Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 2 DDR3 Memory Review

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EMO bang says:

If you overclock the bus speed of the ram like 1333 to 1866, you will not notice any real improvement in speed unless you are benchmarking.

Lehel Hanko says:

@amilani3 What contest ?

TheMaazster says:

i’m waiing for ddr4, dx 12, pcie 3 and more nex gen shi hen i’ll buy a custon build computer

steve_333 says:

@TheMaazster then you’ll be waiting for ddr5, directx 13 and pcie 4 so just get it now

jsasu3 says:

i have had these since my build back in march. love em’/ FAST/ overclocks/newegg has em cheap too.

CrustyButt says:

@mindlesstube In my opinion o, the only reason is because i have a multi-tasking computer with 12 GB RAM. on my other gaming PC, I have 4 GB RAM. The 12 GB is just a little bit better, if you were to change the 12 GB RAM to 8GB RAM, I would say they would be right on par, or the 8 GB might be a tad bit better. Keep in mind, it also depends on OS (the optimization factor) and the CPU/GPU might be a big factor as well.

Whitefang8128 says:


misterpc23 says:

@mindlesstube Ram doesnt really affect game play at all. Maybe just maybe 1 fps.

Maxfoox says:


RemX405 says:

@mindlesstube Ram speed is not really important for games. We are talking about maybe 1 fps on a game you run over 60 fps. As long as it is DDR3, 1333 mhz and that you have at least 4 gb, you are fine for gaming.

PTNLemay says:

Copper is better because it dissipates heat more easily, right? I know gold is a great conductor, but it’s penalizingly expensive, so what metal is usually used in circuits?

epb111 says:

@mindlesstube it depends how fast the frequency is on the 4gb and on the 8gb. Its speed is not dependent on only the amount of memory it has. But yes 4gb of faster ram will perform better then slower 8gb.

amilani3 says:

Who won the mobo contest?

mindlesstube says:

Are 4GB of overclocked ram better then 8gb of none overclocked ram for gaming?

grimreaperws says:

i do not need to overclock my kingson to get more speed why is that when normal i beat this ? is it hyper-x or its has alot of power ?? btw i have amd3 + x6

coijoi says:


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