Mach Xtreme 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz Low Profile Memory ★ Video Review

For about $40 EURO or $50 USD this is good mainstream memory from Mach Xtreme Technology.


tupacole says:

personally i wont coz i hate it when people ask me to subscribe.if i like someone’s vids then yes i will but NEVER tell me what to do with CAPS LOCK.

jesse canada says:

Hey guys i do computer reviews and software tutorials, as well as hardware reviews…So please check out my channel and RATE, COMMENT, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE…thanks :))

MrMultiLol says:

i am not nvidia’s or ATI’s fanboy.
i just buy cards which perform better..

toshineon says:

50 bucks ain’t much.

Joey Everett says:

Where can u buy this ram?

incurableboy says:

Never heard of them, but my knowledge is increased every video of yours I watch

Stance says:

t.t its not alot better, they are almost identical in performance fanboy…

Ruhul Amin says:

If my motherboard can have a matt black pcb then my ram should do as well.

jesse canada says:

understandable….i usually wouldnt do it either if someone told me in caps lock….i was just trying to get the message out there about my channel.

Chex says:

Great video!

Magnus Volvo says:

@sacleocheaterz i got 16gb 1600mhz not cheat and powerfull XD

c0d3r3d // cleanycloth says:

Great stuff, unless… you… have…*gulp* VISTA BUSINESS!!!!

rachidzenda says:


AnimeFtw says:

PCWizKid you should do a new intro maybe that spike things up 🙂 and what happend to the PCWizKid weekly answer back video why do you not do it no more you should do it again make sure you do a ivy bridge reveiw too 😀 cheers

PCHCP says:

Pretty nice ram kit there, but you took the words out my mouth about it looks like the OCZ

azzo says:

Why would you not buy 8GB if its only 40€..

silentpoet1988 says:

I think I’m going to pick that up. I’m currently running 4GB down from 6 When I upgraded my pc to a ddr3 mobo.

Harley Lusk says:

Yeah I have the same RAM modules (4GBx2), cheap and powerful 😀

NaftaTorque says:

€40 not $40 😛

Anthony Mars says:

Nice Handstyle

Jason Tirtabudi says:

can this memory be in my notebook??

frageater16 says:

i’m a noob to this, but can you apply this to any motherboard or do you need a specific one?

rachidzenda says:

50 us dollars is that sheap for normal people in america (not rich)

tatneasd says:

do you realise it is as cheap as 4gb?
so why wouldn’t you buy 8gb?

rachidzenda says:

in richpeople . com

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