Kingston H20 DDR3 4GB Water Cooled Memory Review


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oEQjet says:

Don’t listen to those faggots who say these components are designed to withstand heat up to 45C, and that ram is even more durable then other components, and if you use anything other then a heat spreader (which you likely don’t need) then you are waisting your time and money. Don’t listen to those faggots, they’re faggots. COOL YOUR SYSTEM TO AMBIENT TEMPERATURE WITH MASSIVELY OVERPRICED RICER KITS! YOU CAN USE HIGH PERFORMANCE TO HACK THE GIBSON.

CerealzTheDude says:

very nice

edyisapka says:

@MrAwesomFace yer like a small blue skinny thing

Roger L. Ortiz says:

@ComandnConquerFreak Jep i agree 🙂

dfsa90 says:

@kingduqc I have big balls.

Steven Simpson says:

i <3 kingston, such great products!!!!!

SecretCobraz says:

Nice Music, Classy

FoRm4t says:

@mrjamesb562 yea but this will be the temperature of the heat spreader not the actual chip.

John Smith says:

nice background music choice

Orbiter144 says:

wtf happened at 1.55-58?

putnitonwax says:

@motherboardsorg what water kit did you use here?

FoRm4t says:

@mrjamesb562 there is no good way to tell the temp of ram there are no software or sensor in ram dimms.

Bart Kuiper says:

@MrAwesomFace its just a little dust

dfsa90 says:

@KagiSpirit95 Fucking idiot.

eddiekoski says:

yea looks like he spit a bit on his mobo lol cant believe u noticed that?

Ciobanu Teodor says:

@MrAwesomFace gentlemen, that “dripping” is 3dgman’s shadow of his hand while he is waving it

shirakou1 says:

he had hair!

Insanitic says:

@kingduqc ya they do if u oc it

MrAwesomFace says:

anyone noticed something dropped at 1:56 1:58

trail2k2 says:

it does look like a drop of water @ 1:57

Leignheart says:

how do you use half inch tubes on the memory without breaking it down to quarter inch?

Ziedonis Politers says:

khe he.. havn’t seen enthusiasts running kingstons. For performance – go Corsair or mushkin.

Joaquim Barros says:

I think its a leak xD, so much tubbes , I think its better if you have only one straight tube, then 2 or more tubes connect

Thomas Heissenberger says:

You got to be kidding me….

lol says:

@MrAwesomFace yea i did

Jeffrey Derksen says:

watercooling is leaking!!!!!!!!!

Sean McIntire says:

@Leignheart I have seen good reviews lately on Geil Memory considering corsairs below avg CS at the moment I dont know weither I want to go with them. yes there are more than just two high preformance memory out there then just corsair and mushkin. that guy is a noob

bendikn says:

@KagiSpirit95 why would you have it when you’re not running a watercooled system?

Hightech Redneck Backyard Barn says:

@MrAwesomFace its spit or stuff from the ceiling i think he has a popcorn ceiling

Douche Snozzle says:

Nice, now you need to get some overcloked GPU’s and put water blocks on them 😀

Koeninatorrr says:

Tip : When you show the temperatures, show the amount of degrees in Celcius too, please. I saw a button for a Fahrenheit / Celcius Toggle, we Europians wouln’t know what 78 degrees is, but my best bet would be around 20.

Nice vid btw 😉

KapteinFruit says:

The XMP profile for my Mushkin Redline doesn’t work. If I try it it doesn’t change anything. How come? Not that it’s a big deal, I usually set it to the correct specs (Or better) my self.

Sparta2310 says:

@unokilo321 – I can see what you are talking about with the shadow and reflection but if you look at the screen @ around 1.57 you will see a drip fall between the P and E on the heatsink.

DeathTripp666 says:

@motherboardsorg if they are they need to share

Leignheart says:

@DanTechLabs right because kingston doesnt use high performance memory right? they didnt come out with 2000mhz memory with 8-8-8 timings either did they? troll. when you use your brain you can come out of your cage. i hate people who think there isnt better stuff than what they think is good. retarded.

ipullstuffapart says:

@Koeninatorrr google “78 degress fahrenheit in celsius” approx 25.5 celsius

Dominick Chavez-Baldini says:

big balls = small dick dumbass

taltigolt says:

green pcb?

Muhammad Aiman Abdul Razak says:

idk what will happen if there were 6 of them….must be surprise…

Bramm Gaming says:

RAM does not produce that much heat, but pretty cool to have xD?!

Dominick Chavez-Baldini says:

@dfsa90 big balls = small penis

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