DDR4 RAM For Gaming – How much do you need?

Let’s put 8GB vs 16GB vs 32GB DDR4 RAM for gaming… does RAM matter?

Watch our ‘How Much DDR3 RAM Do you need?’

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Ghettochild_2600 says:

Is it best to populate all dimm slots? For example 2x8GB (2 unused) vs 4x4GB (All used).

xXxGamesTearxXx says:

i think you can know how much you need i play alot of games that need alot of ram some games dont need much ram but some need more ram

Sax Panther says:

I will say- for Photoshop for example, the main limit on the resolution for drawing is RAM. More RAM = higher resolution that will run smoothly. So for someone like me who wants as much resolution as possible when drawing, there’s no such thing as too much RAM. If I could afford 128 GB I would get it. Currently I’m stuck with 8 GB and it feels very limited. Upgrading to 32 GB soon and I’m very excited!

traingp7 says:

The sad truth is we’re just fucking junkies and want the most ram the motherboard will support no matter if we need it or not.

daniel anderson says:

just bought 32gb ddr4 ram for my gaming laptop =D get em Thursday

forty-two says:

I’ve got 128Gb : /
Not for gaming though…

Wookie Groomer says:

4fps here, 5fps there, 10 fps on that, another 6 fps here… it all adds up with overclocking, upgrades and water cooling etc…. It can make or break hitting that 60fps mark for sure.

deathbat6916 says:

For the record Battlefield 4 is only really notorious in multiplayer. Campaign runs fine on 4 GB.

Also, I would have tested Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with a few Chrome tabs open in this mix. And I am talking actual gameplay not the terrible benchmark tool that reports lower averages than my minimums in game usually are.

Damien says:

whats strange is why would 32gb gain performance when only 5.9gb was used why did the 16gb only use 5gb in arma. does arma 4 use quad channel ram? hard to know what cpu this was done with since nothing was mentioned as the 8gb may have had the same performance as 16 is it was in a 2×4 vs a 1x8gb

llias Naoumin says:

lol why do some people spend like 400 for ram I mean 128 ram is ridiculus

Georgios Konst says:

what about gaming + encoding + streaming + web with a ryzen cpu… is 16gigs ok?

shayson1357 says:

why don’t games have the option to load all of it’s files into ram, all of them(the game can check if you have enough) ?

๖ۣۜ KENNEXS says:

Thank you so much great interesting video

mamamia88 says:

What if you have a shit load of stuff open in chrome plus music playing in the background and are too lazy to close all your tabs before gaming?

c0pyimitati0n says:

So would you say 32 or 16 for video and photo editing? I’ve literally bought everything besides ram and SSD’s. (i7 700k, GTX 1080 FTW2, MSI z270 M7)

Braindog says:

you sure just saved me 200$

Henning Malland says:

I have 512 kb ram and i am able to run every game at 4 k on my C 64.

a51mj12 says:

was the 8gb one on single channel??

Somebody Someone says:

why buy RAM when u can download them?

ItsWaHy says:

Can i use a ddr5 graphic card on a ddr4 motherboard?

Saijin Jien says:

I saw video people update to DDR 8

FtdF8me says:

I was more concerned about how much ram usage my programs will take, because I do everything, I do coding, graphic design, video editing, playing emulated games and normal windows games and if tomb raider only leaves me 0.2 ram with 8gb i dont think a 4k emulator will work

Kristóf Soma says:

i3 7100 16gb ddr4
i5 7400 8gb ddr4

Nosk 007 says:

i think because the bigger the memory the faster the speed should be. i think you have 3 different distanced highway “memory” testing to see which car will reach the finish line before the others when they all run at the same speed. sure you have more space but you need the extra speed to cover it. correct me if i am wrong

Logan Conaway says:

My specs:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3gb
Intel core i5 6400
8gb DDR4 RAM

And to top it off, VR ready.

SharkByte says:


GimpCent says:

I am firm believer in “FancyCache” where as you use a fluid “RamRisk”

Get extra ram but use it! My loading times will beat any SSD, and its backed up by a m.2 main drive. It leaves normal SSD setups in the dust.

Onion Rings says:

Should of mentioned multi tasking, gaming and streaming at the same time with browsers open for reading chat and such taxes my 8GB pretty hard, I think 16GB is becoming the new standard for gaming anyway as some games (BF1 for example) are starting to take up 10GB.

SNI says:

Can I put 16gb and 4gb ram together? Both ddr4

abeismain says:

So is it true that the more ram you have the more will be in-use? That’s according to the charts

Raptor Adaptor says:

What’s the difference between (2x 16GB) or (1x32GB)

Emil Kozak says:

I have an old single 8gb ram card with a low MHz that I use for gaming , my computer keeps coming up with warnings says not enough memory. Should I upgrade to 16 gab or just buy a faster 8gb ram card? I am also on a tight budget so I can’t afford to go overboard

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