MORE RAM or FASTER RAM? Which is best for Gaming? Gameplay Tests

Using his ultra compact Budget Gaming PC “Lil’ Anvil”, Blunty explores if MORE RAM or FASTER RAM is the best choice for low end gaming PC performance

See the ultra compact Gaming PC build of what is now “Lil’ Anvil”;
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Pertinent Specs for Lil’ Anvil;
CPU; Core i3 6100
Motherboard; Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5
GPU; Gigabyte OC edition Nvidia Geforce GTX 950
test 1) Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB DDR4 Black Unbuffered, DDR4-2133 14-14-14, 1.2V
test 2) Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Black DDR4-2666, 15-17-17 @ 1.2v
case; Silverstone Sugo Series SG13 Small Form Factor Chassis Mesh

& thanks to HyperX for originally supplying the FURY Ram for the build, and the secondary set so I could perform these tests 🙂

Nfan Forum post;…


The Guy says:

hahahhahahah that last thing said, i could not stop laughing

MyOwnSoul says:

blunty, i have no idea why i run into your tests and reviews everywhere. i was into photography few years ago and i remember very well alot of your videos about cameras. great content!

MrMilkyCoco says:

Ahh man if only ram was cheaper right now 🙁

MC Breadstick the SoundCloud rapper says:

plz reply is 5gb clocked @ 800mhz ddr3 better than 4gb 1333mhz ddr3?

Gentlemen's Gaming Mix says:

perfect short informative clip ! *thumbs up

C.A.T. says:

great video!

Danilo Carvalho says:

That’s the kind of question a regular gamer thinks the answer is obvious, but when we realize how much difference it actually is, we get very surprised! Thanks for the video!


Wow, it’s only with time that we see how actually well-optimised Lara is, still amazing and plays well on what is today a sub-par system.

Leonardo Cuevas says:

Just got 32 GB ram 🙂

Ryan Torres says:

I can ahtest to fast ram helping. I had a 16 GB kit at 1600 MHz (ddr3) and my fame rate would not be consistent the upgraded to a different 16GB clocked at 1866 MHz and noticed much less stutter

Shotgun Zombie says:

“do the thing in the down below area to make me happy” XD that was awesome! Excellent vid too, still doing research for my first build, so this is great to know.

Justin Timmer says:

very informative, nice video! I have no clue how i haven’t seen this channel, subbed 🙂

Michael Rodriguez says:

Thank You!!!!!!!!!


you just earned a subscriber, This helped me realize that my GTX 970 is innocent 😉

John K says:

great video. I haven’t seen one doing this type of test so I learned a lot. thanks

SupremeMaster says:

I thought this was a comparison of 2 same rams 1 with lower freq and lower cl and other one opposite. Can you do a test like this too ?

The Blank Age says:

thanks for the info it really helped cus i had that fps problem with gta v and nw i know it was the low ram that was the problem and i wonder if u could do like a vid about the power supplies and which is better for a gaming system

Austin Storms says:

I uncapped my frame rate in overwatch to benchmark and I maxed out my 16GBs of DDR4 RAM! I wasnt peaked for the whole time, but spiked to it and was around 80 to 90% the whole time. Might get 2 more sticks of 4GBs to upgrade to 24GBs total

issaciams says:

I’m more impressed about how well the i3 holds up compared to i5/i7 in games. Very good performance with an i3!

Codex says:

“I’m givin’er all she’s got, Captain” lmao

MrMediaRig says:

This is what I wanted to know…how much of a difference a ram can make…thanks

Vlad Lucian says:

So THAT is why GTA V runs like shit. I’m buying another 4 Gb of ram tomorrow.

Malik Murtaza says:

it actually helped me decide should i buy more ram or not

The Gaming Titan says:

I’m doing both

Dash896 says:

I’ve been studying in a Tech school for over an year now, but here I learned more than I ever did for 10 damn minutes… Great video!

Charles C says:

V helpful

Anicus says:

Having seen this video before, I decided to buy another 16gb RAM kit to add to the 16 that I already have. I came back to this video because I remembered it being the reason for me wanting more RAM in the first place; Thanks for the informative and insightful video. SUB! >_<

zege 03 says:

Thank you, this video helped a lot!!!

Robert Kościelny says:

great video, thank you. it helped me a lot

Funny Videos says:

thanks worthy to watch!!

Lynx Going Ham says:

oh god… just thanks for this video, all my friends were telling me the ram its only when u load the game and not when playing for example… now i understand when i play battlefield 1 the stuff that needs to load xD

Nu-Nu Ruk says:

Thanks for this. Gonna upgrade my RAM when I can. Currently have 6gb.

Couch Potato says:

blunt I like it

James Dill says:

finally somebody that shows you instead of telling you there opinion THANK YOU

Mr. Javs says:

big difference to me

Uncle-Gamer Martinx says:

hell yeah it was very interesting to me because I didn’t know about that now I know thanks to you… Thank you for the vid…

Black Mamba says:

Man I love this guys voice. So nice to listen too

CDZoro says:

5:24 Idk why I laughed so hard at the blowing helicopter

Bro Fists says:

f this shit gonna uprage from 2 gb to 16 gb right away

1775 says:

Good review… always wondered about this issue.

Ajith B says:

really awsome
very usefull

Mraz Play TV says:

Great video, Blunty! Thanks

jesse meyer says:

This was brilliant! This has helped me so much.


Have dominator ddr 4 128gb so im safe for years

alvaro gpONE says:

thanks, very interesting..

Uria 64800 says:

I just built my first pc, with only 8gb of ram. And every game i launched run smoothly at 1080p in ultra settings and use around 7gb. I think 16gb would be more safe, especialy for big open world games …

ICICspyTV1 says:

at least the anvil is better than mine

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