Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 2 8GB DDR3 Memory Review

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damjan85 says:

how can I install these on asus sabertooth x79

UncleKoocho says:

Will this work with an amd socket am3 proccesor, in specifics i have an phenom II 1100t and an asus m4a87td evo chipset 870 mother board???

peter gildersleve says:

mircophone pop

kezmnd1 says:

@sxyphatboy fail

John Barclay says:

Sounds like you need a popfilter. It would sound so much better since computer stuff has lots of Ps.

aquelty1 says:

Hey PCWizKid
If you buy fx. corsair 1600Hz 2×4 gigs can you oc them to higher Hz with a FX?

NandaPandeee says:

PC Wiz could you fix your mic .. well kinda … just saying man …

John14073 says:

I love watching your videos just to learn, it was you who inspired me to build my first computer at the age of 15 🙂

MattZildjian says:

A pop shield would solve this

coijoi says:


bassesweswe says:

lol his Bulldozer at nearly 4.6Ghz is slower than my 1090T at 3.9 GHz lol

FearingHD says:

Why u only have 14000mb/s of bandwith with 1866Mhz even on dual channel? My Corsair VengeanceLPs 1600Mhz CL9-9-9-24-1T are running 18500Mb/s (non-OCed!)

Maxfoox says:

8+8=16GB of RAM ò.ò

Aaronage says:

@PCWizKid depends on the benchmark too, try Stream you’ll get a completely different result 🙂

e.g. my FX 4100 with 2400MHz CPU NB/1866MHz CL9 RAM is doing 18.8 to 19.7GB/s in the Copy/Scale/Add/Triad functions

James Inge says:

Corsair vengeance or Patriot viper extreme? (8gb)

I have no idea whatsoever on the specs.

eddles777 says:

hey pcwizkid, great review of this ram kit. it would be nice if you got a pop-filter for your recording microphone. it only costs about 20$ for a decent one on ebay. hope that helps mate

yam316 says:

@EnduranceforceX patriot if you have amd fx-8150 and corsair for intel i3.i5.i7

Gdon says:

Pcwizkid would u rather have a fx8150 or a i7 2600k for gaming, fraps and editing with s vegas?

jakeypearce says:

Is my AMD Athlon X64 Dualcore processor 4GB (2x 2GB RAM) 3.5 32bit Windows XP Home SP3 good?

jakeypearce says:

@TheAuroraTechShow It is a two year old machine. XP for me works fine. I would get Windows 7 64 bit, however there will be many consequences i.e games not working, more crashes. Also it had Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. Can’t I do a dualboot of XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit? Or does it have to be the same? Also, it supports 64-bit.

anish4 says:

why are timings so high these days? im currently using kingston hyperx ram at 1866mhz at 7-7-7-21

Ybeast says:

i`ll gonna stick to my 2 gb DDR2, i dont have money to buy that huge amount of ram, and its incompatible with my laptop, only DDR2

gorgi991 says:

first 😀 and awesom vid btw

Dumitriu Mihnea says:


jakeypearce says:

@Phenoman1992 Could I do a dual-boot?

Jalaj PR says:


coltfoed says:

its faster cause it is a dual channel and most other systems are running a tri channel interface. also it appears that some of the RAM it was compared to was running at much lower speeds.

Felix Montero says:

@Gdon1991 i7 2600k!
even i5 2500k can beat it

NelizMastr - Tech for PC & Mac says:

were u chewing on the mic or something?

MsJames504 says:

i just picked these up , i have a amd a83870k ,motherboard is asus f1a75-m will they work ? thanks ,( im scared to put them in ) ,,,lol

gameking008 says:

sweet ram

Lehel Hanko says:

I’d like to overclock my cpu , but have no idea how to change my RAM timing.
Any suggestions ?
I have an athlon ii x2 240, and I would like to OC it to 3.0 GHZ on stock cooler.

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