How to Identify Original Genuine RAM & Fake RAM DDR3 DDR2 DDR4

Short Video I have explained possible method to spot a different between fake RAM and Genuine Original RAM.

Few Tips to Identify

Tip 1 : Make sure the box is sealed

Tip 2: When you buy a RAM do check if the RAM brand is labeled on the black “IC chip” .

Tip 3: Check the gold plated lines you can make out if it is used or not (The gold plates must be very shiny and no scratches)

Tip 4: Serial Number to check Online

So next time before buying a New RAM make sure its a Genuine Original RAM.


SevenDeMagnus says:

Hi. Are there fake Crucial RAMs? Thank you. God bless, Proverbs 31

Fanny Magnet says:

This is what i think…

Original 4GB RAM is better then Fake 8GB RAM….

Binod Ray says:

good job

wuntyful says:

there are less than half a dozen ram chip manufacturers yet dozens of ram stick brands…. misinformation is cancer!!!

Param 007 says:

What brand ram is good? Samsung ,hynix, Kingston or?????

Rizky Fajari says:

All memory in this world made by samsung, even apple using memory from samsung.

In Time says:

I am here because I think I have fake RAM modules. I have purchased many years ago 4 sticks of 2 Gb CORSAIR DDR3 at 1600 MHz. Until now I did not checked the REAL specifications, but now I have checked them in Windows using CPU-Z and HWINFO64 (my system is on 64 bit, if the case then use HWINFO32) and I can see that my RAM modules are in reality at 1066 MHz (533 x 2 = 1066) and NOT at 1600 MHz. I have checked also in Ubuntu using terminal, same results 1066 MHz. And my modules have aluminium heatsinks on them so I cannot see what is written on the black modules … if is is written or not CORSAIR. When I have purchased them they were very expensive. And now many of the RAM memory have heatsinks on them, so you cannot tell if is fake or real …

mosa clay says:

thanks man really needed this

edstar83 says:

People who sell fake ram should be shot in the balls with a 12 gauge shot gun at point blank range.

Prabhakar Mishra says:

which channel host doesn’t seem to understand how manufacturing is done and how companies outsource their manufacturing process if you open up an apple Macintosh you will find some tips by Samsung and some other chips by some other manufacturers, this video is complete nonsense

Kingshuk Paul キングスク says:

Hhaha I like it how 2 people disliked this video.. probably fake ram sellers.. Even on amazon and snapdead 99% of the rams being sold r fake good job mate!

Indigo Elan says:

This video is total nonsense, counterfeiters have the ability to print anything on the chips just the same as the OEMs. They’ll even counterfeit the packaging if it means they can make a profit. The only way to be sure is to buy from accredited suppliers.

Abhishek Solanki says:

Bro….there are Samsung rams that the Samsung logo is not there in the black chip but there is a sticker in that ram ….,(made in Phillipines…) how can I know that it is fake or original

cheese ham says:

only visual verification? really?

Jacek Bielak says:

AahhahahahaH funny india guy xD

Rishab Raj says:

Why should I trust you?

mukesh singh says:

I bought Hynix 4 GB ram but stikar place on ram is Hynix and write on the chip is Samsung it is original please reply

Amit Joshi says:

Thanks buddy. You saved me. I got fake RAM from Amazon from a seller. after watching your video, I have initiated return process. Thanks for saving my money.


I brought hp got hynix manufactured in 2010 should I return?

Sheikh Nadeem Alam says:

Good job man !!!thanx !!

Kazi Mehdi says:

you are a fukin retard man. you are the kind of guy who buy fake Ram. Wtf !!! download memtest and test fukin ram. It’s not the way.

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