Intel Z170 Skylake: DDR3 vs. DDR4 Memory

Skylake sort-of supports both DDR3 and DDR4. But things aren’t as cut and dry as they seem. Skylake ACTUALLY only supports DDR3L – so should you try and keep your previous set of memory, or go ahead and upgrade to DDR4? That’s what Keys and Linus are here for. It’s cool. We GOTchu.

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Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Riley Murdock
Editor: Barret Murdock


Cherry popper says:

New generation Pascal GPU gtx 1060, 1070, 1080 actually benefits from DDR4 RAM speed like PC2666, PC3000, etc configurations.

GamerDan_1 says:

I love that hoody mate!! you always make me spends loads on my pc haha. just built my first one from scratch and without you I wouldn’t of known what I was doing. Cheers dude!!!


dam it I just got my new pc with ddr3 so I have to change the parts but I cant right now how long will my cpu last with ddr3?

Ghulam Abbas Qadri says:


jdead1995 says:

i think this video had nothing to do with the title. search mine alert

fuzz master Flex says:

just run the ddr3 at 1.35v i do it all the time.

Emdrag13 says:

try to overclock ram corsair value select 2 x 8gb standerd 2130mhz using my z170 motherboard easy overclock to 2400mhz but it crashes window ;-;

Coroi Alexandru-Mihai says:

Does it worth to upgrade from Haswell to Skylake while staying on DDR3? I already have 2x 8GB DDR3 almost new, and I am wondering if it’s worth to change my Z87 motherboard and Xeon 1230 v3 for a Z170 motherboard on DDR3 and a Xeon 1230 v5?

samljer says:

Do an
EDORAM -> SDRam ->DDR4 comparison for giggles.

anandu raj says:

did ddr4 motherboard support ddr3 ram ?

KuoChao Tseng says:

Linus – what an excellent channel!
Can you explain what’s the different between DDR4 and “DDR4 UDIMM” (both none ECC). Many thanks!!

Raiyam Mahir says:

So it’s recommended to not use DDR3 in a skylake? What’s the point of buying a mobo with 1151 socket and ddr3 support? Cuz most of the 1151 socket processors are skylake.

Manjesh Nishad says:

hdmi aro vijeay

codingbloke says:

Really useful thanks

samljer says:

So DDR4 is going to be cheaper in the long run because electricity?
Its “so-so on performance increase” but still faster…2- 5%?
The PSU will have less work to do, and last longer.
Wont damage CPU afte 2- 3 years?

yes… ill take the DDR4 route.

Men Skills says:

ive been taking the risk for over a year now xD with my 6500. 20gb of ddr3 and asus z170-p-ds everything is working perfectly since the day i put it together

Amatznue Solpinnio says:

For my old PC I bought 2x 8 1866 MHz DDR3 RAM, the problem was, about weeks later I recognized that my mainboard was a little bit broken. I bought a new mainboard with a new cpu and because I bought DDR3 RAM for my old pc I wanted to use the DDR3 RAM for the upgrade. I choosed the I7 6700K and I found only about 5-10 mainboards which supports DDR3 with this chipset. But I can say the system runs perfectly like a exact same system of a Friend with DDR4 there are no FPS differences. Thats Insane and the other thing is the DDR3 mainboards a much cheaper.

E71 says:

Is it worth the risk? Absolutely not.

I sooo hate Intel because I bought a high-end motherboard from them then about a year later they abandoned the motherboard market and stopped releasing drivers meaning no Windows 10 drivers for me.

sonicwifi40 says:

Also: DDR3L is a waste of money, as well as DDR4 4GB sticks.
Buy only 8GB and 16GB sticks so you can keep them for a long time. Except for things like Linux and Firefox, since they don’t tend to grow the memory consumption over time.

jasonloco2000 says:

Can I use ddr3 1333mhz on a skylake?

Felix says:

I’m using i5-6600K with 16GB Ram DDR3 since weeks, no problems so far. Everything runs perfectly fine.

DaleGribble says:

Error: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT …. I guess this puts an end to my pc failure mystery of why i can’t reinstall Windows… 3:00

Hale says:

after watching this im worried. nxt tym i do some little research after buying it. damn im regreting now buying ddr3 skylake my board. h110m d3

Walker Slam says:

he should had talked about the warranty in case of cpu damage (if it happens too soon, is there any coverage?)

sonicwifi40 says:

Tell me: Why am I still watching this crazy dude?

Yasyah says:

Thanks, your video help me a lot dude. It’s because I’m going to build PC gaming this month 😀

Temppy- says:

there are ddr3 mobos now for skylake

Dev Singh says:

my computer system
proceessor : intel core 2duo cpu e7500 @ 2.93Ghz.
Ram : 2 GB
my question is
how i make best game pc and what i should i do to upgrade the system.
please tell about this .
i really forward your response .thank u.

Ieatutube says:

Can you at least try no to look like a nerd? I’d like to bring respectability to loving computers.

Ricardo Viana says:

great comparison

anandu raj says:

did ddr4 motherboard support ddr4 ram ???????.

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