Is DDR4 Better than DDR3 RAM For Gaming?

In this video, I will be covering whether DDR4 is better than DDR3 for gaming.
DDR4 vs DDR3 benchmarks




Gediminas Jesinas says:

You can use integrated GPU with together with dedicated.

Ripclaw23 says:

he sounds like osfirsttimer

JJ McNicholas says:

nicely done

Thrilling Hazardous says:

tnx +1 subscriber and your voice is just lovely btw can i get a favor could you pin this?

MoonBoom Channel says:

I had a gaming pc built in 2004 with 2 gb of ddr2 ram and all of the games ran perfectly… Not 8 gb is not enough wth

Masud Parvej Sani says:

You need to study coherence

Alec Tobias says:

What game was he playing?

lester ross says:

Good vid

Lucas says:

can i play ark smooth with 16gb ddr3 1600mhz???

my parts:
GPu: msi gtx 1060 6gb gaming x
cpu: amd fx-8320
mobo: gigabyte lmt78-usb 3.0 Rev. 5.0

Lost cellphone says:

wow finally! YES you get a like on the video.
i have an answer finally
I watched LinusTechTips video titled DDR4 VS DDR3 and that video just made my head spin
all the information i had at the start of the video was the same at the end of the video NOTING

echaidlehands says:

Good info dude..

Christian Apologetic says:


Ginko says:

Thnx mate, this video is really helpfull!!

Orlando Noriega Salazar says:

Great video

MoronSoldier says:

There’s actually more than 2 types of VRAM, you missed out on HBM & HBM2. Dumbass.

Emir Kugic says:

8gb DDR4 or 16gb DDR3

xAsu says:

2k17 and i am using ddr2….

Kerim Aygen says:

16 gb 1600 mhz ddr3 or 8gb ddr4 2400 mhz

Papi F says:

I wan’t to upgrade my Processor but I apparently have no choice but to buy a DDR4 Ram and DDR4 Motherboard. Is this true?

Carlos Asuncion says:

is 12GB DDR3 Ram enough ram to run video editing softwares and audio softwares smooth?

Reaper174 says:

Thanks man you just saved me about $200. Since I was gonna buy a pc with 16gb of ddr4 but now I can buy the pc I originally wanted to buy with ddr3. I thought It was gonna be bad since it was ddr3 but you saved me. Thanks a lot you really helped me out. + 1 sub for you and like

TheGamingFreakGG says:

What about 800Mhz ram to 2133Mhz ram how much of a boost will there be

RifqiRaihanLubis says:

Can my ddr3 ram place in ddr4 motherboard?

PanQuakes says:

what cpus are good for ddr3

Hriday says:

you deserve much more subs man.

PolterGeist says:

What’s better, 16gb ddr3 or 8gb ddr4?

wes potter says:

i hv asus mobo will it work if i combine ddr3 nd ddr4 and two slots r only for ddr3?

Berdian Victor says:

thx mate!!! helpful video

caoutchoucboy81 says:

Thank you very much for the video, because I was wondering if it was worth changing my Ram for ddr4. Currently I have patriot g2 1600mhz, Ill keep them for a while.You deserve more subscribers!

PATRIK.exe TV says:

hm,im gonna use it to game, do day to day stuff, and recording, editing, ddr3 is good for that stuff? and some game im gonna play are just casue 3, farming simulator 2017, cs:go, etc. is ddr3 better for this stuff?? thanks

Random Person says:

Thank you so much for this video!

Charlotte Linlin says:

i still have 1333mhz, how many fps will increase if i upgrade it to ddr4

Silvio Eiras Prado says:

I hope AMD Ryzen still support DDR3

Nishant Gupta says:

8 GB DDR3 or 4 GB DDR4?

Shuq Shuqran says:

tq bro

Now i know

John Russell says:

ohh yeah

MlgEpicBanana69 says:

I want a budget build and I already have an I5 4460, so thanks, its a very clear video, using DDR3 really saves me a fair bit of money.

Gabe says:

great video really helped me with my pc upgrades

monkeh88 says:

i remember when i bought ddr1 :p

Antonio Lansang says:

I’m building my first PC. I just got past the part where you said ddr2 is obsolete. How much longer before ddr3 is obsolete? Do I really need to worry?

Luka 0911 says:

Can i put ddr4 ram in ddr3 motherboard ?

City Hunter says:

thanx man that was helpful

NamelesschimpGAMING says:

you deserve more subs

EthanGamerKingz says:

i got a 4790k for my gtx 1070 build would 16gb 2133mhz ddr3 bottleneck?

xFlaffy says:

Thx for the video I order a new pc and is ddr3 and I was thinking is not so good

Azzalack says:

Trick Answer: In ArmA III.

Fountox says:

Thanks for this. I thought ddr4 would make a bigger difference. You just saved a lot of my money! 😀


Hey guys (and girls) I’ve bought a DDR4 mother board and I have DDR3 ram sticks do they go in the mother board or no?

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