G.Skill Trident X 16GB DDR3 2400 Quad Channel Memory Kit Unboxing

Paul’s Hardware 0026 | Memory: http://bit.ly/100KJwZ

Here’s my unboxing of the G.Skill Trident X 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 2400 Quad Channel Memory Kit.

Memory Kit: http://bit.ly/100KJwZ

Twitter: @paulhardware

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John Morris says:

my head exploded when I noticed the 4 titans in sli on the test bench. It makes me think of what is going to be in future videos

Dot X says:

Are these confirmed to work on X79? Because I ordered 2x 16gb kits

Joseph Ketter II says:

hey Paul, your a pretty helpful guy, and you’ve got quite the PC track record, including “how to’s” and tutorials. so, 2 things ive noticed you havent covered in detail, that would be immensely helpful to many people i think, including myself. One; in depth tutorial with your tips and tricks on cable management (cuz we dont wanna end up like kyle lol), and how to partition HDD and SSD’s in detail, and the benifits, and or cons, to it. id greatly appreciate it. thanks and take it easy bro!

Imast Madafaca says:

CL9 with 2400MHz is better than this? I believe yes.

Jay Shank says:

Wow.. Then it should be master bench 😀

Deathcrush says:

I have Corsair Vengeance 8GB in my computer and it only runs at 1333, and it is supposed to run at 1866! I think my CPU is supportive of 1866 (AMD 8350). I know I have to set an XMP or whatnot, but can you tell me how to do that or give me a link to a good guide?
Thanks in advance 😀

Jj Li says:

Would this work with a i7 4770k Z97?

thatoneminer says:


Godlygamer23 says:

Those are indeed four Titans.

Wagner L. says:

This kit is good in Quad Channel?

Stuart says:

I love gooooold!!

calical26 says:

i wont waste my money on 4GB sticks il go with 8GB sticks

Hammeronline1 says:

Great job Paul , do 1.65v run hotter then the 1.5v ? Advantages / disadvantages please ….. almost got enough to finish my new build , still struggling a bit though …soon. 😛

whatiwishicouldplay says:

He wanted 8…

Patrick says:

oh ok sounds understandable

Patrick says:

oh sorry, OS means operating system. Like Windows or OS X

rockaDrock says:


julian ageitos says:

Anybody notice 4 way sli with titans?

Camilo Gomez says:

are the 4 Titans right there on the desk… just hangin’ out?

Aaron Kane says:

Does anyone know what the max frequency I can get on a 8150 and a 4170? Ik my mobo says it supports 2100+ (O/C)

vazzed says:

dude open your eyes, you do know he is trolling.
If he didnt know what OS mean than he problem doesnt even have all the parts he listed…

Stephen McAllister says:

last time I watched his video there was only 2 monitors

MoonWolf says:

Paul, TITANS, please soon?

puddles05131989 says:

I wish that you would review water cooling setups OTHER than a All-In-One.

Agnar Sandvik says:

The idea of your casebadge collection for some reason excited me immensely.

HCkev says:

The point is that the little added performance isn’t worth the extra price. Though this specific RAM isn’t that expensive after all, now that I realized that RAM prices increased a lot lately, it looked quite expensive compared to the 32GB I got for for a workstation a few months ago. I’d still spend that money difference elsewhere.

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