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DiY, How to Installation upgrade Memory Ram on laptop notebook PC Computer HP G6 LAPTOP PAVILION PUT IN Upgrade RAM Memory Sticks, note some ram / memory sticks are not compatible with every pc laptop so check the speed “hz”, but the size is ok as long as its between 4-32 gig ram for windows 7 to 8, the bigger the ram the pc will run smoother. on HP G6 Pavilion ram installation service video review, this works on, DELL, VAIO, HP, SAMSUNG, Compaq, Acer, Asus, many more WHERE TO GET CHEAP RAM tigerdirect 1800-800-8300 PLAY HIGH HD GRAPHICS GAME OR VIDEOS MOVIES IN HIGH SETTINGS WITHOUT CRASHING OR FREEZING JUST SPEED UP YOUR slow PC LAPTOP FASTER BY DOUBLE THE RAM – HOW TO INSTALL 8 GIG RAM HP G6 REVIEW WITH BIOSHOCK GAMEPLAY FOLLOWUP THIS FIXES SLOW HD DELAY PLAY SERVICE GUIDE VIDEO TUTORIAL VALUE SELECT RAM DDR “how to upgrade ram” “how to upgrade memory” how to install ram, how to install memory, how to put in ram, how to put in memory,


ZeLowKey says:

when i took the bottom off my laptop and look at the ram i only had one of the clips that hold the ram in place but you have 2 clips to hold 2 sticks of ram why doesnt my laptop have that is it just the type of laptop? i have a hp elitebook

Simon Samson says:

Hi guys i need help. i have asus x556u gaming latop core i5 4gb ram 1600MHz 2gb nvidia gforce. i want to upgrade to 8gb of ram, on taskmannager it say 1 of 2 slots is used now when i opened the ram panel of my laptop i notice something, it only has 1 slot its like the first ram is on the motherboard. is this possible? if so can i add another 4gb 1600MHz of ram to make 8gb no mater the brand?

Best Of says:

Please who tells me if i can put 8 gb ram in my pc i will sub to him
these are my pc stuff

Levi_Ackermen says:

I know I’m late but where would you put the strap thing for safety

Mika Haque says:

cool it make sense thank you

J Araos says:

Hi I have an HP G4 laptop with 2 gb of RAM. can i just add another 4 gb RAM to the 2nd slot for it to become 6 gb total? I am correct?

Google Club For Everyone says:

Worked (:

Draaagon says:

the game play is so loud

Evan Tram says:

Where would you connect the anti static wrist strap if you were going to be using one

Tobi says:

Hey i have 2 2gb ram cards and when i put one in my laptop will boot up but when i put both in it will just stay on a black screen. Any tips on what could be the issue

Clinton Thomas says:

My laptop is HP pavilion M6, 6GB Ram can i upgrade to 16 GB? Inbuilt ram are 4GB AND 2 GB

Starwarsstudio says:

If you where to buy on stick of ram and put it in would you still need 2 sticks?

View says:

If you don’t know what RAM is compatible with your laptop/PC, then just go to, download their scanner (virus free) and it’ll give you a list of compatible RAM installation options.

Hope this helps!

Forcefield Gaming says:

+TampaTech I bought some Samsung DDR3 204 Pin for my HP G56 but the slot u pointed out. Is not the same, why is that?

Skinhead Larry says:

i need help for some reason when i shut down my laptop the screen turns black and i cant continue to watch the tutorial

Zezao 2112 says:

hi, can i add ram slots to my laptop? cos i’ve got 2 more rams and i dk if i can add it to my laptop, pls help, ty

Mr. ManHatMan says:

where did you buy the ram?
sry for bad eng.


It’s “MHz” not “hz”

Mike says:

I have an hp laptop that Im currently using. I do have a 4gb ram  that I took out of a laptop that has a broken screen, my question is, will there be a second slot on my laptop to add in another ram, on most or all laptops is there always only one slot or two slots for whichever number of ram that any laptop has, so if I open up my laptop, will there be an open slot for me to put my 4gb of ram from my old laptop into my new laptop ?

PixelGaming | LT says:

Do i need the same RAM’s to buy? I want to buy only 1 2GB Ram Card or how i can call them. Or i can combine the Default Ram And The One I Buy?
Because my laptop has right now 1x4GB and if i add 2GB Of Ram then it will be 1x4GB+1x2GB=6GB Oh my God

BRO BOSS says:

i have laptop 4 gb ram(2+2) if just add 1 8gb ram (2+8) can my laptop support it

benny talluri says:

can we install 2 rams in a pc ? please reply me

Chan Son says:

What would you need a ground band for

GravityFade says:

does this work??

Leon Nation says:

@ZeLowKey yes

Param Preet says:

Sir i hve hp mini laptop 210 nd it has 1 gb ram but its too slow nd also. Hd vdos not playing good so wt should i do. Even last night install win7 but not fix so. I upgrade ram into 2gb??? Is it the solution????????

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