RAM Cache performance with 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Memory Kits

The performance benefits of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and setting up a 16GB RAM Cache.


Stickheadz32 says:

The more RAM, the faster the games are loading.

Robert says:

glad i got the 16gb vengeance

Freddie1980 says:

The software costs $80!!! I thought Windows done this for free?

Michael P. Shipley says:

Won’t windows disk cache work just as well?

kingzor100 says:

testing 4 gm ram cache on 850 ssd raid 0 get med 11k read and write on samsung magician XD

wardope says:

Well you dont have to buy corsair ram to do so. They are ofcause just using thir own ram.
i have 64 gig of ram and i have to say i would not go back to “just a SSD” when i can get almost no load time in Bf3

Akram Badr says:

“Fancy Cache” software is available for free till now

Jett A Angeles says:

Would this software be better than the one Asus offers? Which is Ram Cache II?

Primarch Mark says:

what does faster ram have againt slower ram?

MisterFuturtastic says:

Can you guys at Corsair recommend any free software to do this? $80 is STEEP!

rutabuga says:

yea memory is so scarce. now all the orphans wont have enough ram for their petabyte super computers

oziid says:


Thanks for this tips, it’s realy helpful ! I actually have 16gb dominator GT 2133mhz. If i use this trick with 8gb, does performance will be slower? (i don’t use my 16gb only for game)

Dony Bueno says:

First !

terminator847 says:

yes it does. the only thing that will improve gaming performance is RAM Drive, not RAM cache.

Polybutylene terephthalate says:

Applications start a liiiitttle faster.

Shayd says:

How RAM can speed up everything if clears everytime it loses acess to power, and copying all files to ”Cache” would require copying them from Hard drive taking…HOURS…every time you run PC. So I’ll ask again, how is this useful beside benchmarks and how it compares to SSD cache

SnowReborn says:

ram cache will not increase applications and games, because windows 7 is already using ram to cache. ram cache applications only give u boost on copying or pasting files

MisterFuturtastic says:

Thank you. I will check it out!

fzne says:

Is it possible to install your OS onto your RAM?

Shayd says:

That’s what I said it

TheGreekJim says:

does the size of the ram cache affect the performance? I only have 16gb of ram and I can use 6 of them as cache. Would I still get that much performance, or is it not worth it to pay those $80?

Shayd says:

MAkes absolutely no sense, SSD cache installs often used files to SSD and reads them from there, and this above is what? and how it works and it will speed up eveything, wait what? Looks fake

wardope says:

“Gready fuck” what have i ever done to you ? FYI i made every single penny i own all by my self. so who are you to tell me that im gready ? you work with high resolution picture i work with 3D. And Render huge animations i need a system the handle it…. Gaming is just someting i do on the side of things when i got time

Nicolas11x12 English says:

Somewhere in between first and last!

jordan010203 says:

Nice 🙂

Stephen Gregory says:

SuperCache is $500?!

Dani Jonker says:


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