OCZ DDR3 AMD Black Edition Memory Review

OCZ has released a special AMD Black Edition DDR3 Kit which works with the AMD Overdrive to optimize your AMD system performance and overclocking possibilities . For pricing click here http://pcwizkidstechtalk.com/index.php/ocz-amd-be.html cheers


Steven Harman says:

@AmH032uTuBe, wait, your getting two 4gb kits? 4 2gb sticks? never use 2 dual channel kits at the same time, it will generally crash every day or two. and i got the memory, its great, had to do some overclocking to get settings near right (1216MHz)

Ateeq Afridi says:

hey amir where r u from?

Steven Harman says:

@AmH032uTuBe, because you can have slower, higher capacities and less dense memory, but chipsets and memory controllers wont take extreme memory in all 4 (6 for DDR3). thus the term Dual Channel kit

3dkiller says:

good explanation i love it keep doing it

theguytube says:

I have exactly this DDR3 1600mhz CL8 OCZ BLACK
but if i set default values (Auto) in BIOS (CROSSHAIR III —> 790FX)
the frequency is 1066
but if I use the OCZ Platinum CL7 the frequency is 1333
I know that I can customize settings in Bios, BUT WHY black edition by default (Auto) is set 1066 and Platinum instead 1333 ??

NelizMastr - Tech for PC & Mac says:

lol, u said: we increased the latency, you dont want that, you want as less latency as possible

monkeylor says:

AMD sucks….

Jonathan Garner says:

This RAM is just what I need except I don’t have an ATI card. Hope it’s not too expensive.

haiiyaa says:

why would u get amd ram for p6t ?

AMD3FAN says:

will this ram work ok with asus crosshair 3 formula am3 motherboard

hootis8 says:

i need ddr3 memory

Kalywonkas says:

@RadialRadio doesn’t it come with both versions included?

James Owen says:

what is ganged / unganged ram modes and what is better for a amd phenom 9550 @ 2.6ghz with 4X1gb of Kingston ram

Steven Harman says:

in a few hours my G.Skill Trident 1200MHz DDR2 memory @5-5-5-15 1.8V should arrive in the mail. with those latencies, i think i can hold off on DDR3

Liam Wall says:

I got windows 7 1hour ago lol

Onkel Ronkel says:

No. You can only add more memory.

stxlez says:

i was just saying that i dont like amd stuff :>
calm down plx

neongrey101 says:

Can you customize your laptop and add different chip sets like you would on a desktop?

haiiyaa says:

liar u cant get 50/50mbit connection in qatar

traingp7 says:

I just built a amd build. 790msi motherboard and 965 processor. I bought two kits of DOMINATOR GT 2000 mhz memory for the board. The shitty memory controller on the 965 won’t let me run it at 2000 mhz so I have it at 1600 mhz and 666 18 1T timings. The cpu is at 3.8 ghz with a v8 cooler with two 4890’s in crossfire with a xfi titanium sound card installed. Hopefully AMD”S next generation of cpu’s will allow me to run the memory at 2000 mhz and 888 24 timings.

SuperDuperTruperPaul says:

i know this has been asked before but…
will this work with my i5, msi motherboard??

i dont want to buy things that wont work 🙂


stxlez says:

lol that shit sucks against my gskill 2133mhz ddr3 8gb

its @ 6-6-6-20 and 1542mhz
latency is 40,8ns
copy is 19803 MB/s
write is 14912 MB/s
and read… 16074 MB/s

on an intel core i5 860 system with maximus iii formula

amd stuff? just sucks balls man 😛

eybreh says:

@cjakon woah o.O and 1 question… can you like upgrade to DDR3 RAM if you already have DDR2? Or DDR1 to DDR2, you know what im talkin about

Sharif Bos says:

Omg I so need this for my build! At the moment I can’t get my OCZ (Reaper HPC 12800 4G) faster than 1333Mhz.

CPU Phenom II X4 955BE @ 3.6
MEM OCZ HPC Reaper 12800 4G @ 1333 7-7-7-24 2.0V
GPU ASUS Radeon HD5870

Pkmeg says:

Hi. I had some issues with my ASUS M4A79T Deluxe MB(very unstable for my use).
Had AMD 965 x4, AMD Ocz 1600mhz DDR3 BE, 850W Psu, 5770xfx Crissfire.
Ordered a new MB, the MSI 870A-G54.
Would you say the MSI 870A-G54 would be more stable with this set? I’m not into OverClocking. I’ve heard the ASUS MB I had was a “fake” 1600mhz Ram MB, any heard of this?

NelizMastr - Tech for PC & Mac says:

learn english first, before going to youtube and posting rubbish comments~!

marki271 says:

Yes, as it is a 790FX mobo

LilNickozz says:

would this work with the asrock 890GX extreme3 mobo and phenom x6 1055T?

Anton says:

I still use 32bit Windows and DDR2

maxx astral says:

Hey if i install 4 of these OCZ BE sticks which would be 4x2gb would i have any stability problem???

Mitchel John says:

ooo…. Black Me like…

SuperDuperTruperPaul says:

Thx 😉

lillskiten1337 says:

@PCWizKid What is the memory with the lowest latency you know?

Joshua Zeid says:

was the quality below par for anyone else?

Nightroad02 says:

Gonna try these out myself in a few days, Putting them into my Rig which has the Crosshair IV Formula with the Phenom II X4 965 B.E. to Run it, Ordered 8GBs of this Memory so can’t wait to see what I can do with those on that MoBo.

a M says:

i just bought these and have them paired with my phenom II 955 and i need help turning the sticks up to 1600 i have and msi 890 mb by the way

David Sandoval says:

Would this memory work well with the Asus M4A79XTD Evo motherboard?

Woo Woo says:

can I set the values in bios instead ??? Will it be the same ???

Xtclilium says:

with those speccs u need 64 bit windows or or hardware is hardly used

Onkel Ronkel says:


haiiyaa says:

amd wins price performance

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