Crucial Ballistix Tactical and Elite DDR4 Memory Kits

Let’s have a look at Crucial’s new Ballistix Tactical and Elite DDR4 memory, both of which offer fast memory speeds, low latencies and some rugged new cooler designs.


Big Dee says:

yeah…i like the thin ones too

Permafrost says:

i wonder is the Elite sticks can be unscrewed and flipped the logo to if you’re running in quad channel all the logos are all facing the same way?

Pienimusta says:

Tom’s “rushed quick” videos are over 6min long <3 <3 Have to love what he does !

Falcrist says:

3.5v LOL
Someone is going to have a RAM fire!

Coffeefoot says:

The Elites look better with that X99 board.

tmezan says:

there is something strange wit this ram. i have 3466Mt/s elite version.. and in program it also shows 2133mhz i dont know why
i have motherboard z370 gaming pro carbon ac. ad there is lot of overclocking options. but i just dont understand this ram? Can anyone explain this?

Gerry Love says:

nice looking ram , im liking the Tactical , looks like i can take the 2 screws off the tops and paint them , easy peasy 🙂

Giannhs Aek says:

Can someone help me will these rams work with mobo asrock ab350 pro 4?

RAD Tech says:

Ooh, having just taken a look at some Ballistix Sport LT myself these look even more sexy ;o

Sergeant_Sneaky says:

1:15 3.5v Tom? 😛

The Inebriati says:

That moment when the rushkit videos are longer than typical LTT reviews without the ads.

David Green says:

If you ever are able, would really like to know your thoughts on KLEVV’s offerings for ram.

NomiLucky says:

My initial thoughts were, may be on of these is LED one. Ahhhhh! i was wrong.

phoenix7289 says:

Ouch, what happened to your thumb nail? D:

Sherlock Homeless says:

are dem sticks good?

GoldVillage says:

My B150 motherboard only supports 2133, so how much could i lower the latency of the 3000 mhz memorys when running them at 2133? (if its even possible…)

108 Lich says:

1st =P

Zander says:

The elites are gorgeous looking for my military build mainly because it looks like the rails on a gun.

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