EVGA GeForce 8400 GS DDR3 (Review)

EVGA GeForce 8400 GS DDR3 Graphics Card
8 Processing Cores
520 MHz GPU
1238 MHz Shader Clock
1238GT/s Texture Fill Rate
1024 MB, 64 bit DDR3
1200 MHz (effective)
9.6 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
PCI-E 2.0 16x
Resolution & Refresh:
120Hz Max Refresh Rate
Max Analog : 2048×1536
Max Digital : 1920×1200
Height: 4.376 in – 111.15 mm
Length: 6.5 in – 165 mm
Operating System Support:
Windows 7 32/64bit
Windows Vista 32/64bit
Windows XP 32/64bit
Minimum of a 350 Watt power supply.

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Jason S says:

Is it better than a ATI Radeon HD 4200?

Jaise says:

Would this make me get good FPS for minecraft?

William Wynn says:

after reading several comments we all seem to want to know what you consider to be a high end comp. Remember when the P4 was the big bad comp. Then it went to dual core ,quad core, Now they have I3, i5, i7 and God only knows what. So what is a high end computer ? I got a Dell quad comp. I wanted a graphics card so I can go to the TV. But it has to be HDMI.

Venevicus says:

Would this work with a dell optiplex 745? Trying to put a somewhat decent card in an old computer for CSGO.

AKJ Tutorial says:

@Jay- Minecraft: Yes, it should get you good FPS for minecraft. But it depends on what processor you run it on. Please check this website out for more info: http://www.game-requirements.com/?g=minecraft

peterpiper0002 says:

you still got it?
i subbed

DragoFTW says:

Got that card for 20.00$

William Slicer says:

Will this game work for PAYDAY 2?  If yes, what video settings do you recommend?

Khmer Cyber says:

Can i use it with the PC has power supply 255w ?

Lard British says:

Do you know if this card supports audio over the HDMI port?

Marc Pendleton says:

Good video. It really helped me decide to buy one!

Brandon Tien says:

You’re saying if I had a 400w and good specs this graphics card is good?

Jesse Dietrich says:

would it be good for ftb unleashed wich is modded minecraft with an i3

jim says:

a computer was given to me free with the 8300 gs128mb but also had a p4 running 3.66ghz. it runs games up to 2007 so well i might actually get one of these

Walker A says:

does it support dual monitor?

Fabian Gonzalez says:

would this run league of legends with a good processor

Luis Guerrero says:

350 Watts? I’m using 300 and it runs fine but I guess it’s recommended

Sid Curtis says:

Does the VGA and HDMI ports each supply a separate display or is it an either/or?

Naveen Kumar says:

my nvidia g8400 GS is heating. iam use it since 5 years. what to do

Sam Saraswat says:

What about overwatch?

theninjas150 says:

would this play starbound well?

No Name On The internet says:

what games could i run with i3 core with 8 gb of ram?

Angel Gutierrez says:

+AKJ Tutorial I just want to play saints row 3 on steam. Would it work?

Batko says:

i have core 2 duo and nvidia geforce 8400gs can i play csgo on 30-50fps

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

these dont suck so bad if u tripple sli yup these mf support SLI hahah

Ben Nottelling says:

I overclocked this card and it’s still kinda good


o nome do canal e em potuques mas a lingua não ??? como assin

theninjas150 says:

would core 2 duo be a good processor for this card?

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