Kingston HyperX T1 Series 6GB Triple Channel DDR3 Memory Review

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TearsOfWar1 says:

@MetroidfanCNC It’s the V6 GT

MasterBabo says:

omg your cpu cooler is HUGE!

fivefishdiy says:

I plugged in these fans to the rear fan terminals of the mobo… the blue LEDs of the fans are blinking… is it supposed to do that?

iphone3gs78 says:

can you review some Corsair Dominator GT?

851995STARGATE says:

we never see his face….

Seraphim401 says:

@PCWizKid Realy?


which cooler do you have on CPU?

jazzentv says:

could you give me the ram <3

RiderX says:

Can u make a channel just for laptops cuz i barely know if this is for pc or laptap although it wont fit at laptop

DisturbedRocks31 says:

Dude can you do a tutorial on how to build a custom desktop/laptop please?

Parrotfield86 says:


Ruben de Vos says:

Hey Thumbs up vor de LED, but voting is disabled XD

Dexterr Morgan says:


I’ve seen in the pass videos,everybody asks you to do videos that you’ve already done 😛

8wealthyone8 says:

why did you not go for 2000mhz profile 1 and settled for slower profile 2? dude you meant to get max power…

Morgan Hesketh says:

PcWizKid, My CPU is making this annoying grinding noise when i turn my p.c. on and continues until i switch it off, do you know what could be wrong?

coijoi says:


Kobe Richards says:

@PCWizKid The only reason I need ram is because I Have 4x500mb right now, and ones of thems bad. Dont get me wrong its a custom built comp from 2003, and its still fast, but I get bsod like crazy. Should I go for this ram or something more little? Pretty sure my computer overclocked at 3.4ghz

David Ka says:

@PCWizKid dont u have to change the voltage from like 1.6 to like 1.8 or something for it to work??

enorma29 says:

i hate everything is made for intel & nvidia…

Notpoop says:

@Spaldingthe4th fuck you no1 like GAYMD

TearsOfWar1 says:

YouTube doesn’t want your videos to get rated again >.<

Big Stall says:

Is it possible to use this on an AMD PC?

TechtodaProductions says:

would triple channel work in duel channel if i put two sticks in the two slots and i put the other stick in the other duel channel slot?

Kobe Richards says:

@BrokenStudios39 Right click on the disk > Properties. Look for disk cleanup. It takes everything out way easier and quicker.

2MUSLIMS says:

how would 10gb of this ram work without the cooler/fan? as i do dont have a spare fan connector on my motherboard

fordfreak521 says:

@PCWizKid u should show how 2 build a custom laptop:D

Flying Wills says:

did u get the ram from msy?

KimHoaiNam says:

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zver711 says:

You put Kingston KyperX instead of HyperX in the video several times…ahemm.

Kobe Richards says:

I have a better question, can you use this ram with out the fan? Because I have 2 fans, the red ones on the back, and the blue ones right next to the current ram I have but not over it.

The1cristi says:

Hy, i have a Rampage II GENE and i want to buy this triple channel memory, it will work? Thx i subbed to u

Dexterr Morgan says:


I Deleted the Old Windows Folder and My Computer Worked Fine after i upgraded to windows 7

Kerbit says:

Lolz, white sticker on the ram says Assy in China!

qwertyfshag says:

the hard part is putting it together

Zillerz3 says:

i dont get the latency on the memory sometimes higher the better sometimes lower the better. anyone wana help?

the12221 says:

holy crabs!

bigdima3 says:

ddr3 1333 in tri channel is better cuz you wont be stressing that weak IMC chip on I7,

Marius Kopp says:

Amazing PC :O

UnrealVideoDuke says:

That’s all you need is more dust on the contacts of your RAM. Don’t bother with buying a canister of compressed air… Get a real air compressor to dust out your PC every MONTH!

Bramm Gaming says:

This mem kit fits nice in my blue themed case =D

sacredchemistry says:

would these rams and fan with cooler master v6 gt fit on an evga ftw3 motherboard ? please respond.

michelangelogt says:

you are ohh so late…

SSFproductions1 says:

Looks realy nice! Gonne buy this

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