Crucial Ballistix Sport LT White DDR4

We have gotten our hands on the first white DDR4 kit – the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT


JopMans says:

Hey I’m doing a budget build and is this compatible with the MSI H110M ECO?

Sohil Shrestha says:

is this compatible with Asus X99 motherboard

Stephen Wakeman says:

“So the focusing doesn’t get confused” – there’s focusing?!

Jokersd360 says:

i3 lmao!

MGS-Steve says:

some nice white led in the tracer style would have made these the bomb, as it stands they are cool. =0)

Ixo_ gaming says:

can i put 2 of the white ones and 2 of the red ones together

Excal abur says:

They would look much better in the Sebranco

kyle_429 says:

If they made a DDR3 version of this, that would be a perfect fit color-wise for the ASUS Z97 Sabertooth Mark S white mobo.

Sveinung Tørresdal says:

Woah, those colors are way red.

clarkkent999 says:

Google mobile notification brought me here early!

alexsch73 says:

log mit FPS kommen mehr ?

Sith'ari Hellavation says:

That’s some sexy ram sticks lord have mercy!

Vicente gil says:

I see……white on top of the black to establish power. RACIST!!!!!

I am not The Walrus says:

can i use this RAM with ASrock h110m HDV ?

shad says:

Noob question but all DDR4 RAM work with all DDR4 motherboards right?

IsReality Real says:

Are these dims overclocable? I have the same.

DeilGrist says:

Eww, they look dirty in comparison to the white on the motherboard. I think I’ll be waiting for Kingston’s Fury line, thank you.

Tek Overclocked says:

why did i not know about this set before?

TheMonroe654 says:

White ram is basically the best thing ever

MGS-Steve says:

some nice white led in the tracer style would have made these the bomb, as it stands they are cool. =0)

GoldVillage says:

No H110 or B150 motherboard i have looked at so far has this memorys listed in their ram compability… will they fit anyway you think?

InterruptRequest says:

I’m getting 4 x 8GB of these in the mail soon. They’re going in my white & black Z170 water cooled build. They’re the prettiest looking DDR4 I’ve seen to date.

Kayla and Jim Bryant says:

I’d like to see what these look like on a MSI Titanium Edition.

Oh, and Tom, where’s the “Ding!”?

Kenshin Uchiha says:

Crucial Ballistix for RAM , it’s a good brand?

NaStY Modding Team says:

nice, just got my 8GB DDR4 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT #loving it

batnasn says:

Which is the height (mm) of this RAM?

Byron Dalisay says:

Hi if i buy 2 single stick , will it make dual channel?
Reason is there are no 2x4gb available in the market

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