Apacer DDR4 Panther Memory Review – What is THIS?

This Panther stuff is seriously some ‘dangerously good’ ram, when I got into a sample from Apacer I was surprised at how well the memory performed and also how solid overall the build of the DIMMs were, today I review it and test it out on not only my 6800k but also my 5820k to see how well the XMP 3000mhz 16-16-16-38 @ 1.35v timings work out, and the results may surprise you, in some instances the CPU (5820k) couldn’t even keep up with the memory.

I can’t find this memory for sale anywhere at the moment, but here is more information on it – http://ap.apacer.com/products/DDR4-Single-Channel-PANTHER-DDR4/


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exturkconner says:

That was perhaps the worst thing I have ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Stanley Johnson II says:

Nice stop motion!

ThatOnePCGamer says:

Dat intro tho

Kyle Vince Menardo says:

i wonder how long it took to shoot that intro..

Thomas Anderson says:

Doesn’t it suck going bald?

Jobe Chishko says:

Always love those dank intros

Gordon Sage says:

You are a nut. You should have had someone shoot a vid of you making the vid…

Erin Chou says:

funny & cute! 🙂

Evan Medi says:

im confused guys, iknow memory frequency plays a role in video editing at intensive usage, But isn’t the CPU Overclocking Much Better in term of performance why would anyone lower his overclocking capability to run his Ram at higher frequency?

Deoxide says:

Probably the best intro in ze world.

Apacer Global says:

Thanks for introducing Apacer’s products 🙂

Tarık Y says:

this ram is nothing special. can it do 13-13-13-28 cr1 at a high frequency(2666 or higher)?? now that would be much impresive. command rate 1 is soo much better then this basic 15-15-15- 37 cr2 that every ram uses. is this a sponsored vid?

Tech Showdown says:

hahaha man you are coming up with some creative intro’s lmao

ZiisusChrist says:

Samsung, hynix or micron?

PaulXiiV says:

ืnice intro

Jordan Roy? says:

What did I just watch?

Retro monkey says:

Not a bad intro, no cut scenes at the end?

Djordje Nedic says:

16-16-16-38 at 3000 isn’t great.

I have gskill 3200 at 16-16-16-38 and they can go to cl14 at 3200.

Onecanvandamme says:

Can we do a cleanse with brake cleanen soon brian!

Mr. Egg says:

Mr Tech City, i dont know who to ask this with but im planning to buy a GTX 1050 and pair it with my Xeon X3430. I have a power supply of 500watts and the +12v rail is at 21amps. can this run the gtx 1050?. I really need help with this 🙁

AkcesoriumPC says:

Dont piss off panther dude… xD

Gypsy_on_Drugs says:

Hahaha loved the intro m8

C o L e S says:

that intro was so cringy

Saidul Islam Sakib says:

is it better than corsair 8gb 2400mhz vengeance??/

pollcats38 says:

can you do a vid on preventing blackscreen from amd driver

Krishna Kanth says:

is XMP profile use less if we cannot overclock CPU, for example skylake cpu on h110 series motherboard which can’t overclock CPU but memory can be overclocled (H110M-K)??? Will all RAM’s above 2133MHz useless for H110M series, cause I am looking to buy high clock ram sticks.

MANNY~EmberDim says:

BEST INTRO YET! XD Nice one, Bryan!

NavJack27 says:


Tech says:

Toastola! :0 Great video as always!

Generic Green Squid says:

Brian is the type of nigga who shoots panthers.

With a Nerf gun.

Jacques Luie says:


Nuclear Toxin says:

that intro gave me cancer

prerunnerwannabe says:

Lol! Loved the intro!

MeisterDisaster says:

Best intro ever!

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