Corsair RGB DDR4 Memory Review – Cosmetics at a Cost

Today is a quick review of the DDR4 RGB Memory being offered by Corsair, this is their latest and greatest memory and currently comes in with 3000 XMP profiles on 2T timings, these profiles are currently only compatible with Z170, Z270 and X99 platforms, and also although they will work with AM4 platforms aren’t gaurenteed. The Software was very simple and easy to use, I had no problems with it whatsoever and it was really good. The build quality is also solid, though the cost is quite expensive at $160 US for a 16GB kit and $320 US for a 32GB kit.

As for Australian pricing and availability I will update the description when available.

Check prices here:
32GB Kit –
16KB Kit –

Value Non LED Kit –

*Check out my benchmark Rig Specs Here –

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SunyaMacs says:

What happens if you set the color to black?

VortexHDGaming says:

I want RGB DDR3 RAM!!!

jackelofnar says:

Way too expensive when compared to g.skill

TacticalPower88 says:

The day will come where people like me will be forced to pay a “No RGB” premium.

sworddice says:

i just need rgb capacitors, rgb power supply, rgb usb port, rgb cable sleeve, rgb LAN, rgb sata, rgb backplate… -__-‘

Ascdren says:

what is with the obsession with RGB? it looks tacky

JimmysTheBestCop says:

Don’t think I like the weird grill plate thing on top of the ram stick. Even removed has that weird piece in the middle still. Rather just have a straight RGB LED bar going across top of the stick. Great Video

Jevan MacNaughton says:

literally bought static white version of these yesterday lol

TroidHunter says:

What would I do for a stick of corsair’s RGB RAM? I would custom-sleeve PSU cables on my brother’s 430w 80+ white power supply.

Kaios Silva says:



It looks like a funfair

Karl Benson says:

dude I will gladly straight trade  (16gb’s) of trident Z @ 3000mhz for 2 sticks of corsair rgb ram, and it oc better than the corsair stuff too. lol

Ana Sevi says:

Wasnt Corsair the first to put LED’s on memory, throttle LEDS on memory… old oc DDR500 back in 2003?

Samuel Henson says:

It’s so fucking gaudy

MikVision says:

Pretty bad time for all that RGB memory to be released. DDR4 prices are already as high as they have ever been (I see the same 32GB hyper X fury kit being 50% more expensive then when I got it a year ago) and now these extra cosmetic features requiring an additional 30% markup

but damn I want some of that RGB

XzXDaViperXzX says:

Personally I dislike the flashy RGB look on a PC build. If I chose the route to go with RGB colored RAM I would probably have to give up my small 19 inch monitor that I use

Mansen says:

Did you have any issues with timing mismatch? Been hearing some complaints that the sticks sometimes go out of sync with each other.

Joe Rohm says:

What would i do for a stick of that memory? Well id work to get enough money to buy it and then go to and purchase it!

Noureddine Elaroussi says:

Gskill has more color spectrum per stick, unlike this corsair which it can demonstrate one color only per stick at a time,. I just returned the Corsair RGB and got the Gskill RGB instead!

Sylvain Paquette says:

Moar RGB !

Marauder Shields says:

Has Science Gone Too Far?

Gerrit-Jan Bergwerf says:


Michael Smith says:

Personal preference is not to use RGB memory waste of money would rather put it into better GPU or water cooling solutions.

k bye says:

i want RGB monitor screen.

Yotam Khrizman says:

I actually using G.Skill Trident Z RGB , Managed to OC from 2400 to 3000 and 15-16-16-39 from 15-15-15-35.
Did i win the silicone lottery?

Na Son says:

If anyone is looking to buy a rx 480 for cheap leave your gmail. Asking for $125 for mine

Tobias G. says:

Maybe RGB on RAM is going to become the same as heatspreaders on RAM: In 2005 you were the cool kid on the block when you had those OCZ RAM sticks with heatspreaders, since 2013 they are the most standard thing.

Gerard Dresch says:

Hi Mate hope you get well soon good job on this — Thanks — Also First 65 or Older

holden dude says:

its been on PC case gear for a while

Gaius Trollius says:

Honestly, I like the less “aggressive” and more minimalistic design of the g.skill tridentz r.g.b.

Azims Lives says:

who watching this in 2014?

Tech City says:

Sorry guys I have been pretty ill lately, came down with a mosquito borne virus, and have been quite slow to get videos done. Should be up to full speed very soon though as I have been feeling much better the last few days. Also stay tuned for unorthodox stuff coming :).

utkua says:

I bet these modules would hit the same OC without the coolers.

Goran Pavlović says:

g.skill or this

Balvinder Kaur says:

sorry to hear that get well soon my friend

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