Corsair Vengeance LP Review (DDR3)

Corsair Vengeance LP Review 8GB Kit (2x4GB)
DDR3 Dual Channel


Tahir Butt says:

Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600mhz (4*2) 8gb or Team Group Ram DDR3 2400mhz (4*2) 8gb +16gb usb is free
which brand is better and which one i should buy?

Flippinflops says:

Got my PC around 7 months ago. Used the high profile 8gb kit on ASRock z77 Extreme 4 and i5 3570k . Works like charm, I approve this ram.

Dylan Nicely says:

the info here is a bit misleading…bigger heat sinks does not make much of a difference when it comes to memory

gmodertom says:

Ram isn’t too important for gaming, as long as you have enough of it (id say 8GB to be safe) I doubt you would notice a difference between say 1066MHz ram and 1600MHz ram when gaming.

Verithiell says:

bit more heatsink doesnt rly make all that much difference
Frankly it only looks betters (not for everyone though).

Nick Diaz says:

does the high profile vengeance perfrom better?

Flyingg Racoon says:

tell that to the coolermaster V8 or V10

KurtHm61 says:

@gmodertom Thank you very much! Highly apriciated.

Vooliscool says:

Guys on as of now corsair are ding a deal where you get GB of dominator for £29.99!

gmodertom says:

Z77 is Dual Channel DDR3, so yea 🙂

gmodertom says:

It should work with any motherboard that supports dual channel DDR3, just check to see if your motherboard supports it.

gmodertom says:

As long as the motherboard supports dual channel DDR3 it will work ok 🙂

Flippinflops says:

Does it work at Corsair Formula V + AMD FX-4100 ?

Plebma says:

Where did u find it for £35?

Alex R. says:

I think so.

Metallicajust says:

ok, thanks

ViruZGaming says:

can i overclock with those? and does g1 sniper 5 MOBO support this?

gmodertom says:

No, I’m pretty sure its the same stuff just with a taller heat sink, If the timings and speed are the same the performance will be near enough identical anyway.

Jimminy says:

£35 for 2x4gb or corsair vengeance? The only prices I’ve seen it for don’t go below £60, where is it from?

KurtHm61 says:

Would this work with the AsRock z77 Etreme4 board? Please answer!

Nick Power says:

Picked up some of this ram for £43. 1866 hz cas 9, running at 1.35-1.5v. Good ram for using with sandy/ivy cpu which requires 1.5v not 1.65v which will void your warranty and possibly burn out your cpu sooner. Don’t be too concerned with the low heat spreaders, DDR3 does not really need them, they are mostly for show/overclocking. And for most people overclocking the ram isn’t really important as it hardly effects pc speed. Hope this helps anyone looking to get (this) ram

Metallicajust says:

Is it a good gaming ram?

Alex R. says:

Would this work with AsRocK 970-PRO3 R2.0 and FX-6300?

yragg96 says:

can i use 1600mhz ram on 1333mhz slot?

Reece Richardson says:

Is this compatible with AMD FX 8350?

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