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Caelus says:

Love Kingston! 😀

MrJopn83 says:

Out of stock 🙁 your intro reminds me of american pie movie when the guy is with Nadia in his room 🙂

donaciux says:

2nd part:
BTW i had done a research, and find out that earliest it’s passible to start enjoy ECC feature is since AMD 880G chipset because since this chipset AMD Opterons can be used. All supported chipsets is 880G, 890FX, 890GX, 970, 990X, 990FX. 😉

TechReviewsnStuff says:

1:16 thats what she said

Vinhhotboii says:

Thank for the video.

StreetCrazy says:

Give away ??

donaciux says:

These RAM modules are cheap 😉 It’s for mainstream users. ECC memory only supported by server class chipsets. AMD 740-990fx chipsets doesn’t support ECC RAM, nor INTEL’S z67, z77, z79 etc. doesn’t supports ECC.
Some MB’s with lga2011 sockets and Intel’s C606 chipset supports ECC RAM modules (“Workstation” class MB’s).
SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH, it’s not my native tongue 😉

donaciux says:


Whitefang8128 says:

Actually, a lot of 970 (and onward) AM3+ boards/processors support ECC.

I’m not sure about Intel’s support but going by their other business practices I don’t imagine they would.

Whitefang8128 says:

Is it ECC?

listojay says:

useless amount of memory.

Blood Dragon says:

Hey please answer, does this ram would in AMD mobo and cpus?

MendezAS says:

Yep time to buy some new ram…

TaTTa1998 says:

which is better ram for laptop 4gb of crucial ddr3 or 4gb of kingston ddr3?

TacoMan says:

😮 Purrddy

Jim Raynor says:


tigerbalm says:

I thought 8 gb ram was enough, but recently, I ran Wondershare video converter while streaming videos from the internet and windows 7 gave me “low memory” warnings and suggested I save and close my apps! Maybe 8gb is not enough! yes, the video converting did use all 4 cores of the i5 2500 and system showed 100% cpu utilization…but I did not think it would use up my ram.

Diego Bustos says:

how sad, u dont even know what u r talking about. Ignorance all over the place.

Whitefang8128 says:

That’s embarrassing. I wouldn’t release ‘Special Edition RAM’ that wasn’t ECC.

donaciux says:

1st part:
Actually, AMD chipset has nothing to do with memory. For the RAM and it’s features, such as ECC are responsible the memory controller, witch is integrated in all CPU’s nowadays. On AMD platform ECC memory is only supported by server class CPU’s – Opterons. Any other of AMD non server series CPU doesn’t supports ECC. It’s possible to stick ECC RAM in non ECC system, they will work perfectly fine, but there is no reason try to use it, because you’ll don’t get expected benefit from it. 😉

SgtSplatter782 says:

can this ram be used on a AMD FM2 build?

shuttervj97 says:

Yes it should do

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