ADATA Spectrix D41 Memory Review | Insanely Overclockable RAM

Adata XPG Spectrix D41 2666Mhz RAM is an excellent addition to the company’s lineup of memory products. Featuring RGB customisable lighting strips, and a pleasing aesthetic. We review the 16GB dual channel kit and put it through it’s paces, and overclock it to impressive 3466 Mhz and test it with a Ryzen 2600X and a B450 motherboard.

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Henry Thoreau says:

3466 seems to be the top end stable for ryzen 2xxx series. Go beyond that, and it gets wonky.

Giovanni P. says:

G.SKILL Flare X F4-3200C14D-16GFX 14 14 14 34- darn expensive though- much more than the Adata RAM…

Александр Калиш says:

1:53 Lol, the translations of the product name seem to be weird. I guess AData saved some money on it and didn’t actually hire specialists for a professional translation and used google translate. Though it’s weird anyway, because, judging from my perspective and I speak Russian and Ukrainian, the Russian translation is garbage and the Ukrainian translation is correct:DDD I also understand Czech and Polish pretty well and the Czech translation is also pretty correct but the Polish translation is just plain English:DDDD Tell the guys at AData that it’s a shame to do so please.

P E says:

you should put link for amazon CANADA

Pauls Gaming says:

VULCAN T-FORCE 16GB (2X8GB) DDR4 3000MHZ is only £128.99 at overclockers…… Because the above ram is sold at 2666Mhz if it does not overclock above this then its a blah, They could of tested that ram before sending it to you, Thanks for the Great videos 🙂

Мандибрики і Цирупопики says:


Allan Waterhouse says:

wash your hair dude

Combed Autumn says:

This adata ram kit is more expensive than a 16gb set of ram rated for 3200mhz from Corsair vengeance that would likely clock every bit as high in the same conditions

Noob Gaming says:

Overclocking a RAM to the limit in a ryzen cpu ?? really !!

Andy Lynn says:

Wait Paul. Did you just say “aloominum”? Why do Americans drop the second i? Someone? Anyone?

Tim Lundqvist says:


Kazuto Kirigaya says:

I newed help I dont know why I have problem with high latency on my ram, maybe not supporting my ram? from 2133Mhz to 3333Mhz its not difference.
My (corsair vengeance lpx 16gb (2x8gb) 3200mhz) ram latency are very slow (I oc it from 16-18-18-18-36CL to 15-17-17-17-34) I jumped from 1.345v to 1.376v
Outstanding 108%
MC Read 43.5
MC Write 39.6
MC Mixed 35.4
113% 39.5 GB/s
SC Read 25.1
SC Write 40.7
SC Mixed 28.1
89% 31.3 GB/s
Latency 72.5
55% 72.5 ns

Miguel Chang says:

It doesn’t look that impressive to me compared to Corsair or G Skill Kits and the moment I see RGB, I just think it’s an extra 2-5 Watts to power some fancy lights that does nothing for performance.

Bob Bob says:

Were my comments deleted?Wow,I was first too,ffs.

alittleolder says:

Great Review. I never thought I could find a RAM review interesting but you managed to make it interesting.

LitGeekSquad Official says:

I knew rgb increases performance!

imperiajor says:

i love ADATA, and i love RAM lol ^-^ is the #1 memory company for me

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