[Unboxing] Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Low Profile Memory

I do a quick unboxing of the Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Low Profile Memory and I show you the ram heatsink size difference vs the original Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory.

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Kau says:

great unboxing, thumbs up! only have one question.. would you recommend them? 🙂

Metallicajust says:

lol fucking kid

Steven Dang says:

im owning 2 vengeance high profile. wondering can i install 2 vengeance low profile on slot 1,2. 2 vengeance high profile on slot 3,4? Cos i would like to install a noctua cpu cooler. im using gigabyte z77 ud3h mobo.

Jaime says:

Why do they even make those high ram?

Kau says:

@custompcreview perfect, thanks! 🙂

Custom PC Review says:

@FearingHD Interesting… I just tried 1T @1.5v, but it was giving me some serious errors on the prime 95 blend testing. I’ll definitely try 1.45v next. How much power savings does 0.05v net?

Custom PC Review says:

@Jamielebleu1 Yeah, I know right?

Pantiepatrol says:

LMAO, you know there’s also fan-kits to the memories for those who doesn’t have a great enough airflow in their cases to cool the memeories. The memory heat up just like every other component in the computer…

Hayabuuza says:

Yeah, and I’m a fucking brain surgeon, married to Megan Fox. And Bill Gates is my fucking father.

Pantiepatrol says:

Better heat reduction on the high-profile once. Since what makes a high-profile memory high-profile is its high/large heatsink…

FearingHD says:

I got 16gigs of these badboys running @1600 CL 9-9-9-24-1T with only 1.45V.
Speeds tested with AIDA64:
18113 MB/s read
17890 MB/s write
20073 MB/s copy

FearingHD says:

@custompcreview i dont use xmp either. everything set manually. DDR3-1600mhz, timings linked: 1T-9-9-9-24 and dram voltage 1.492V.
I have read a review on computerbase.de i guess and they said the ram was even able to run @ 8-8-8-24 with 1.65V but i havent tested it yet.

Renas says:

better cooling.

Custom PC Review says:

@SorQn Yes. I love this memory. It’s pretty much compatible with any motherboard/cpu combo and fits under pretty much any CPU cooler too so that’s a big plus.

Custom PC Review says:

@FearingHD Ok, so I just updated my bios to 23.3 from 23.2. (Z68A-GD65 G3) Instead of XMP this time I manually cranked the voltage to 1.492v 9-9-9-24 1T and I’m currently running Prime 95 in blend mode. So far so good. I’ll report back if there’s any issues. I also took a voltimeter up to my ram. It shows 1.492 DEAD ON to the THIRD DECIMAL PLACE. I can’t believe accurate this motherboard is!!! CPU is currently doing full load 4.2ghz@1.260v. CPU-z reports 1.256v HWmonitor reports 1.26v

Moose Arama says:

you’re handling them wrongly, you’re only supposed to touch them when you have an antistatic wrist band

qxANGELxp says:


Hayabuuza says:

But memory doesn’t even need heatspreaders.

FearingHD says:

@custompcreview i dont know how much power it saves 😛 in the bios i set the dram voltage to 1.492 which is the closest value to 1.5v. but it reads out about 1.452 or something around that…
H/W is MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3) with i7 2600K.

Hayabuuza says:

You won’t need a memory cooler unless you’re overclocking the sticks to the max. The heatspreaders on the vengeance sticks are there just to look cooler. Know what you’re talking about, retard.

XxxPhase360NoScopexxX Xxx420BlazeItxxXPS4ClanTVHD says:

lol… you know u can just pop the top of the high profile ram

Pantiepatrol says:

If only you knew how hard I and several other IT techs are laughing our asses off right now… fcking hilarious. Thanks for making our day <3

Custom PC Review says:

@FearingHD Interesting… although I’d be careful of running ram at 1.65v. Heard it could damage your CPU since the IMC isn’t supposed to run much higher than 1.5v.

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