Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 RAM (4x8GB) 32GB (CMY32GX3M4A1600C9) | Unboxing & Installation

Upgrading my old 16GB DDR3 RAM with this new Corsair Vengeance Pro (CMY32GX3M4A1600C9) 32GB RAM.

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AnarKie says:

stop touching the connection points you’ll fucking fry the chip

Viking 2121 says:

I’ve had bad ram cause all sorts of issues, 1 system it kept making me think my flash drive was bad (installing windows from a flash drive). It kept failing the windows install at random spots. Idk how many times I re mounted the media to that flash drive before I figured out it was the ram lol.

Had another system I bought 2x 8GB sticks, 1 stick was bad, but it never threw out errors, and no matter what we did cold not get it to work, it would read just fine in windows but it kept saying 8gb usable out of 16, so it read it. Replaced it, and windows read and used all 16gb. Ram is 1 of them things that will make you pull out your hair if something was wrong with it.

Keith Howard says:

Hi. You installed 1 and 3 in a pair and then 2 and 4. Is there a reason for that?

Joseph Sanchez says:

Work for motherboard with AMD microprocessor?

Madnessia says:

If i buy this with my bro, and i use only 2 of this 4 ram’s … its ok?…

Sorry for my bad English

Damien Clark says:

fucking liar

Majestic Lion says:

I just installed mine but the small switch above the ram channel doesn’t go back down once it’s in

Unknown- Blank says:

+James Chia
I have a few questions:
Is the RAM useless if you don’t have a powerful CPU or GPU to run the RAM at its full speed
Do you need a lot of RAM if you are rendering. I have an 8G RAM and I’m not sure if I should change or add more to it.
Is is safe to change the CPU and add a water cooling extension to it, so I can run the RAM at its full speed.

Fray__Bond says:

Saw a lot of people saying that if you use 2 different Ram kits it can affect the clock speed of your Ram and cause a lot of BSODs because they haven’t been tested together or something, have you had any issues with your Ram??

Jasper Skallow says:

I “bought” for kit for free HAHAHA thanks to an bungled listing

Pramod Paswan says:

how to shop get you

RandomComment says:

I have a GA-Z77M-D3H with 2x4Gb Vengeance installed. I want to buy 2x8Gb to have a total of 24 Gb. I just have to buy it and insert it between the old ones and voilá, right?

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