High Speed RAM – Is it Worth it? DDR3 1333MHz vs 2400MHz Test

High speed memory has been a staple for enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their systems for YEARS, but in this investigation we take a look at how much of a difference it actually makes to performance.

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Thomas Rocha says:

How can you find out if your pc is running at its max speed ?

Damien's Gaming Channel says:

Who else shops for money?? 😛 lol

tyler robotnik says:

well this video just saved me about $300, thanks

Huke Black says:

fuck this shit, digital foundry better that this shit

Firepulser says:

The only reason I can think of for higher ram frequency is to maintain a 1:1 fsb to ram frequency ratio when overclocking.

skatersridge says:

so one of the computers in my school was broken and the side was exposed. can i take its ram?

David Ingram says:

Thank you for info..!! help save that dollar bill.

Tim T says:

HA! 6 years since buying my 1333 DDR3 at 7-7-7 and THE TRUTH FINALLY REVEALED to the masses!

Henrik says:

Retest on kaby lake/ryzen please?

mursyeed izzat says:

hye guys. need some of ur advise. my laptop is i5 7300hq. is hyper x impact 8gb ddr4 2400mhz compatible with it?

brandon brady says:

Thank you that helped a lot on my memory purchase 🙂

Kalmar Loridelon says:

I shop for money. Silver bullion.

Ancient Gameplays says:

The high speed memory does have better min fps and that is a fact. On todays DDR4 and Ryzen cpus that is even more noticeable 🙂

Mapperdonia Broadcasting Corporation says:

Linus, i have a question.

CosmicFist says:

I wanted a ford why are they showing me a ram?

Casual Gamers says:

Great video! Thanks!!

Alcatraz Crylake says:

Now it is 2017 and my DDR4 RAM goes up to 3100mhz… XD

Taner Cuewars says:

Need another new video to show DDR4 MHz differences. 2133, 2400, 2666, 3000, 3200. what is best for gaming?

SuperMan19867 says:

ASAIK its just load speed(if you have M2RAID0 SSD********) and maybe compression twich as much still not worth upgrade

evil beans says:

okay i have a question. so this was the performance of ddr3. now ddr4 starts at 2133mhz and goes up to 2400mhz. Would the performance of the new 2400mhz be similar to ddr3? Because most cpus and mother boards say optimized for 2400mhz.

Amir says:

pls update for ddr4

ArcanePath360 says:

So it’s better to spend the extra ££ on more cores / more GPU power or a cooler then. Thanks.

1967 kID says:

Jay what is your opinion on pny gaming memory 1866hz 16gb kit I paid $190.00. and thank you for the info.

Joshua Martin says:

You guys should do a Latency ram review.

Aaron Burton says:

I have 128gb of ram. Is this fast enough for Facebook?

Gilbert Cayabyab says:

fuck my ass Linus

Kshitij ghag says:

Crucial 4*2gb DDR3L-1600 SODIMM
Is it worth it 40$

Ultraleone 1 says:

What about 3200MHz?

mrensayne says:

I have 3000 Mhz Ram… least it looks good 🙂

Joel Lum says:

Thanks Linus!

TheGunzmo says:

This was really a helpfull video

Arghie Dalut says:

having an 8gb ram single stick and adding 4gb ram with the same frequency 2133mhz, does it add up to 12gb of ram?

Maxi2711 says:

You have forgoten to tell us that some CPU don’t support some RAM speeds. My AMD Phenom II X4 965 doesn’t support any DDR3 clocked higher than 1333MHz.

Zeorymer300 says:

Sooo.. 4133 MHz is too fast?

Joe M says:

so what was the optimal price to freq and latency?

Nicholas Pannes says:

what a surprise
a computer part that costs 2X as much as delivers only slightly better performance

Brett Prior says:

Why for 1066 ignored ????? WHHHHHYYYYYY!? But really, it’s all about overclocking… If you’re buying faster RAM than your cpu and stock bus speed needs, than you’re just a dumb dumb. The increase in head room (frequency) is all abooot overclocking. (not oc’ing your ram, but using its overhead to oc your cpu, qpi, bus, etc)

William Wood says:

I love the old intro song, PLEASE BRING IT BACK

Reinis Abolins says:

Hey, but what about voltage?

Susan Marie says:

Already knew this but a good video anyways.

Troy Richter says:

thanks! saved me a couple bucks on my next build.

Michael Wolf says:

Update for Ryzen?

vėjas nupūstas says:

what rams I need to buy on asus X555l laptop?

Jay G. says:

Man – I wish I could communicate like you do haha. Thanks for the video – very helpful 🙂

Jonathan Laig says:

3.0 USB is faster than that haha time to use it as memory

Vipul Patel says:

Good Informative , but if you can provide proportional equation from Frequency to Latency which seems inverse as you brief.

ThatCanadianehh says:

Still not as fast a Ford tho right?

Dixxhead says:

How about an updated version of this vid? Seems like memory speed makes more of an impact (in games) today than it did back in the day.

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