Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 – For Z170/Skylake

Today we’re going to get a quick run down of Wendell’s experiences with the Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 kit. DDR-3200 is quite a bit faster than the “default” speed of DDR4-2133 — and we were able to push this kit to DDR4-3400 without any trouble. So we’ve got the clocks on this kit — the fastest kit we’ve tested to date — but is that all that matters?

No! Turns out that, curiously, DDR4-3000 with 16-16-16-18 timings was the fastest configuration on the bechmarks!

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Striedel Huz says:

I know RAM has, in the past, shown minimal improvements when compared to lower speed modules. However, revisiting the same topic with the non-K, “locked” CPUs, there seems to be quite a bit of improvement in various titles. It interests me because I don’t quite understand why RAM speed makes a difference when it didn’t before.

VertexHero says:

Right now, I’m doing photogrammetry. When building my high poly model in PhotoScan, it takes a beating on my tiny 32GB setup. Running 100%. It’s just to slow. I seriously can’t wait to try 128GB of this in the new Workstation I’m building. Anyone else doing Photogrammetry? If so, what are the results your getting?

1500lego says:

Did anyone notice how many times he said that this was THE FASTEST DDR4 kit he’s every tested… #wendellcorsairshillconfirmed

jack black says:

dayam that coldsore is so large you gana have to give it a name. Smeegle or something! dayam!

BackinBlack says:

corsair ram sucks… AVEXIR or G.SKILL is best for the money…

Vitamin Multi says:

you can overclock this ddr 4 i have this dddr4 3200mhz and i runing this 3600 mhz stabil: 18/19/39

Michael Weiss says:

If you ever come to Key West beers are on me, lets have some beers and talk Linux.

Hon2838 says:

the ram will good for igpu users,because igpu uses ram as vram

Martin Rios says:

How do I download more RAM?

Mark Messier says:

He’s using the stock cpu fan? Seriously! At least get a $30 aftermarket cooler.

TeflonPimp says:

I saw a Corsair memory being used by overclockers. Does this mean corsair are better than g skill? Or do they have similar performance compared to each other?

MeRiJohnny says:

between this and G.Skill RipjawsV you tested wich one was better?

paul rysdale says:

Did you test with Adobe creative suite ? I just bought 32gb of 3600 hoping it brings huge improvement

Matthew Collins says:

great video will you do a show on usb 3.1 on different hardrive speeds and thunderbolt  3

mc0676 says:

He, thank u for the video.
One question: did u put on XMP the motherboard switch ?

Folterknecht says:

In the days of DDR2 and Phenom/C2D RAM speed had an impact an minFPS in quite a number of games. It wasn’t huge ofc but in this area every bit helps imo. Ofc you ve to factor price into that.

Spank DbO_oty says:

Can I ask the name of case he is using..?

Imperative E Marketing says:

I just got a skylake i7 6700 64watt because I don’t want my computer to run hot. I am a developer and I want to run it for my main machine. I want it to last a long time into the future. This information is very interesting. As a web developer I have been looking into redis for web performance and object caching. The thing is that I don’t want to put it into a full tower. I want to put it into a slim form factor case. I basically want to use it as a linux maching, but it’s likely I will run windows in a virtual machine. So where do I find a motherboard that will support linux and fit in an sff case. I want a case that can support at least 600watt power supply. (will likely get a video card) Where to find motherboard and case to fit my need as a reasonable price? Or should I put this into a server case?

Spank DbO_oty says:

cool bananas

MrBiky says:

I can’t wait to see an AMD AM4 APU running the fastest DDR4 kit (3866? 4200? Bring it on!)

Zooty The Duck says:

tl;dr: Well, it’s RAM and it works.

Ben G says:

Should I get 4×8 or 2×16 for ram?

BossBrownsugar says:

cramming all that awesome hardware into that pos case makes me cringe

Alex Taylor says:

Ram fans sigh. come on Wendell

TheMrFishnDucks says:

very nice ram

Jacob Olsen says:

question, how would this perform as a ramdisk? vs a ddr3 kit

Bob International says:

Nice video what I you recommend I just order the new I7 7700K with a motherboard MSI Z270 Gaming M7 for the memory Im looking for 32 gig 2X16 gig or 4×8 Gig Im just waiting to complete my order your opinion Thx you very much

TheLawnWanderer says:

Latancy > speed when it comes to DDR4.
With higher speeds you get more throughput, but more “ping” of sorts.

Linard says:

With DDR3 the sweet spot for speed was 1600 and 1866. What’s the sweet spot for DDR4? 2400? 2666?

Bob Versyp says:

why would you want to overclock this?
no but seriously, i think they should include this in a 2666 mhz kit or something, because most people will overclock that,
but you are not going to overclock a 3200mhz kit
i mean c’mon

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