Gskill Sniper 8GB DDR3 1866MHz Memory Unboxing

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Ryan says:

@custompcreview Sorry, I am not going to spend my time trying satisfy your sexual needs.

1330pc says:

I have Kingson HyperX memory 4gb. I want 8 now but do i need it to run games like skyrim? The CAS is 7.

1330pc says:

CPU: Phenom II x4 (3.4ghz) not OC
GPU: Asus GTX 560
Also i didnt go big on my motherboard. Is that okay. Its just a basic Asus board. M5A88-V Evo

Acolz says:

Crap I have Kingston 1333MHz at 1.75V XMP, can these damage the sandy bridge’s control function you spoke about? (i7-2600k)

killatigerownz says:

Works perfectly with my z77 Extreme4 and 3570k.

PCHCP says:

They are excellent and I have 1600MHz at 1.35V and they performed excellent and I will attach a video response to this video, they are flexible to overclock and up the voltage on the 1600MHz kit, so not everyone that they are P55 P67 Z68 and AMD compatible, I am 100% sure because I have a P55 system and they work great . Thanks for providing the video CustomPC

Acolz says:

This RAM or the Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz 1.5V XMP ? They both seem very good, is it just the matter of looks? Or should I be aware of some extra features of either G.Skill or Corsair RAM? Thanks 🙂

Acolz says:

the cheapest in my country cost like $67 and I don’t have that money since I bought the i7-2600K, new motherboard and a cooler = around $620

Ryan says:

@Ardonn And you are some fat ass who can’t even come up with a decent comeback. You are a waste of a human sperm.

Csaba Tőke says:

Are they good? Cause i want to buy this.

Custom PC Review says:

@xiXOTICix That too!

Ti133700N says:

@1330pc Skyrim won’t use more than 4GB of memory except if you launch it with the 4GB third party program/patch.

Davis Krauklis says:

That is one sexy module, this is like watching porn, only better.

jaspher ken says:

will it work for a asrock FM2A75M-DGS FM2 AMD A75 (hudson D3) sata 6gb/s USB 3.0 micro-ATX amd & AMD A10-5800K Trinity 3.8Ghz??

uku kull says:

ˇI would like to know if it’s compatible with z77, because on the website of G.skill it says it is.

Eric Thornton says:

Is this work with Iver briger

xiXOTICix says:

It also has lifetime warranty

Melvin the Zebra says:

You’re damn lucky to have all those things… I can hardly afford a 2GB RAM :/

Custom PC Review says:

@BandosGodDragon Yes

Stance says:

@YourBarelyLegal fool.

Custom PC Review says:

@MyAltruistic No idea. I just typed in Kingston though and saw a lot of Kingston pop up. Kingston makes good stuff, but IMO they aren’t priced as good as Gskill and Corsair.

Marcos Teixeira says:

i have XDDD

Eric Tan says:

Guys anyone can roughly tell me will this RAM collide with my CPU Cooler ?
Im using a P8Z77-M + Cooler Master TX3 EVO CPU Cooler , but this is Low Profile RAM , it seems to be ok , but even now im using a value one ,its very very close to my CPU Cooler fan ( I have the fan on left side which its next to the RAM ) , but i guess if cant fit i could switch over to the right side right ?

Custom PC Review says:

@1330pc No you don’t need more. Whats your cpu / gpu?

PCHCP says:

@nAcolz wow, I would 100% change those kits to G.Sniper 1600MHz for only 48.99 on newegg for an 8GB kit

Custom PC Review says:

@nAcolz Looks and price. Ram is pretty much the same. Even if they had differences, you’d only be able to notice them in synthetic benchmarks.

Dojo says:

im new to this pc building thing so i just want to make sure that is the DDR3 the type of motherboard it goes to? like i mean that if i have a DDR5 gpu, will it fit on a DDR3 motherboard?

PCHCP says:

@BandosGodDragon Yes, it is

Ryan says:

I have the exact same RAM, and it is amazing and feels really well built. And are you just trolling us with the porno music in the background?

Wiz Mec says:

I got (1×8) 8gb stick of this ram, and i was wonderin if this will be capatible with pentium and the asrock aniversry edition.

dennis gadomski says:

I think some1 is gonna say FIRST.

Acolz says:

I am from Czech Republic 🙂

Acolz says:

Ok thanks, then it’s Corsair for me 🙂 50$ for 2x4GB Kit is awesome 🙂

Custom PC Review says:

@MyAltruistic Yeah. I’m currently looking at some Kingston Hyper X and Gskill Sniper on Newegg. DDR3 1866 CAS11 HyperX is $70 compared to Gskill Sniper 1866 CAS9 for $60.

Acolz says:

Thanks, I’ll see what can I do

Custom PC Review says:

@1330pc You should be able to run games like Skyrim just fine. Maybe not at ultra settings or anything, but I don’t think much more ram will help the games run any better. You’ll need a better videocard for that.

Custom PC Review says:

@nAcolz Yes. It can damage the integrated memory controller if you’re running the sticks at 1.75v. The IMC was designed for 1.5v so basically you’re overvolting it. I’d suggest you get 1.5v sticks. I’ve been told by a member of the Intel Enthusiast team that if you damage your cpu that way it may void your warranty.

Custom PC Review says:

@vanhodid Yeah, it’s the CAS latency.

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