default 2133 MHz, but I want to have them all run at maximum frequency. Is there a way to change timings and make these two kits run together at 3200?

SunGod says:

Dude, very helpful and informative vid. Each time I do a new PC build, I always end up spending more time researching RAM than any other component, and it’s totally ridiculous. You just made my life soooooo much easier! Thank you!

monkeh88 Entertainment says:

i have 2666 mhz corsair do i need xmp or they are already overclocked

wilfredo nilast castillo santana says:


Guys you have a nice channel.
I have a question ❓ I have the Asus  z170 pro  and saw the review you did
with the z170 A I’m buying a

G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series

F4-3000C15D-16GVR it’s this memory compatible with my board?

I’d appreciate your help!!

Paintdizzle17 says:

mine wont boot up at all with my g skill in it but with my 2133 is works fine with both installed though it wont post either

RedRevolverGaming says:

will it work with am4?

Bmants says:

What did he say? Well I learned a little and I will be back but being an older guy it was not easy. Will watch this again.

Jonathan Banks says:

my grandma lol!

Three Lemons says:

does MSI Z170A GAMING M7 work with this babe?

Harrzack says:

Good talk – I could actually follow you! Also learned about XMT – Tks!

Tiago Oliveira says:

My first build was on an X99 platform, everytime i look at non 2011 cpus im like, looks cute…. so tiny… 2:09

EmaNphilic Heymanth says:

u r awesome. lots of stuff loaded in ur mind. great. it helped me. have a good day

Francisco A. Costa Ramos says:

Just wow dude!

Malin Yamato af Läckö says:

I want fast 16GB of RipJaws for my Z170 pro gamer board …. but I may only find 4×2 = 8GB mems…. any ideas?


1:48 RAM SLUT !

Douk_a says:

will it work with the x99??

Yussef Ibn la ahad says:

very technical thanks i. learnt stuff 9n the electronic part, parallel serial etc didn’t know for the ram

Jon Miller says:

I have the exact same RAM as in this video but I can’t even use XMP – Windows won’t boot!

Johny Guzman says:

Hey can someone help me with my build ? Tell me if this is good for gaming like h1z1 and video editing

Alex WoLF says:

Will G.Skill Ripjaws V ddr4 2133 mhz work on the msi b150m mortar?

bugs181 says:

Really awesome video. Explained quite a bit for me. Liked + Subbed

VINNY says:

I saw the XMP profile option but it doesnt have an option to enable it , only says “disabled” in the drop down. and the AI overclocking tuner, it says Automatic and Manual, no XMP? any tips? I have the same RAM sticks and running on a Maximus VIII hero Motherboard

Ahmed Stokon says:

48 hours burning test WTF

D dub says:

The mid-sentence video editing is kinda odd, just have to say. Might as well do another take and complete the entire sentence instead of splicing in a better take half way through the sentence. Cutting should only be done after a punctuation, imo. Just my Jayztwocents.

Neil Arado says:

very informative stuff!! awesome video

R4X0 says:

Does it fit under a be quiet dark rock 3 ?

Yass Fuentes says:

Thanks for the nice video. Very interesting.

I was wondering why DDR 4 have higher CL than DDR 3, could you explain it at low level? I was searching for this and I couldn’t find anything.

Aldrei Mislang says:

will this work on a B150 chipset motherboard

Brad Freyberg says:

Great video, thanks for posting!

For anyone with XMP issues on the Z170-A (or Z170-AR): Ensure you follow motherboard manufacturer guidelines for installation. I put CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 in an ASUS Z170-AR. The system would initially boot, but only at 2133 MHz. Every time I enabled XMP the system would constantly reboot and hang.

After physically moving the cards from DIMM_A1/B1 to DIMM_A2/B2 (as the user manual for the Z170-A showed) I enabled XMP (just flip the MB switch!) and everything came up great at 3000MHz.

TLDR: If you’re having problems with the XMP profile, switch what slot your DIMM(s) are installed in!

Elias Kechter says:

my fucking god I came here to see if the rams ticks are good and learned so much in the first few minutes. Thats amazing

Bora borrraa says:

what a nerd :p

André Henriques says:


TH3REDSP1R1T says:

Oh now i get it. So to confirm this correctly. If i insert DDR4 2400 MHZ RAM in, it’ll have a XMP profile to move it to that speed?

ghanzo says:

Anyone use the ripjaws ddr4 3200 16gb x 2 with the hero z170 board? I just bought them and have not installed with the MB but when I was looking through the instructions for the mb it mentioned compatible ram and at 3200 it only supported some ram at 4gb x 4 where I bought 16gb x 2 . and I have a good feeling my setup is not going to work.

any knowledge on the issue is appreciated.

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