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In this review we take a first look at the new Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM. Corsair Vengeance is reportedly one of the most popular lines of RAM. Its relatively cheap price point, decent specs, and design that has overclocking in mind, makes it very attractive to those building a powerful PC on a budget. As you may expect, then, Corsair have already created DDR4 RAM for the next generation of motherboards.

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SkyHismaliRS says:

Hey guys I am going with a red and black theme for my computer should I get dominator platinum’s or vengeance’s?

Dimitri Sainis says:

Planning on getting a PC worth over $3000 CAD. No reason going for that over priced RAM over this ? Correct ?

Papa Bilo says:

Holy crap this is higher quality than all of the “review channels” i have ever seen, keep up the amazing work!

Chippy says:

ur vids are great dude just keep goin till u blow up like linus

Ravi's Techzone says:

used 2400 mhz variant of this Ram it died on 2666 mhz oc!!! at normal voltage 1.2 volts.

Evolution Gamers says:

When AMD get DDR4 Motherboards?

Sllash says:

can i use it at z170 chipsets?

Игорь Северский says:

HyperX Fury or this one?

veantur314 says:

Does it work with BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3?

James says:

I have just brought a ROG strix gaming x99 motherboard and I have a few questions on RAM for it. Is it best to have 4x4gb sticks or 2x 8gb sticks? Also will 3200mhz work in it or will 3000mhz be adequate?

Jan Musil says:

Hi is it compatible only with X99 and Z170?

Mr C Driftin says:

Its so good you tested the motherboard with the ram as they are the two things i have ordered for my pc 😉

swapnil kudwe says:

sir is it compatible with New AMD Ryzen 7 1700 AM4 platform boards

Kevin Silvestre says:

+gaming till disconnected is the MSI 7170A M7 and the CORSAIR VENGEANCE 2×8 2400 compatible? Thank you mate!

baroccsmoker says:

bought same but 3200mhzddr4 will be comptabile with asus ranger VIII motherboard?? will boot??

Hastati says:

bought this ram because of your review! but im having trouble with the xmp profiles think the asrock motherboard x99x killer needs more bios updates :/

M.Haider Hussain says:

upto what extent the corsair vengeance DDR4 2400MHZ can be overclocked ?

Fabinho Moreira says:

As minhas são 2400MHZ ! Nice performance !

PrismaTech says:

Wow, stunning video.  I have seen a couple more of your other videos.  You should have way more subs and view!  Keep it up mate!

Blank blank says:

What’s the song in the beginning of the video called?

Silentium says:

Hi, I like your reviews very much. I think they are the best in YouTube, very honest and best quality. Could you please review Asus G550JK ? I want to buy it, but I also have a choice of MSI GX60 Destroyer-280. I saw your GX70 review, and liked it very much. I would like to know your opinions about that laptop. Thanks in advance.

Jorge Siles says:

asus sttix b250h, intel corri5 7500 ,corsair 8 gb 3000mhz, asus gtx1060 dual 6gb is a good compute?

SamirTheHammer says:

I just love it when people talk over dub step. It’s just the best thing ever…

Adam14x says:

Will this work with Z170 motherboards with Skylake i7?

Tiago Cisneiros says:

Do you know when Corsair is going to release the LPX with white heatsinks?

Hound says:

I have an MSI B150A with an intel core i7 6700k – Do you think that my processor would run the Corsair LPX DDR4? Im currently running two 8GB DDR3s, but Im heading for a high end result with my GTX 1080 and DDR4. Also, what PSU should I get for my PC? Maybe a Corsair CX750

Konrad Mroczek says:

I’ve got it. 3200 running at 3466 on a asrock z170 extreme 4. I’m thinking about the cooler for my new 7600k. Any ideas that will fit with 4 ram slots ????

CreedFilms says:

wow great review! you deserve more views man. 

Tanjeem Samir Khan says:

Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2400 BUS or Avexir Core Series 8GB DDR4-2400 BUS?

Majik_JoKerr TM says:

The heatsinks are smaller on the LPX, because they’re aluminum. Unlike the larger ones on the original Vengeance series. They’re plastic making it less efficient than the aluminum ones on the LPXs. So even though the heatsinks are smaller on the newer LPX series. The newer DDR4 Vengeance series dissipate heat a lot more efficient than the previous DDR3 Vengeance series. To those who are wondering why, it’s because of the outer aluminum they now use instead of plastic. Anyhow this is my two cents, due to my own personal experiences with owning both series.

eatthisvr6 says:

I’m about to upgrade from z77 3770k oc at 4.7ghz stable to 7700k and z270 with 3ghz of this ram. I’m used to oc the cpu but not ram, is it a case of messing with the xmp in the bios and maybe upping the voltage a little? what generic oc settings would you recommend for it? I’m only looking for mild ram oc because the gains arnt huge and I want it to remain long term stable

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