CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 Memory Overview – NewEgg TV | Desktop Memory:

16GB DDR4 2800

16GB DDDR4 2666

Designed for high-performance overclocking on Intel X99 motherboards Vengeance LPX memory is designed for high-performance overclocking. The heatspreader is made of pure aluminum for faster heat dissipation, and the eight-layer PCB helps manage heat and provides superior overclocking headroom. Each IC is individually screened for performance potential.The DDR4 form factor is optimized for the latest Intel X99 Series motherboards and offers higher frequencies, greater bandwidth, and lower power consumption than DDR3 modules. Vengeance LPX DDR4 modules are compatibility-tested across X99 Series motherboards for reliably fast performance. There’s XMP 2.0 support for trouble-free automatic overclocking. And, they’re available in multiple colors to match your motherboard, your components, or just your style.


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gmax876 says:

WAIT A TICK! Those latency timings are stooopid high, lets see some benchmarks of DDR4 vs DDR3 to weigh the pros and cons.

Andrew Byi says:

I like white too but going for blue right now

Barish K says:

This is perfect for my 15000 dollar build!
On PcPartPicker

Mouse6677 says:

Should I buy Higher speed, but higher latency OR Lower speed, with lower latency??

Kahhmezzy says:

This might sound weird but I think Corsair should add an Orange one to this.

Игорь Северский says:

HyperX Fury or this one?

T.E.D. de Medici says:

Shouldn’t the monopoly competition laws have rolled in by now. Intel is so far ahead of AMD it isn’t even funny, what are they still on 32nm?

joe dufey says:

green or yellow

paperitgel98 says:

 wish i had those ;-; 

Earnest Bunbury says:

It’s PAUL! We need Paul vs Linus in an Alex Trebek moderated NERD-OFF!

Crowforge says:

I want 128gb but I think I’ll wait until faster versions come out.

Tyler Moser says:

So I can’t use this on a z170 motherboard??? Orrrr?

coolbuddydude1 says:

Is there a real benefit of having high profile memory sticks vs low profile ones?

Victor says:

white and yellow pls

sportindavgee says:

So they just read 2133MHz for now? I am looking at a ASUS DELUXE x99 wondering if I should go with that or another board?

Sertorius ГП says:

Can i use this in MSI Z170A Gaming M7 ?

Son Sok says:

Personally, I think it’s overkill for home use. Companies should work on increasing hard drive speed and reduce ssd prices instead, because that is where the bottle neck is.

Chillie Dog says:

I wonder when AMD is gonna have ddr4 memory on their mobo’s

Dregs says:

i have a X99s motherboard, MSI x99s gaming 7

Irfan Mohamed says:

It says optimised for “X99 Intel platforms” can i use it on a msi gaming b150m3 with an intel core i5-6400?

Lassi Kotilainen says:

Isn’t it supposed to be corsair gaming ddr4?

Lonewolf says:

Okay I have some of these. I found that after running Passmark Performance test 8’s memory test I cannot reboot without getting a memory utilisation error. I tried a single DIMM at a time and same issue. Never crashes in windows only when I try to reboot, cold boot is fine too. Tried at stock and oced, same issues both times. I cannot detect any errors using memtest86 or the windows diagnostic, nor can I reproduce this result any other way. However it bothers me to have an unsolved instability. 5820K, X99-S. Any suggestions much appreciated 🙂

Andrei's Theory says:

Of coarse the black ones are faster…

Techkey1 says:


Lance Gicano says:

What was the monitor at your back i like it ?

Dominic Williams says:

Does any one know what happens to my steam games if I upgrade to Windows 8, I currently have Windows 7 32 bit and im trying to install Windows 8 64 bit, I don’t care about my game saves, I just don’t want to lose the entire game, meaning im fine with downloading my games again

Eric Hamilton says:

I would love white or green also

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