G.SKILL memory was, at the beginning, very niche/high performance stuff at a very high price. Over the years they went from “only for extreme overclockers” to delivering great, stable mainstream RAM but they still haven’t lost that niche appeal. This kit right here… Only validated on ONE board officially. So yeah, that’s as niche as it gets, but that doesn’t change the fact that WE think it’s awesome!

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Diego Velasquez says:

I bought a ASUS X99-Deluxe Intel X99 Motherboard combo and it came with 4x4GB 2400MHZ G.SKILL memory series 4, but I just bought 4x8GB 2400MHZ G.SKILL memory series 4, will it work fine? also in what order should I put the memory in the memory board?

Taco Moustachios says:

I wonder if you’re ever going to need (1024 to the power of 8) bytes of RAM…

gytisxp3 says:

Is lower end like 1600 or 1866 gskill ram any good? They just became available in my country and they are the cheapest kits available.

Marx Santanna says:

Cristiano Ronaldo = Swag

MDProductionsARG says:

14 yrs later;
Dad! Did you upload this?
Yes Linus Jr, I did.
My friends laugh at me in highschool for chewing RAM!
Well son, at least it’s expensive RAM

Begoodtothybrother says:

Hi linus,

First off, your the man bro. Thx for all the informational videos.

Im 33 years old and Ive been building my own pc’s since i was a teen, and this last build was my first build in over 8 years because my old computer was built very well and it ran perfectly until the hardware started failing (psu, ram, gpu), and it was hard to understand the new specs of the hardware that was availabke in the market untill watching almost all of your videos. So thanks again.

Im having a hard time getting my adata 4gb x 2 – 2400 ddr3 (approved by asus to run in dual channel @ 2.4k mhz) memory to run at 2400 mhz with my amd a10 7850, asus a88xm-plus and xfx r9 270x setup (all of which were aired on your channel by the way. And i think are awsome choices for a mid-high level build). I tried adjusting all of the options in my bios without any success. Can you help me get these sticks to run at 2400 mhz with my setup?

Baka Ch says:

what is the model on the back fan? the ugly one  cream/chocolate colored…

HectorPascual says:

For what too much RAM ?

Aman Styles says:

what’s your age i think You’re 17 year old

Extreme Tutorials says:

how many of those will fit into a ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z MB?? like that area with those 4 slots next to the CS hook up.

Estraus96 says:

What motherboard supports much ram?

Daniel Weinberger says:

for now ill stick with my 2x2gbs 1600 mhz ram…. but ill get this if i get a lot of money

Alexander Seda says:

i thought ram was measured in mega transfers

Brandon says:

When stick of ram are more than your paycheck>>>

OkamioftheRinnegan says:

i thought ram speed didn’t matter outside of apus

Richard Mohn says:

Does this much ram benefit An APU ?

Jason Smith says:

I used this exact memory in my rig! I have loved it since it was installed, no issues what so ever. I have two 4Gb sticks in dual channel. That leaves me with room to upgrade to the 16 Gb later.

Bill Gates says:


Rabbit TV says:

How to win a million dollars a year:
1) Find a camera
2) Take a video
3) Upload the video to YouTube
4) Repeat the process weekly

That’s it folks!

Markdaman9 says:

whats that little button beside minimize?

Jeremiah Lowe says:

hes like chewing on the ram lol

Mohamed Atef says:

+Linus TechTips  which is better for gaming g.skill ripjaws x or corsair vengeace pro
 …   its for playing hard games like gta v , call of duty advanced warfare , dying light and watch dogs ???

supergameaddicted says:

Could use that ram and motherboard for my runescape bots :D.

Furiously Masturbating Nigger says:

i’d like to have anal with your son

rubikfan1 says:

can you switch the 8gb sticks with 16gb, to make a 128gb ram kit.

Android 17 says:

if you got some space graphic card, you can send it to me :p

papijelly says:

i need to know how to take my 2400 kit to 2400 i installed it and its running at 1133 sucks i need more out of it. 

Astro S says:

I need help with this kit. Technically each kit is F3-2400C10D-4GZH if not mistaken, I have F3-2400C10D-8GZH. I have these on my G1. Sniper A88X and ever since I got this I’ve been getting BSOD’s or hard hangs or the system shutsdown whenever I start playing games. Nothing is overclocked. I’m on a 7850K APU. Still waiting for my GPU so while I wait I’m relying on my RAM. Hope Linus could help me, none of the guys from the forums I’ve consulted had successfully helped me use my 2400MHz at it’s advertised settings and all.

Megas XLR says:

awesome … for a general pc use 8 gb ram! Gaming 16 gb ram. For HD video editing use 32 gb ram, only to use as a “MEMORY DISK”! u take 16 gb out of 32 gb, and use them as a virtual hard drive, this way  u have reading speeds faster than a SSD, for example!!    🙂

Afrim Afrim says:

I have a question guys. I’ve got 2x 2GB Gskill sticks installed. Motherboard has space for another 2. I just bought 2x 8gb Gskill sticks. Do I have to remove the previous two sticks and stick to 16GB of ram..or can I utilize all 4 for 20GBs of ram?? They’re all DDR3 of course.

ricky v says:

I have always had success with G.Skill.  Thank you for posting this video.

Thomas Schmidtbauer says:

so g.skill is actually a good ram factory? im planning to buy some but im not sure. g.skill or kingston hyperx?

Caracas Ildor says:

For The win for the glory!

PresentKA says:

I have those..
The fans does not fit in a asus rampage iv extreme.

Timothy Creed says:

Why do I watch these videos when I have no money!?  Gives me something to strive for I guess. lol

Chris Lam says:

@.@ Best Minecraft Server NA!!

SteaLz says:

Dat cooling dou

krushsawa93 says:

As Linus said, the old G Skill kits are solid products, highly recommended 😉

Hyunckel says:

I have 2x4GB DDR4 2400MHz and only play games and watch anime and that is WAY ENOUGH. I can max out any game on ultra settings and keep 70 to 150 FPS at 2560x1440p. (980 Ti OC’d at 1450 MHz + i5 6600K OC’d @4.2GHz)… I never even break past 7GB useage even with ram hungry games such as GTA V with extended draw distance sliders >_<

Isaac J. Dean says:

I know that G.Skill is great memory, but their labels are damn awful.

canny peng says:

Does it matter if it’s a different coulor

exia989 says:

my experience with G.Skill would not allow me to buy anything else, have 6 sticks in my x58 rig, and they’ve been nothing other than super solid. Plus i had a few of their SSD’s which were awesome, till one died 🙁  

Mediamarktfreak says:

Well… they look damn sexy! Gonna buy 2×8 GB 1866 but then in red.

toms83 says:

What case is this? 180 mm rear fan?

DJAndomor says:

i wanna see video… how its work with typic customer.. not only with america.. Europe.. its more expensive.. go go Linus

melangkoh says:

well, check out his video where he benchmarked RAMs from 800mhz to 2400mhz. After realising you dont even get 1 single full extra Frame per Second by changing from 800mhz to 2400 or 3000 or i dont know….this clip really becomes some kind of stupid comedy. This stupid fancy LED-Ram is the last thing anybody should worry about or consider to “upgrade”.

Trever Snyder says:

Linus’ child looks nothing like him.

MastaX says:

1866mhz memory is in no way last gen, in fact actual benchmarks will show you there is no difference between 1866mhz and 2400mhz unless you do lots of ram heavy tasks such as rendering and video creation. for gaming you wont notice any difference

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