Crucial DDR4 Review (4 x 4 16GB Kit) – Benchmarks Vs DDR3 Memory

So when I reviewed the Crucial MX100 I was impressed, and now that I am reviewing the DDR4 memory by Crucial, I am yet again impressed. So Kudos to Crucial for constantly hitting the value for money segment right on the head. This video will feature some benchmarks and comparisons vs DDR3 memory and also feature the overclocks and what you can expect from overclocking DDR4 memory.

Hope you guys enjoy. If you have any questions or comments then please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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Em0killer13 says:

Protip, ratio and baseclock = memory frequency. At the same time baseclock and cpu multiplier = cpu frequency… You probably missed the ratio in the menu somewhere as the presets affect the baseclock, they would the ratio as well I’m guessing. I’m getting a kit of these too with a x99s sli plusby msi and a 5960x soon, I can update you if I find the setting somewhere if you wish. Also, as a remedy to the shitty green pcb, evercool makes some cheap ram heatsinks. 4$ for one, 8 for two. In blue, black and red. Peace! Nice job on the video

Jolinator says:

checkout memtest windows version, not memtest86 , when overclocking memory i have had lots of clocks that will pass 12 hours of memtest86 and fully seem stable, but after about 5 days system uptime will get a memory related bsod, testing in memtest86 will find it everytime usually in less than 10minutes, this includes bad sticks aswell, memtest is king, i would slam that ram for a week with testing before i grenaded the warranty and hit it with some non conductive black matte paint, this is what i did for all my blue corsair vengance which is now matte black crinkle coat. great video as always, definatly a smart buy on the cruicial ram, all their products are solid.

88lochi says:

Your videos are getting better and better!

V8Tube says:

only 1 test dd3 vs dd4? all ddr4 x ddr4….sry…

TheKingPhisher says:

Green bare PCBs suck! I prefer Crucial’s yellow Ballistix Tactical series with heat spreaders.

RIG says:

Loving the new intro

Dan Phillips says:

How much of an impact does the latency have on the RAM? 

Cyril Russel says:

Nice vid!

MANNY~EmberDim says:

Thanks, Dude! ;D

aslkfja says:

DDR3 has a lowest latency of 8, DDR4 has a CAS of 14 appearantly.
First versions of a new technology are not the best money spent. Someone has to buy it of course, but not me.

Potenti4lz says:

Well spoken, smooth talking speed. 🙂 Aha the 1990s green thing is so true! Some even come out with blue PCB chips now. 

Panda of the Shadow says:

What are you/ is he saying at the beginning? 

mrmandodude says:

lol it’s $40 now

Well Luck says:

ddr3 Vs ddr4  .. ddr4 win ?

David Skinner says:

Your tech videos are top notch man. One of the best on YouTube. Always with applicable, and useful topics too. Thanks man!


your boot time didn’t change very much because the boot straper that gets the OS off the HDD/SSD into ram is limited to the speed of the bus the HDD/SSD is concreted through or the speed of the HDD/SSD if their is no bottle neck at the bus.

Dudekopf84 says:

Ist it a Crucial commercial?

Blackburn Whiteknight says:

Can you try Hitman Absolution for the RAM speed tests?

Also the STALKER benchmark from techpowerup will show ram improvements.

If it helps you, don’t forget to feature/mention me! 😛

Isaac Spence says:

fastfoward to 2015 and I just DDR4 for $90

Ryan Mendiola says:

Very helpful

TheNinjacatboy says:


Richard's World says:

Made in Puerto Rico, when did they start making tech things?
I imagine for the U.S., there wouldn’t be an import tax, and lower shipping costs, and still a lower labor cost than the U.S.

PCHCP says:

Another excellent review. Great Job

Bowdey van Etten says:

In the netherlands ddr4 is 119 euros for 16 GB

Uxz4K says:

I agree with you on the green PCB reminding me of cheap Kingstone Value ram :p

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