Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 Review

RGB all of the things… A continuing odyssey.


SRAVAN S says:

No aura or aorus sync?

ZeroB4NG says:

I was hoping and waiting for these, but then i heard it was using Corsair Link instead of CUE, so it is another software button just for the RAM… and it took them a good while longer to release these and the G.Skill Trident Z RGB have been released in the meantime and are syncing with Asus Aura … sooo yeah i went with that instead. I don’t see Corsair software syncing with devices of 3rd parties like Mainboards or GPUs either… their RGB Fans are controlled via Hardware buttons (and they don’t have 140mm RGB Fans at all …wtf?!)
I love Corsair but they have some serious work in front of them to make the inside of the PC as gloriously RGB as they have on top of the Desk, in the meantime the Mainboard manufacturers all run past them with Asus Aura, MSI Mystic Light or whatever Gigabyte’s stuff is called.

DJ Taranis says:

why cant there be a DDR3 version 🙁

Videocomputer says:

Can i have rgb keyboard wire, that’s the only non rgb thing right now but anyway, these look quite nice.

Unilythe says:

Are you implying at the end that maybe the HD120 and SP120 fans are getting software control as well? Please let that be what you are implying 0.0
Cause I got those and it’s the only thing that I’m missing from the “Corsair eco system”

Dan L says:

What about G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4 RAM?

John Trussell 3rd says:

Is Corsair Link still shit software and a resource hog? Every version of that software has been horrid, and I’m a long time Corsair fan. Use their cases and PSUs and memory exclusively, but man they can not do good software. The latest version of Corsair Link causes massive latency spikes in Win 10 and I had to uninstall it.

Confused Raccoon says:

I didn’t know the pins were different length. They’re longer toward the middle then taper down to be shorter on the outside. Since when?

Pennywise says:

I just picked up a 32gb kit of Vengeance LED, nice looking ram IMO but damn Corsair for not releasing the RGB variant first!! lol

CatheteriZedEYE says:

is corsair jumping into the sex toy market…. sign me up for a “corsair dominator RGB buttplug” 😛

Surpuppa says:

I thought the trident Z was looking better, but now that you said that you can paint the top part I don’t know anymore. Painting that top part silver will look great in my black/silver build

playerone says:

Surprised Corsair didn’t make people run a usb cable to a controller to change the color of the ram, just like they did with the hd120 fans!

MrSoskok says:

white and red look good but there are practically no blue or green which is a definite fail imho.

P.S. and just to trigger some peeps … only an idiot would build a black and red build in this day and age

Steven Waibel says:

Sorry but I’m not to sure how this works, are you saying if your memory is rated at 3000MHz on the box you can still overclock the memory past that? O.o

John Roland says:

damn just bought a set of dominators last week. could have had the rgb.. thanks for the first look at them tom. great content as always.

coleplacemb says:

Do they play nice with X99 systems?

Ali Abdallah says:

I diskliked, nothing against Tom, I’m just tired of this RGB shit

Beast6228 says:

I will just stick with my Aorus rgb ram slots for now. If I get any more rgb stuff, aliens from outer space are likely to get the wrong message and take me away.

Matthew Whittingham says:

Doesn’t it have number one selected because you are editing LED1? If you select 2 it’ll have number two selected permanently etc?

Hotrob says:

Good advice about the overclocking. I bought some cheap Adata memory, 1600 CL11 1.5v, and overclocked it runs at 2133 CL11 1.4v no problem.

Vlad Tiberiu says:

I’m just happy that with this software update they made it work for non RGB versions. Till now it was a pain to see the DIMMs be in a world of their own. Thank you for the quick video Tom.

arranmc182 says:

yay more RGB to avoid, RGB to me = STAY AWAY, I dont want an extra point of failure on my devices

Kevin Gerard says:

On the website, they only have 2 speeds, 2666 and 3000. I hope they add more..,

Paulo Bonito says:


harshlens says:

I have a feeling in a year or less, they are going to come out with multiple leds in a single ram (for rainbow effect on a single ram, like there is on the new Trident)… So I buy them and in a year i’ll be sad because a better will come out.

SRAVAN S says:

Not 100% accurate!

Yūki says:

Can you leave the top off or does it need the be on there?

PremchandNL says:

Corsair link rgb fans confirmed

Cristi Sonea says:

i have a CORSAIR LED 4×8 GB KIT( 3***)-Z170 chip .very good

Pennywise says:

Great video as always mate.

Vandoeun Long says:

Logan swims in the tears of the rgb haters.

thebinggoman says:

Compatible with ASUS Aura?

icebreakertech says:

Great looking memory, software is getting better to.

Tech & Tach says:

watching now stoked you got it in already Tom!!!! -drtydsgn /tech&tach !!

trifflistic says:

Any AMD Chipset support coming?

christopher miranda says:

Trident Z is definitely more appeasing to the eyes. These corsair sticks look cheap.

issaciams says:

I want to do a white and black build but having the option of RGB for a lot of my components and case will be a nice addition in case I get tired of black and white. These ram look fairly nice too.

Simon Fuller says:

guys quick question off topic.. I’m upgrading my overclocked 6600k to a kaby 7700k, is it advisable to reset the cmos before install or will the bios figure it out? Yes, it’s a z270 board 😉

Georgi Nedyalkov says:

mate when are you gonna make a review of the Asus GTX 1080TI Strix?

Dean Thomas says:

Have you done a RAM overclocking tutorial? I’ve got my 6700k running at 4.8Ghz (100blk x 48), but left my memory on its XMP profile (2666Mhz, I think). I have absolutely no idea where to start with RAM 🙂

Shambles1980TRealOne says:

its mental that these days Ram review is 100% focus on the lights stuck to them rather than performance and timings.

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