Patriot Viper Xtreme 8GB DDR3 2400MHz 2.4GHz RAM Memory Unboxing & Test Linus Tech Tips


High speed Patriot DDR3 is now easier to operate than ever! In this video I unbox the RAM, then show how easy it is to set up in a Z77 board!


Terho90 says:

Patriot museum! 😛 too bad that they dont sell patriot in finland… sounds to be a quite good manufacturer..

OshMMf says:

Hi, what would be the benefits of having RAM memory at 2,4 GHz ?

dragan38765 says:

It’s not a fucking pirate, it just isn’t activated. Don’t be stupid.

wargenie says:

That’s exactly why mine is not genuine.

simmy1025 says:

Is a 1333MHz CL9 ram the same with 1600MHz CL10 ram?

Andrei Lupu says:

why do you always have to use 2 ore more graphic cards…???
i think you can test the RAM with an ancient FX5500 as well…

SpartanHD says:

your hair is beautiful linus ;’)

TheGarvito says:

Whats better, faster memory or more memory?

L3thalSpork says:

Why are you telling me this? :3

Ship2000 says:

He said that it was as fast as some graphics cards a while back….It is as fast as Most CPUs!!!

E says:

there is no 8x4gb. dont think theres even a mb with x8 ram slots

Jacob S. says:

Nigga hertz

Adam Porter says:

that comment gave me cancer.

JujuShinobi says:

I saw Slick =O

ResaRestart says:

can i OC the same named ram to same level if it says its 1600MHz i know it suports XMP but dose it OC automaticly to Higher if it can ???

4FootTech says:


Umar Mohamad says:

Think before you comment fag , makes you looked like a dumbass xD

Robert Downey Jr. says:


rumle says:

thats why my old windows said that lolz 😛

l3rs says:

Yeah it runs at 2.4 Jigahertz

jacobww1 says:

i think up funny don’t worry lol

OB1KXB says:

as long as it don’t run on wigga hurtz i’m fine with it 😉

ZenXXII says:

a program designed to make windows 7 genuine would activate before reaching your desktop everytime. 🙂

poplepo3 says:

depends on what “medium budget” means . reply with a budget and ill help you out .

onewaffleshort says:

will this kit and or the 12 gig kit run on a 1366 chip system? x58 ftw3 i7 950???

Robert Downey Jr. says:

I have the same exact ram modules (Kingston HyperX Blue 1600 MHz 2x4GB) and I can only OC my 2500k by 0.9 GHz… 🙁
Did I get a bad chip or would upgrading RAM help out?

crazychainsaw says:

hardware changes

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