Kingston HyperX Fury Ram Review

Kingston has upped their ram game by adding FURY! These modules case be found in 1333, 1600 and 1866 MHz and it comes in 4 eye-catching colours!

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Parthesh Jadhav says:


EvaMZ Gaming says:

black and red are my fav colours


its 2017 and im still using these

Min Cho says:

You just woke may dad up…

Gameysam Plays says:


Jake Tredgett says:

I ordered red xD

YouTube Heroes says:

Lol You say that 16 Gbs is a lot in this Vid when I have 256 Gbs of Ram.. as well as a 64 Core CPU and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1550 “Gold Edition”. You’re wondering that there is not a 1550 out but there will be soon and I got my Hands on the stuff that is being to be Released in 3 Years. As well you’re probably saying that like the New Quadros and Titans are Probably Better. But, you’re wrong my Graphics card I got Exclusively from Nvidia is Equal to 23 Titans Combined. Beat that Bitch. You’re Probably Wondering how did you get all this Money? Lets Just say My Family has a Few Billion Dollars, Not much.

Brooda says:

ахаахааха блять когда увидел это крысиное ебло чуть в обморок не упал ой бля аахахахаха

Anik Mondal says:

Hey dude I want to expand RAM of PC,currently I am using 1 stick of 2GB RAM(Mercury/665Mhz) so I want to add another 4GB of Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 4 GB PC (HX316C10FR/4) but I saw that my intel motherboard DH61WW can support of 1333MHz and 1600MHz when over clocked. So I am very much confused that if this RAM is compatible with my PC. Pls help me out if not compatible pls suggest some of the RAMs u prefer.(My processor is intel i3-2100)

Maru Park says:

help me bro i got a dell ins 14 5459 can i upgrade my ram to 16gb its already 8. Hyper x ia compatible with my laptop?help bro

Pain For you says:

is this ram work with lenovo h530 Intel Pentium dual core g3220 3ghz

Cristian Pop says:

Very funny review. I like it :))

Jonathan Lee says:

Red and Black !!! hahah

GamerPaak says:

can this go in a laptop?

DidYouReadEULA says:

Sucks ass, looking for a real review not an assclown. That’s 20 seconds I’ll never get back.

Fernando Godinez says:

i bought one of these blue ones 8 gb stick with 1866 mhz along with my rig but it took longer to ship so in order to start my rig i went out to best buy and got a deal on a supposively 1866mhz pny 2x4gb ram which was actually 1600mhz but oc to 1866mhz…well my system wont boot after i enable xmp on the mobo so i have to run them on dual channel 1600mhz…but my question is which should i keep the hyperx 1x8gb at 1866mhz or the pny 2x4gb at 1600mhz running on dual channel? should i order another hyperx and take out the pny memory or is it not worth it?

Nicholas Ten says:

1 million subs coming soon!!!!

FRiT1001 says:

Que innecesario el grito XD
y la bandera de méxico lleva blanco y rojo

tesla. py says:

and here i am buying this now

Sean Broodryk says:

i will say red

Esteban Rigo says:

i dont know why but my pc is going on ram 1867 no 1866 O.o

shadpourshayan says:

I’m Xramchip!

Aksshay Sharma says:

Does ram matter really matter which one is good hyper x fury or G skill rippaws?

Debargha Biswas says:

I have an Intel core i3 processor which supports 1333mhz so can I put a Kingston fury of 1866mhz? and will it work or should I have to tweak the timings of ram? anyone help please.

shreyas bhosale says:


UseR TV says:

Do u even ddr4

Stuart James says:

Ram has got so expensive now like wtf 8gb stick of fury x ddr3 ram is like £63 now it was half the price not long ago wtf

Lover of life says:

Will these work with the intel nuc or can I get ddr4

Little Moose says:

Do they fit into Alienware alpha

Zach Armstrong says:

LOL his whooping caught me off gaurd. well played. well played sir.

BlackRayPlayer says:

I chose red.

Matrix ツ says:

0:49 rip ears

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