Corsair’s New Must Have RGB DDR4 Memory + Amazing 1000D Build!

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Corsair’s New Must Have RGB DDR4 Memory + Amazing 1000D Build!

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sparkyenergia says:

Being an Aussie and knowing how long the weather is like ‘I’m going to rain now.’ and your like ‘I have time.’ And then making that mistake in a tropical country where it just comes out of nowhere. I feel your pain.

Salty Parrot says:

To evryone complaining that TridentZ looks better , it probobly does but…
Spd of tridentz memory is so poorly made that it gets corrupted after using anykind of software to change the lighting
so your choice because all you can do is keep it at its regular rainbow effect or risk the corruption 😛

SicraN says:

That cheeky smile at 06:55

Chris Hexx says:

Steve is getting moist.

Tim Custer says:

The new corsiar mee rgb ram pro is still looks shitty

Tetrapodum says:

Oh noes! All the goodies gettin wet :-/
Thanks for beein there for us!!

Ray J says:

how do you guys know there’s another show at the 25th floor of the hotel?

Meister Sen says:

gorgeus Stuff, i whant this RAM!

A Fadhli says:

Yeep blink…blink..yink..yink..twink..twink…lol

Fangs of Yima says:

i saved rgb money by stuffing my christmas tree in my case

melvoid01 says:

Anyone else listen to the outro tune waiting for it to turn into “Boogie Nights”


Just me then 🙁

Jeremy Archie says:

Oh my sweet lawd… I WILL be replacing my TridenZ RGB modules with these.

lol what says:


huang jason says:

i dont think its anywhere close to the new royal trident Z RGB memory

Apsody says:

Everything looks so good, i thought of going full logitech for my peripherals but i think i might just do a full corsair build , psu/coolers/peripherals/everything, i love how they look.

Jake Enders says:

i love this stuff by WHY WONT THEY WORK WITH ASUS AURA)’:

Kevin Medeiros says:

What’s that equalizer animation on the screen at the 5:18 mark?

Christian Nowak says:

Ordered mine today.

Joel Klone says:

Is anyone please able to help me? How do I buy the Ram in Canada? I am currently building a gaming desktop but I really want the 3000hz 16gb of Vengeance pro RGB ram. ( Newest Corsair RGB ram ) Please help me!..

Bill Wilson says:

I would rather prefer Dominator RGB than the vengeance ones.

Nicholas No More says:

Corsair should consider 4GB sticks of this new ram. It makes no sense for me to spend over 400 euros/$ just for having 4 sticks to fill my ram slots when actually I ll never need 32GB of ram, at least for the foreseeable future. So far, teamgroup’s deltas RGB are the only way to go for such an option. Looking forward for that gigabyte 4×4 rgb ram with 2xdummie sticks also.

DeFaux says:

So no Asus aura sync compatibility for the ram ??

IRQ1Conflict says:

What happens when a 70’s discotheque and carnival ride have babies.

Saemyr says:

Whereas it’s true that G.Skill looks just as good if not better, this is a good option for people like me who already have Corsair peripherals running with iCUE.

I’d rather not have a hundred different programs running just for hardware effects. If you fall into the Corsair category, get the Corsair memory. If you don’t, just go with G.Skill unless you prefer the looks of these.

iCUE isnt worth running just for RAM imo, but I can easily see these matching my K95, Polaris, and Scimitar. Though the Trident Z probably would, too.

MantaProx2 says:

lol, grab the non waterproof gear and run

Isaiah Higgins says:

Gotta have that Ah gee bee memory

Spasm Fox says:

Is it out?

EDWIN - TGY says:

RBG RBG RBG RBG RBG!!!! what wrong with computer technology nowadays…

Chesco says:

500D case fucked up putting no glass on top with that nasty piece of cheap aluminum.

윤민주 says:

양컴님이 나오네

adnan badshah says:

‘Must have’ yeah right,send me the money

The Ace TroubleShooter says:

God dammit man… This shit is amazing

Big Boss says:

That i-Cue does look promising. Does the software support only Windows or can it be used on Linux, Ubuntu etc?

Harsh Roy says:

looks like deepawali came early….

gaXX says:

Im really interested in that rgb ram, mainly because I’ve had nothing but issues with G.Skill’s Trident Z RGB Ram, especially their software.
I really hope corsair’s software is better than G.Skill’s trash

Thomas N says:

Its nice they create led memorys like this when memory prices is to high. I needed now to my new build reuse my old memorys just becose i havent afford to buy new ones and so far they work why buy new ones?

SMGJohn says:

I pay extra not to have RGB in my desktop, my God the Christmas tree junk has to end.

Telering Dataspesialisten says:


Butimar Seabird says:

F… RGB…. zapping all blinking shits !!!!

MNA GP says:

We need rgb psu from corsair !

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